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Posted by Doug on Thu, 06/09/05 - 04:51:06.

Vantage WAS a very well made brand of guitars from Japan. Built by Matsomuko, along with Aria, Westone, etc... The name has been sold off and is now owned by Samick.

THE resource for information on the Japan years is here:

: This is some info. I picked up off the site it appears that Vantage used to be the original Samick. And who the hell is Samick? Samick is the company now in Korea that makes guitars for everyone from Peavey to Fender Squire and all the copies inbetween, also, every guitar you can think of and now they started selling guitars under their own name...

: "I liked stringed instruments so I got dear old Dad to come up with my first electric guitar. This was an old Vantage VS 650 bearing the name Roberta. Still miss that beast. Unfortunately, some one decided they needed it, so they lifted it from the Beer Barn. If you did lift that guitar and read this, this is from the bottom of my heart...F|_| © |< YOU... For those of you who do not do the whole, golly look a guitar thing, Vantage was the original SAMICK. It was a copy of the Gibson SG".

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Samick VIS-1

Hi guys,
Just bought an old Samick Vis-1. I did not know Samick Vis-1 existed. I paid it 40 box and I got immediately that wood was good and it sounds great. Now... I knew of Vantage Vis-1 but I did not know of Samick Vis-1... If, as you said, the name has been sold off and is now owned by Samick, then this guitar must have been built inbetween the two periods Vantage-Samick.
Who knows, more or less, the price of this guitar? It seems to be a good guitar but entry level, isn't it?

See ya!!!

Vantage VIS-1 accoustic

any info on this guitar, made in 1997?, would be helpful including the wood it is made from

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