Gibson Victory Guitar

Posted by Martin on Sat, 04/02/05 - 23:49:11.
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I have a Gibson Victory Guitar and cannot find any information on this model, or when it was built, etc. can't even find a picture of one anywhere. Would like some info. Thanks

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Re: Gibson Victory Guitar

I also have a Victory model Gibson and checked out the serial number at ... mine was made in 1981. If you would like for me to take a picture of mine, let me know.

Re: Gibson Victory Guitar

I've got one... beautiful sunburst color... I think one small chip on it.... google it... you'll see some pictures... check the serial no for the year... 81-84 I think... you know... first number should be 8.... then the 5th number will be 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Re: Gibson Victory Guitar

: I 've got a gibson victory mvx ll which was modified in Monterey calif by Luthier Bill Delap. It has the original center pickup stacked humbucker however I installed a 60's les paul rythhm front pick up and it has a hot rod seymore duncan at the bridge. It has a Kahyler whammy and has been re fretted. It's red
candy apple and I was with my friend when we purchase this guitar and a victory bass at the same time back in 1982 in san jose ca. This guitar is in mint condition and I paid less than 300 for it in 1987. Well that all very rare guitars these are. Gibson won't even acknowledge these guitars. I also had a L5-S Custom and they won't list them as collectors that I've seen.

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