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Goya electric guitar. Serial number 466/158


This guitar was made in Sweden for New York. I've owned it since 1965. It plays well still but can use some TLC to bring it up to it's original beauty. Push buttons aren't working but the tone and volume knobs do. Wondering about the value and if parts are available.

Goya G-2

I bought a Goya guitar about 10 years ago used. it says C. F. Martin on the label and was made in Taiwan. The series is G 2 but no serial number. I suspect it is not worth much but it sounds pretty good.

I would appreciate any info you might have. Thanks.

I have an acoustic Goya G-120 need help with info

I have an acoustic Goya G-120 in what I would say is in near excellent condition. Has a small nick on the head and one of the tuning pegs has a hairline crack. The very bottom has a small scuff. Otherwise I can’t see anything wrong with it. It has the original case it was bought with. Can anyone give me ANY information on a Goya G-120? Does anyone know what it is worth? The internet hasn’t turned up much information so far.


Goya GS70 1970

I have an all original GS70 with a mahogany body and maple neck . The body has an eagle carved in the body and is in a 1970 catalog and was made in Japan. Is there any value in this instrument? Information is hard to come by anywhere so any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Goya Guitar Model GCZ

Can anyone help identify the year and value of this guitar. The label is silver and says Hand Crafted Model GCZ. It is immaculate and plays beautifully. There is no serial #. I'd really appreciate some help Thanks, Steve

Goya.Levin M-24

Do you know what size is the hex nut on the truss rod of this model? I got this guitar from a friend and he even gave me some photos of Alice Cooper playing it. They know each other fairly well.

Goya M-125 any information?

Good afternoon, my name is Bruno Santos and after looking at your website, I was wondering if you could help me with any information about my Goya.

A couple of days ago, somebody donated to me a Goya Medalistic Series model M-125 in perfect condition and It says had crafted in Korea. As I don't play the guitar, I was trying to find out prices to sell it, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any. I found a couple of people trying to sell models M-80 and M-70 and everybody I reached out has no idea either what this brand is or model and then I started being curious about.

I would much appreciate if you could shed some light on this, any information would be greatly appreciated.

My best regards.

Goya G-17 102508

I inherited my dad's Goya G-17 #102508. Can anyone tell me what year this was made?

Goya 102508

Your guitar was made in 1962.

Goya Guitar info if possible please

I bought a Goya guitar back in 2002. I have been very happy with it and am curious about it's history! The label inside shows, Goya M-100, Serial Number 4,932. Handmade in Korea.

Where can I find info on this guitar?

Thank you!

Don't have much info but we

Don't have much info but we have very close guitars, mines the same series but serial number 4925

Levin G30

Hi, I have a Levin G30, headstock A.B. Levin made in 1964 in original case and in beautiful condition.
I don't really play nylon guitars and picked it up at a flea market in 70's, since then it has been stored in the case and I would rather see it go to a passionate player.
I also have been living overseas for many years so didn't really want to risk plane flights with it.
Its at my parents place in Australia and I will be going there in March 2019. If anyone is interested in it I will take some pics and post when I'm there. I took it to work one day and the other music teacher heard it from a distance and came running over, he played it and said it was better sounding than his $4000 classical he had recently purchased in Spain. He offered to buy it but at the time I did not want to part with it. 20 years later and it not being played I have a feeling of guilt as I am not a collector and would rather someone else had the pleasure.

Levin G30 for sale still?

Hi I read your post abt selling your guitar (Levin G30) and wondered if it's still available? Thanks.





Goya G-10 serial number 16C602


I have my mother's old Goya G-10 classical guitar. The serial number is 16C602. Inside on the label below the Goya script logo is written: Goya Guitars Inc. New York 10, N.Y. -- Under that is written: Made in Sweden. I would like to know the year of this guitar. Does anyone know the year based on this information? Is there a resource for looking it up? Thanks for any help.

L. V.

Goya 16C602

Your mom's guitar was made in 1964. Hang on to it. The newer Goyas are not as good.

Goya G-234 mini-dreadnought

I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about tha guitar I inherited from my father. It is a Goya G-234 mini- dreadnought serial number 95 0773. I'm in interested in worth in good condition and what year it was made. Thank you.

Goya M-24

Hoping jack walsh will see this. I have a genuine Goya M24 serial 195619. Like to know what year this model fell in...can send nice pics, but tripod wants cc info?

1960's Vintage Goya G7 Classical guitar

I'm just trying to find out what my Vintage Goya is really worth (Pre Martin)!

The only way for you to find

The only way for you to find out the true value is to put it up for sale and see what somebody is willing to pay for it. You can start high. Also you can go to other sites to see what other guitars have sold for...

Missing my Goya

I was in college in Austin Texas and ran short of cash.
I went to a pawn shop in south Austin and pawned my handmade in Sweden, acoustic 6 steel stringed with hardshell gold felt case. The headstock was a very unique carving. The color was a gorgeous mahogany color. Picks, capo, cleaning cloth, all the necessities for your guitar- were in the case.
Sadly, I was not able to buy it back.  

I have been looking for it ever since.  At that same pawn shop in the eighties, I came close.  It was there, pawned yet again.  I saw it, touched it, it was older, a bit more worn but still beautiful in its golden felt case.  I left my name and numbers.  No one ever called.

And I still search...

For you Goya patrons, you know the ache that's inside when you've played a Goya and then it's gone.
I'm 63 now, and still remember.  

I don't know the model number or style. It had a label inside indicating it was "handmade in Sweden".  It was bought by my Mom for me in Beaumont Texas for $350 USD.  Back in '72, that was a fortune!!!

In the story of lost love, this has been a love lost to me.  My songwriting has been empty since that guitar has been gone.

Rev. Arthur V. Barrera

Goya T 18

I have one that I bought from a sailor friend in 1967. I played it when I was younger but am thinking of letting it go. It has the original hard shell case. If you are interested let me know and I'll send you a picture. Sounds like heaven.

Goya T18

I to was in the Navy and my friend got me into playing the guitar. He had a Goya and I have always wanted one so, I may be interested. Send me pictures if possible.

Goya Guitar

I have a Goya G13 # 3723083 Made in Sweden..Goya Guitars Inc. New York NY 10010

Great condition no warps or cracks, have removed strings years ago.
Do you have a value related response, and my best way to sell it.

goya g 312

I just bought a g 312 and it is a replica of the Martin D 28..
Sweet guitar..
My only question is.. are the back and sides solid mahogany or laminate?


I have a goya vintage 12 string guitar model # TS-5 need t o sell it .

I would like for someone to

I would like for someone to tell me what a 1923 Goya acoustic guitar model g-4 is sold for

Goyá F25

I have a very nice, solid wood (rare) and highly collectable Goyá F25 for sale. The fretboard has the bass side dot markers and the frets are in good condition. The label was torn but still retains the maker, and address. The serial is gone and an examination of the interior offered no help. I'm fairly certain that it is a mid 60's model and it's a great player. I have silk and.steel strings on it and this baby just purrs. The action is very good and the neck and body are straight. There are couple of cracks on the soundboard but they don't affect playability. One seems to have been cleated but I will leave the others as is so that the buyer can decide what he wants to do. As expected the finish has crazing and a few scratches but nothing serious. I can furnish a case if needed or wanted but this will add to the shipping costs so it's up to buyer. This is being sold "as is" and I will be posting pictures soon. I'm asking $999.99 but might consider some bartering for good classical electric cutaway.

Your guitar

Did you sell it? If so, did you get the asking price? If nit, how much sid it sell for? Just curious. I have a 1956 M24 that I'm looking to market and I'm just curious... thanks for your time after the fact...

Goya G-10 Guitar

Hi There!
My Goya G-10 has the serial number 239122, has the original case, and is in great condition. I don't really play it much anymore. Any idea what it might be worth?

Pawn shop goya

I recently came across a red ES 335 style hollowbody Goya at my local pawnshop. It has 1 singlecoil pickup, 1 volume knob and one tone knob. I don't remember the serial no, but it is a 4 digit serial. on the back, it is labeled 'Made in Italy". The guitar is in good shape, the finish is immaculate. There is a small split in the wood on the back which is virtually undetectable. the pawnshop is asking $499. I'm just curious as to the history and value of this guitar. I've never see a Goya before. Any information would be helpful.

Goua g140

Hi i have a goya g 140 was wondering value

Lost Goya

Hey all.
Many decades ago in Austin Texas, USA, as a struggling student at the University of Texas in 1975, I made the life long mistake of pawning my Goya acoustic guitar for book money. I had hoped to retrieve it but as things turned out, I never could.
It was pawned complete with gold felted hardshell case. I'm sure it had a capo, cleaning cloth and numerous Fender thin picks.

I have attempted for years to track it down. Came close three times, once, actually seeing it at a pawn shop on South Congress in Austin. It was my guitar. Left a note for who pawned it but got no response.

Goya M-50 circa 1958, owned by bluegrass great Red Allen

Could someone give me an opinion of what a nice condition Goya M-50 would be worth on the market?
This guitar came from a collection that had been owned at one time by American bluegrass star, Red Allen.


I just bought a Goya Acoustical Guitar Model G318C Ser # 90800063 and I was wondering if anyone knows what year it was made and how much it is worth???


Goya CF Martin G335S for sale

I have a G335S acoustic. Excellent condition. Sounds amazing. Sometime I think I need ear plugs because of the volume coming out of the sound hole. Make me an offer!

Goya 6-string guitar, model G-10

I have a Goya guitar, serial number 120167. The label says it was made in Sweden. I don't play the guitar and would like to sell it. Any idea as to its value?

Goya Panther S-2 Serial Number 980

I am trying to find out some information about this guitar. I am not sure of the age and value of what this might be worth. I no longer have an amp to plug this into to see what it's working condition is. Any help with this would be appreciated.

Goya ES335

I just acquired a Goya ES335 style (not a Rangemaster) serial # 0570XX. Anyone ever seen one?

I tried one today at a local

I tried one today at a local shop, in Halifax, Canada. I fell in love with it, he's asking $1000 Canadian for it, how much did you pay for yours? I want to buy it but my concern is if I ever had to sell it I would loose my shirt because nobody knows what it is. This one was red, had a switch for coil tapping. It was amazing. Please let me know how much you paid.

Martin Goya Dreadnought model 4

I have the above guitar and was wondering what it's worth.

Old acoustic guitar

I have an old guitar in its original case with a couple 1950's music books and picks. It says Greco GR5 serial#2568. Does it have any value at all?

Goyah g213 I think at pawn shop

I picked this guitar up at a pawn shop never heard of it. Action was high but the guitar rang out beautifully. Inside it said Goyah and the g-213 or something and then cf Martin they wanted 150 should I buy it?

I would love to buy it lost

I would love to buy it lost mine in a fire.


Hey it's a good guitar. I would like to know where you saw it? I backed over my husbands guitars and would love to replace his. We're so broke and 150 I can afford.

Goya g-341

I would like some information About this guitar what year it was made and its approximate value



I just came across your post while researching the g341 because mine was recently stolen. It was my first guitar (technically 2nd) and my favorite. I bought it about 20 yrs ago at a pawn shop. Do you own one of these?



Goya m-75 12

I am considering purchasing a Goya 12 string. I have not seen the guitar but the seller tells me it has m-75 12 with a serial number of 3407.
It comes with a hard shell case. My research tells me that it is the Medalist series and dated somewhere in the mid seventies.
What kind of value does this guitar have if it is in good shape? The seller is asking $200 Canadian. I would only be purchasing it to resell.

goya Mdl. # 53G125


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