LYS Guitar

Posted by Jeremy on Sat, 12/27/03 - 14:37:08.

I have recently come across a LYS L18, (serial# 8345) guitar that was my great grandpas. I already have some vintage acoustics and am very excited about his one. I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything more about this specific guitar. I know it is handmade in Canada, I believe Quebec to be more specific but anything else i could find out would be great. I am also very curious about value, my grandpa said it was about $600 canadain new?

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LYS Guitar

I have a Lys Guitar
Model: Lys L
S/N: Special 1
Can anyone help me with what this means? I bought this in the late '70's or in the 80's. Great Guitar.

Your Lys

Hi Roger I collect Lys (have around 30) and any info on them. So far in my daily searches I was able to trace back around 450 Lys. 1st time I saw a serial number like yours, please send me some pics I will help you define which series it was...


LYS Guitar

I have a Lys Guitar
Model: Lys L
S/N: Special 1
Can anyone help me with what this means? I bought this in the late '70's or in the 80's. Great Guitar.


I have a LYS Model L #10762

Someone was moving and was going to throw it out, not sure how much it is worth but very beautiful.

1980 Lys for sale

1980 Lys serial no.1415 model of. L-20 needs neck repair rest in excellent shape 125 if your interested plus shipping from b4h3x9 will send pics if interested


Hi Bob, send me some pics, I collect Lys guitars...


Lys L

Hi Glen, I collect Lys guitars and any data on them. Yours was built around 1982 and its the base model, its value is around 200$ depending of the condition. Send me some pics if possible.


Hi I just picked up a LYS

Hi I just picked up a LYS Acoustic Guitar. Very nice condition. 6 String. L-10 Model 1980 Serial number 1251. Any info would really be appreciated. Thanks George

Lys L-12

For sale: Lys L-12, circa 1980 serial #11715 w/original case. This guitar is in pristine condition. Paid approx 1000$. Currently in BC BUT COULD BE IN Qc in January 2018. Open to serious offers.

LYS L-15

I tried to email but it was bounced back as Address Not Found.

I am looking at buying a LYS L-15 serial number 13053. I've read it is solid Spruce top, back & sides. An odd combination.

Can you tell me what year that serial number was made? I do not have access to the whole label, if the year may be stamped on it.

Also, do you know what the scale length is?


Your Lys

Hi Dave, you were missing an r in Jerrybriand...

Yes the L15 is an all spruce model, kind of like the Manik made by Norman guitars in the 70s...

Yours was probably made near the end of 1982 and the year was not marked on the label from mid 1981 and afterwards.

Not sure of the scale I would have to check my Lys...


LYS L-15

JUST FOUND THIS GUITAR in a thift shop. Needs some glue, and strings, and TLC. Is the wood White Birch. It is an all blond guitar. Soiund board spruce? Seems like it couild be nice guitar, but left too long unattented, in its heavy plastic case. LYS L-15, Model number...7854. When was it made? Any idea of value?

Thank you, Roark Barron

Your Lys L15

Hi, your Lys Lq15 is the all spruce model. The top, sides and back are all made of solid spruce.
AS for value depending of its condition it can be between 200-325$. I collect Lys guitars and also any data on them. Send me some pics if you can, front, back, headstock and the label.


jerrybriand at sympatico dot ca

Lys L15

Hi Roark,

Should have been manufactured around 1981, L15 value is around 200-300$ depending of its condition. I collect Lys and any data on them, feel free to send me some pics. L15 is an all spruce, the top, sides and back...

Please, Lys L20 info

Hi everyone!
Could you please let me know about the specs of the LYS L20, this is a 1980. I am about to buy it and I would like to know the type of wood it is made of and if it is all solid wood.
Thank you for your help!


...and the thread goes on...L3

Hello Lovers of Lys!

I'm very happy to have found this thread.

I have a Lys L3 Serial # 8605. Looks like it could be wild cherry back and sides, but it could be walnut, and it could be a maple top, although the top resembles the grain of the back and sides so I'm guessing all walnut or all wild cherry. Very bright tone! One single stripe of wood marquetry down the back. Simple 3 ply marquetry ring around soundhole with 2 small wood rings and 1 dominant tortoise shell ring. Black teardrop pickguard. Tortoise shell binding on top and back. Tortoise shell truss rod plate. Rosewood bridge, fretboard, and fantastic headstock faceplate. 3-piece mahagony neck.

I love the headstock! The action is very high, and I won't be able to get it back down without a screw (as mentioned way above, and a solution from one guitar store owner), or resetting the neck. I have enough guitars that I can dedicate one to open tuning and slide, so I'm not tinkering with the neck (or the bright tone, also mentioned above.)

The information in this thread seems to be going in one direction only - towards the person compiling a database. I admire the project, so I am happy to contribute, but I would like a bit of feedback please.

If I could know the year it was manufactured, a breakdown of the serial number, and what the production run of the L3 was, that would be greatly appreciated!

Play on!



I have a LYS L20, year 1980, serial number 1209. I purchased this guitar in 1981. At the time I was told that the body of the guitar was made of White Birch and the neck of Rosewood. The guitar is in excellent condition and the sound is fantastic. Found your sight recently which proved to be very helpful and thought you might to add this one to your data base.



I have a LYS Guitar 1980 and Serial Number 1251. What is the difference between a L10 or a L15 or Otheer models Thanks Georg

LYS L5 #9345 acoustic quitar

Any information, ,, how much it's worth,,,,, would be appreciated.

Lys l3 serial number 9431

I have a lys l3 serial number 9431 for sale in saskatchewan Canada. Email me if you're interested.

LYS L10-12 String Guitar

For Sale: LYS L10-12 String Handmade circa 1985 Guitar. $500.
SOLID Mahogony back and sides. Spruce top.
Plays and sound great.
Contact me @ Wez@ Thanks


I have a LYS L-5 that I would like to sell, but have no idea how much it's worth?!? Any suggestions?

Lys guitar

If you still have this guitar for sale, I'd be interested. My husband has one and my son has always tried to steal it.


Bonjour, tout dépendant de sa condition, entre 200-350$. Je collectionne les guitares Lys, envoi moi des photos, je pourrai vous donnez une meilleure idée...

guitare LYS

J'ai une LYS L12 1980 à vendre...collectionnes-tu toujours ces guitares?


Bonjour Vincent, oui je collectionne toujours les Lys...envoi-moi des photos...merci.

LYS guitar

Hello Jerry,

I was on another site and there was a
Jerry looking for Info on LYS guitars. Are you building a registry? If so I have a LYS and wanted to add my info.


Lys guitar

Hi Scott, yes still working on the register, just send me info and pics...thanks. Jerry

Lys Guitar

Hi Jerry I have two. Are you still doing the register? If so I will send you details. I'd be interested in how many you've located. Barrie

Lys guitar register

HI yes I'm still working on it...I have arond 400 that I have traced back...send me your info.

Just see your answer I used to received email before but did not for your reply.

Thanks. Jerry

thanks will do. Barrie

thanks will do. Barrie

Details of your Lys

I'm the one working on the database. I'm finalizing the clean up of the accumulated data I have since I began my searches in 2008, and hope to be able to create either a website or a facebook page soon.

Anyone who have Lys guitar can send me the data (Model, serial number, year indicated on the label if any, and pics), I will add your info to he database.

You can either reply here or send the info to jerrybriand at

I collect data on Lys guitars but also the guitars. I have about 26 Lys of different models and generation or series. I'm always looking to improve my collection when I found Lys in better condition that the one I have...Feel free to contact me.



I have just purchased a Lys folk 6 Made in 1981 serial#1018.
hope this helps with the data base

Lys 12 string

I have a Lys L20-12, 1980 vintage, serial # 1303. My brother's actually but he has a Fender 12 string that he prefers so this one has taken up residence at my place. Pictures could follow if you're interested.

Any idea what the market is for these? I have way too many guitars, and this one is rarely played. Time to trim the fleet!

Vends Guitare LYS L10-12

Je mets en vente une Guitare LYS 12 cordes.
Elle est de 1981, porte la référence L10-12
Numéro de série : 1368
Notée : "Fabriquée à la main au Canada".
+ une étiquette en 2 couleurs Noir et Rouge sur fond Blanc : "Je suis en bois solide - j'ai besoin de 45% d'humidité." / (en français et en anglais).
La guitare est électro-acoustique ; le branchement se fait par un jack classique dans l'attache sangle à l'arrière de la guitare et la prise de son se fait au niveau du chevalet. En revanche, il n'existe aucun contrôle de volume ou de tonalité sur l'instrument.
Le flight-case est d'origine et très solide et s'il protège bien l'instrument, malheureusement il ne ferme plus.
Si vous êtes intéressé, je peux vous envoyer des photos.

Bonne journée

Good Morning
I'm selling a 12-string Guitar LYS.
It's 1981, bears the reference L10-12
Serial number: 1368
Noted: "Handcrafted in Canada."
+ A label in 2 colors Black and Red on White background: "I am solid wood - I need 45% humidity." / (In French and English).
The guitar is electro-acoustic; the connection is made by a conventional jack in the tether strap to the back of the guitar and the sound is at the bridge. However, there is no volume control or tone on the instrument.
The flight case is original and very solid and it protects the instrument well, unfortunately it doesn't close.

If you are interested, I can send you pictures.
Have a good day

Lys Guitar


By accident I came to your post here. I have surely a very rare coincidence to tell you.

I also have the LYS L10-12
And guess what my serial number is.... 1369!! :-)


your Lys

Hi, yes please send me some pics...thanks. Jerry


I have a Lys L20 model #1009. While my Taylor is at the shop I decided to finally pull it out of the basement. I need to glue where the headstock has become separated from the neck pretty badly, and some of the finish/wood coat? on the front of headstock needs to be glued back on, peeling off sort of. I bought this guitar I think in 1990? when i was camping in the Adirondacks in NY at a music shop near Canada. I'm not selling this guitar but just sharing the info if anyone is interested.


Your post is interesting - only because my Taylor is sick also and will be in the shop tomorrow.
The other aspect of this is that I have re-strung my 1980 LYS (L 18 CW) as a back up. I had the local luthier ( Richard Paxton) secure the neck with a large screw ( in lieu of resetting the neck ) couple of years ago and it seems to be holding.
It ain't that great action wise - but the tone is very nice.
Synchronistic !

Guitares Lys

Je ne suis pas la personne avec laquelle tu communiquais, mais j'ai pris la liberté de te jaser un peu.

Moi aussi, je collectionne les guitares Lys. Je suis curieux de voir si je vais te joindre par l'entremise de ce site.

À plus tard.


Collection Guitares Lys

Bonjour Marc, je collectionne les Lys et cherche toutes info disponibles sur ces dernières. J'amasse les données aussi (pas juste les guiares) dans le but de publier un registre, soit sur une page web ou Facebook. Tu peux me joindre et m'envoyer les données de tes guitares et si possible des photos...


Guitares Lys

Salut, Jerry!

Pardonne-moi de ne pas avoir répondu à ton courriel avant ce jour: je n'étais pas retourné sur ce site depuis.

Je suis, en effet, un colectionneur de guitares Lys. Ce, depuis l'époque où j'étais membre actif du groupe Garolou. Robert Godin fournissait des guitares à mon frère Michel, qui en jouait sur scène. Moi, le bassiste du groupe, je devais payer les miennes.

Ma premièr Lys fut une L18CW, que, malheureusement, je ne gardais pas en milieu assez humide. Elle est donc en très mauvais état; mais je la garde dans l'espoir de la faire remettre en bon état un jour.

Et c'est comme ça que ma passion pour les Lys a commencé. Ma dernière est une L5 datant d'environ 1980. Sais-tu quels matériaux furent utilisés dans la construction de cette guitare?

En temps et lieu, je te parlerai de mes autres guitares Lys et de mes Godin.

Au plaisir!

Marc Lalonde

Re: LYS Guitar

I live in Quebec city and I have a L10-12 (12 strings) Lys guitar. It is still a good guitar and the body is nice. The wood looks great. I had to make repair the neck but I heard almost all Lys guitar had a problem with the neck. I can say, for what I know that this guitar is a great vintage instrument. Many novelters are interested in it.

Re: LYS Guitar

Hi, I have a LYS Guitar for sale. It was handmade( as all LYS guitars are) in 1980, serial #1196,model# L-20. This LYS was a DEMO Model. Now I was told I could maybe get $800.00 but will accept any reasonable offers. Thanks!

Lys L-20

Is your guitar still available. Please email me at

Re: LYS Guitar

: Hi, I have a LYS Guitar for sale. It was handmade( as all LYS guitars are) in 1980, serial #1196,model# L-20. This LYS was a DEMO Model. Now I was told I could maybe get $800.00 but will accept any reasonable offers. Thanks!
: Brenda
:I would hold on to this one if you play it. Most of the Lys guitars improve with age.

Re: LYS Guitar

: : Hi, I have a LYS Guitar for sale. It was handmade( as all LYS guitars are) in 1980, serial #1196,model# L-20. This LYS was a DEMO Model. Now I was told I could maybe get $800.00 but will accept any reasonable offers. Thanks!
: : Brenda
: :I would hold on to this one if you play it. Most of the Lys guitars improve with age.

Xavier - I am interested in you Lys. You can email me at Thanks

LYS Guitar

I have a LYS guitar for sale. It is a 1981 made 12 cord. Let me know if interested. I have pictures as well.

Thank you

Re: LYS Guitar

I wonder what model it is, and serial number? (mart0598 at

Re: LYS Guitar

I have a LYS Acoustic Guitar. Model L (Letter only, No number), Ser.No. 1695, Manufactured in 1980. This guitar plays and looks wonderful. I'm about to change the strings and would like to clean and polish the neck and body while the strings are off. Can anyone suggest a good wax product that would do it justice and what kind of strings would complement this kind of guitar..

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