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Posted by J.R. Damnit on Sun, 01/04/04 - 16:36:12.

Dude, did you ever find any info on your Arbor guitar. I bought one from a pawn shop in the late 80's used. I play out all the time and as time has gone on I have purchased many other guitars, including a Feder Strat and a Gibson Les paul and the Arbor blows them all away. The Arbor is still my primary guitar and I use the others as back ups. I really wish I could find out more about this guitar, where was it made? When was it made? What brand pickups are in it (two humbuckers mustard/goldish in color, I think they are factory installed) I can never get over how great this thing plays. And it NEVER goes out of tune. There is a rock-lock trem on it with fine tuners that I love. In one of my bands we had a thing where the other guitar and I would run our strings up and down the neck of the other guitar and it would make this wicked sound, when we stoped there was about 8 bars left in the song, the other guitar would ALWAYS go out of tune but this thing was always rock solid. I have even played it with my feet and stomped on the neck and it just keeps asking for more. The sustain is incredable. The only problem with the guitar is that it is CRAZY HEAVY, but that probably adds to the sound and sustain. If anyone can offer any info I am VERY interested. My guitar is sort of strat copy, but the sides are not as rounded. It simply says, "Arbor Electric guitar" on the headstock. On the back is a sticker with the number "G517" on it. I have lifted of the back cover (where the volume knob is) and the was no info there. PLEASE HELP!!! I LOVE THIS GUITAR!! You can here how cool it is at

: I have what appears to be an early 70's guitar in almost new condition that says ARBOR ELECTRIC on it. It is a Strat style with 2 humbuckers. It also has a Rock Lock tremelo and plays some really super nasty sounds. It has the original hardshell case and I cannot even find a listing for Arbor guitars. It is red and heavy as hell. Anyone have an idea about its value? Does Arbor still make guitars?

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Re: Arbor Electric guitar

That Arbor was made between 81-83, they where made in Japan, Arbor still makes guitars today. They made some very cool guitars in the early 80's and late 70's.the pickups are basicaly Seymour Duncan copys, some had real Seymour Duncans, some real Demarzio's. Some where made of Plywood with lamanent tops. that one is a plywood guitar.they that model goes for about 150-200 today, maybe some day they might shoot up. there are some Arbors that can sell for around $500 the Star and V models.Some models have solid Brass bridges and nuts, as well as Brass inlays, and neck thru body construction, those are the most valuble and desired.

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