Re: Yamaha SJ550HR

Posted by Phil Mossman on Mon, 05/05/08 - 23:18:40.

SJ550HR is a top-of-the-line Tele Deluxe. It's got the old design of Seth Lover - bobbins with metal polepieces magnetized by a bar underneath, instead of the very different Fender 'Wide Range" The SJ550 was made with excellent woods and to high specs, and was not super-cheap like a Pacifica, Squier, SX, etc. Fantastically versatile,
believable coil-tapping. Only criticism I can make is a personal preference - I like huge frets, and the SJ doesn't have them.

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Looking for more info on my SJ550HR

Hi, I'm hoping to find more info on the SJ550HR. Based on Yamaha's serial number guide (, mine was made in November of 1984.

I love this guitar! I'd love to find more info (history, variations, etc.) on the entire line, but I haven't found much out there. If anyone knows of books, blog sites, etc., that have detailed info, please post!


Re: Yamaha SJ550HR

I just got this from my uncle basement. It look new and play normal but i dont like it much since it dont have the metal sound to it. If i decide to sell it, how much can i get for it?

Re: Yamaha SJ550HR

I played bass in the late 1980s and the Yamaha basses were better than the competition at my (cheap) price point, so I already played a BB300 bass. I wanted a versatile guitar, so I eventually acquired an SJ550, and it had a great neck with very precise fretwork, and like Phil said, a really killer coil tap sound. I think it is the second best Tele with humbuckers after the original non-reiss '72 deluxe. I would love to find one in decent condition, email me!
alstead AT gmail DOT com

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