EKO parts

Posted by Russ Selzer on Thu, 06/08/06 - 01:12:28.

Hey. I am looking for any and all EKO guitar parts for all my fixer uppers (collection of 10 EKOs). If anybody has anything to sell or trade etc.. email me at crazy_redneck_23@yahoo.ca

I am also looking for more EKO guitars any models.


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EKO 500 Starling 1963

I have a EKO 500 Starling 1963 in very good condition but I miss the vib arm and logo.
Anyone who knows where I can get this items?


If you read on

If you read on fetishguitars.com who have all the info
On the Eko pre 1966 Resoglass models... the Eko Guitars Never had a Sticker until After there Factor fire in 1966
So to keep it original I wouldnt be putting a sticker on

Vintage ranger Xll with trapeze tailpiece need year made.

I own a ranger Xll near mint condition would like to know year made s/n 415579 can anyone help ? Thanks.

Eko Ranger 12

I'm looking for a new or second hand (good condition) adjustable saddle. The aluminium piece with the saddle set into it.


Ciarán (Dublin, Ireland)

Guitar necks and guitars

Hi, I have recently purchased a quantity of old (vintage) guitars and necks. Many are EKO - don't know what the others are. About 4 electric and about 35 acoustic guitars. Also have around 30 necks, many appear new, although they are old original ones complete with all the fittings. Many of the guitar necks are by EKO, there are 12 string, 6 string and a couple of 4 string among them. Any one interest in buying any or all of this lot please let me know as soon as you can. Will ship anywhere as long as you are prepared to pay the cost. Also have about 200 new plain mandolin bridges in packs of 12.

Eko guitar parts

Hi, Rod!
Do You, by any chance, have a LP custom Eko neck?

Ranger 12


Do you still have any of the EKO 12 string necks ?


Eko ranger grande 12 string 1979

Hi there i have a 1979(i think) 12 string eko ranger and one of the tuning pegs is slipping so i have been trying to find pegs the same as the original but have been unsuccessful then i saw your ad so was wondering if you may have any i can email pics of the tuning pegs and guitar so you have a good idea what they look like.

Guitar necks and guitars

Hi Rod,
Any of them (necks) still for sale?
Can you send me photo's?
Thanks Bassbuddy.

Eko Ranger 12 string machine head/tuner required


I just noticed this post - and on the off chance - I just broke one of the tuning pegs on my 'early' 1970's Eko Ranger 12 string.

Just wondered if you have for sale any machine head/tuning peg units for sale. My ones are 116mm centres end to end.


EKO Ranger 12 string neck


I am sorely in need of a replacement neck for a EKO Ranger 12 string. I realize that this thread is old but want to inquire as to what you may still have. I am definitely interested.

Thank you,

Bob V.

EKO Ranger 12 string neck


I know that this is an older thread but am looking for a good replacement neck for a EKO Ranger 12 string. Do you have any still available? If so I am definitely interested.

Thank you,

Bob V.

Guitar necks and guitars

Hi Rod,
I hope you've still got some of the necks you picked up left. I'm looking for a bolt on neck for an Eko Ranger 6 (Vintage Gloss). I'd be very interested if you happened to have one.

Best regards,


Ranger 12 Neck

Looking for a replacement Ranger 12 Neck.
Ship to Belgium.
I accept shipping cost
Let me know

Bridge for acoustic EKO 200

Cheers Rod,

I'm a little late to this thread, but am looking for a replacement bridge for my 1963 EKO 200. Unfortunately the original bridge was lost during a move across the country a few years back. I have a photo of what I'm looking for (taken some years ago when I was cataloging guitars for insurance purposes)...


Name your price. I am VERY interested, as these parts are almost unobtainable (in my experience).


Ranger 12 Neck

Hi looking for a Eko Range 12 Neck.
Do you have one?

My LAST complete Ranger 12

BTW...If any of you happen to know Jack Panate~ (the British pop crooner) I sold my last complete Eko Ranger 12 to him about two or so years back when he was trying to start an inroad into USA. Never heard a recording with my old guitar. I'd be curious if any have.

Eko Ranger 12 body

I'd be interested in an Eko Ranger 12 body. I've had at least a dozen of these things, plus some parts bodies and necks...and when I had to move in a rush sold them off for a song. Wish I had them back now. If the Ranger 12 body above is still for sale, I'd like it.
Salisbury, NC

EKO Modello 200 Archtop

Hi fellas,, I'm looking for a original bridge for the EKO 200. it is the one with the white strips on the side, and individual Saddles that fit in slots. (I acquired the guitar a couple days ago and I'm going to restore it to it's original glory!,, Also,, if anyone could shed some light on Dating the guitar the serial number is 111803,,(I've got it pinned down to between "60-63" as I've seen the same guitar with a later number listed as a "63".. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Will VonLinsowe
Facebook: VonLinsowe Custom Guitars

EKO 350/SR/2 Bridge and Tuning pen mechanic

Searching for on original bridge and one complete tuning pen mechanics

please email me ASAP

Kind regards from Germany.


EKO 12-string Ranger

Hi everyone.
I own a 12-string Ranger semi-ac. It's a jewel, couldn't live without.
I had to replace all tuners. The only thing missing is one volume control.

12 string ranger

where did you find your tuners I cant find any

Re: EKO parts

I am looking for a bass pick-up, white, that fit the Eko Florentine bass from 1967. I have seen the same looking pick up on other Eko's from that time frame.


Re: EKO parts

hi, i own an eko semi accoustic guitar, sunburst colour and i am lookin for the small plugs that hold the strings into the body of the guitar. they are white in colour with a small black star in the center of the head of the plug.. the guitar is of upmost sentimental value and i would really appreciate some feedback on this. i also need 2 of the little knobs that hold the strap to the guitar, silver and circular. you can get me on edoc79@gmail.com many thanks, eamonn

pegs with black star

Just wondering if you ever found out where to get pegs for your EKO 12 string guitar as I need a couple would really appreciate any information regards Dave

Re: EKO parts

I'm looking for a tailpiece for my 1964 EKO modell0 990. It is also used on some of the fiddle basses. Can send you pictures of the type of tailpiece I need.

Re: EKO parts

Hello.. I need a EKO Violin Bass tailpeice. contact...scotpro@comcast.net thank you Scott

Re: EKO parts

Hi,I need the round EKO name badge that goes on the headstock of the 995 violin bass.Pleeeease!!

Re: EKO parts

Hi- I just bought a used EKO 12 string. It looks like the Ranger Electric but the Logo on the headstock is at the top and in script, unlike the block-type logo down the middle of the pegs on the Ranger model? No label in soundhole, either.
I do need a replacement trapeze tailpiece for it. If you might identify this model or suggest a source for the tail piece, I would really appreciate it.
Could you reply to my E-mail address:



Eko 12 string acoustic guitar for repair

: Hey. I am looking for any and all EKO guitar parts for all my fixer uppers (collection of 10 EKOs). If anybody has anything to sell or trade etc.. email me at crazy_redneck_23@yahoo.ca

: I am also looking for more EKO guitars any models.
: Thanks!

: Russ

EKO Violin BAss

I have a early EKO violin Bass and looking for tuning machines and one of the ajustable string cradles on the bridge. Also, if the price is right, another EKO violin Bass
Finis 415-215-6263

EKO Parts

I just bought a vintage EKO Ranger 12 String acoustic guitar from an auction house. They forgot to mention that the neck is badly cracked. Would you happen to know where I might be able to find a vintage replacement neck? If not, I may be interested in selling the body and other working parts. Please let me know.
Thanks, Jeff

eko guitar

hi,I am looking for an Eko acoustic body, the type that takes a blot on neck


EKO Acoustic Body

I have the acoustic EKO body that takes a bolt on neck - I also have the back plate and bolts. It is in really good shape. I would be happy to send you some pictures if you can give me your email. Let me know if you are still interested and we can talk.

EKO violin Bass

I have a early EKO violin Bass and looking for tuning machines and one of the ajustable string cradles on the bridge. Also, if the price is right, another EKO violin Bass
Finis 415-215-6263

Eko body

hi Jeff,
i am interested in your Eko body,
can i see it? and how much are you looking for?


EKO Body


I have tried to upload pictures to this email and can't seem to figure it out. If you send me your email or phone #, I would be happy to send you the pics. I am asking only $50 + shipping. If you are still interested, let me know.

Thanks, Jeff


hi Jeff.
can you try this email address ?


I am in liverpool in the uk, do you have any idea what the shipping costs would be?


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