Old Jackson Professional, ID HELP

Posted by Paul Saint-Amand on Mon, 02/13/06 - 21:13:26.

I have what appears to be an older Jackson Pro. guitar. I have had it for several years. When I bought it, it had bad rust damage to the original floyd rose tremolo w/locking nut etc. It was WAY beyond salvation... I replaced it with another.. So, it has two pickups. One says Jackson, the other is larger and in the shape of a black rectangle-it says EMG. There is a single volume knob, in chrome,and original I assume. Two toggles- one is a three position, the other a two position. The head has "J7X" on it, I think that's what it says. Serial #: J000020 I am assuming this is the 20th in a much greater series. The neck is really thin and sleek; fast is the term. super action. Mother of pearl pick guard covers lower third of body. This Jackson looks like no other that I have seen. I need help identifying the year of production and approximate value. I get the feeling this one's worth is substantial. I am very interested to know.. -Paul

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serial research

900361 Jackson professional its canary yellow,havent seen another fussion like it.bult in wah wah.i had the original price tag of 1395.00 has the ebony with shark tooth inlay,with binding on the outside of the fingerboard.

Re: Old Jackson Professional, ID HELP

I know your post is ancient but I just saw it. Likely you already know or don't even have it anymore but anyway. It is just that, a Jackson J7x. Made in 1994...telecaster style body. I'll bet it was even purple...most were. I had one and loved it until it was stolen. They play great. Original pickups were okay but nothing great. They aren't worth much....200 bucks at best.

Re: Old Jackson Professional, ID HELP

I just bought an old jackson rr U.S.A. I was woundering how old is it and how much it would be worth today. The serial number was located on the neck of the guitar after the 22 fret which i thought was very strange. The number is rr0499. If you could find out the following for me that would be very nice.

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