Re: Charvel TX Custom

Posted by LV on Wed, 11/07/07 - 03:24:39.

Bought a sunbusrt MOP Charvel TX Custom (tele) from a dealer in Chi-town abot 20 years ago. Great ax and from what I've been able to deduce, it's a Japan Charvel from the late 80's (bought this in 1989) and they are few and far between. The dif from a standard tele - aside from the three pups - is the solid bridge plate. Lots of mass on this one. The bridge Pup is as close as one could hope for from a 52 no caster. HOT. Also has a push-pull on the tone pot. Not sure (haven't drawn out the schematic) but it appears to be a phase reverse (or "humbuck" when using two pups?). Got this to resell and the buyer wanted the neck shaved to be closer to what Charvel/Jackson was offering in their San Dimas collection. Took about 3/16" to a 1/4" of the back off and refinished it to match. Best mod I ever made. I guess that after he took it home he ran into a little $ prob as I found it in a local pawn shop two years later and bought it back (made money twice on this one!). The neck plate on the back says "Jackson/Charvel" - ser # 3826xx but as I said, I know it's about 20 years old - not a mid 90's.

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Re: Charvel TX Custom

What is this guitar worth? I want to get one but need to know fair market value on it. $300 $500 $800???

Re: Charvel TX Custom - early 90's

Went digging a little deaper this time round and found this on a fan site of catalogues from years past... have to say that the memoory is a little faulty as the TX Custom in question is from 1992 (just need to wait a few more years for to go vintage ;) ) Even explains the push-pull function! Learned something new today. I can go to rest in the bed happy!

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