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Goya N-21

I have a sweet Goya N-1 in great condition. Do you know if the sides are solid mahogany?

goya c.f.martin mini classic g134

Any information on this guitar made in Indonesia. Year ? Value?

Goya Medalist Series M-20 Serial #2943

Purchased approximately around 1987 for my husband as a student guitar. Looking for any information and price value. It's in great condition and I am looking forward to learning on it.

goya range masters 6 and 12 string

I am trying to figure out which guitar is worth keeping out of the two that I have. I have a 1965 single cut 6 string, with the set tailpiece tremelo. It's a reddish-maroon in color several check marks here and there. I would say a 6.5 out of a 10. Has the original case. My second one is a double cut 1968 12 string orange burst in color. No checking at all. Solid set tail piece. I'm not sure if the treble pot was added or original. Did not come with the original case, just a regular(nice) guitar case. I love them both...since they are from my Era 1950s-1960s. However I am contemplating a swap for a guitar that I just have to own. I just don't know which one to part with. Any suggestions from some of my Goya buddies would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Wally.

swedish made n-21 Goya

Got this guitar on ebay. Would like to know the year of its production. The pasted in label has seven serial numbers that look like 3694012 but the 9 and the 0 are just guesses. It's stamped in and the stamp pressed down very good or was not inked good; but I guess the numbers aren't important. But thought the total of seven numbers might tell something about it.

What I can't figure out is the year. How do guitar sellers or collectors go about finding that out? That's what I'm curious about. The owners always seem to know the year.

I don't know if I've used the site right or not; by posting a question I mean.

goya 12 sring g415 serial number 18064 by martin and co

It is in great shape what would be the value on this

Need help please

I was giving a goya g-20 artec .. I can't see the serial number needed a little info.. Can anyone help me ..

Goya Lap steel

Can anyone help me to date this Goya Lap steel. I can't find any serialnumber on the guitar.

Goya TS4 truss rod

Does anyone know the truss rod nut size for a 1964 TS4 12- string?

1964 TS4 Truss Rod Nut Size

I have a 1966 TS4 and the truss rod on mine is an 8mm. I use an 8mm - 12 point combination wrench. A 6-point will not swing enough in the channel to adjust the nut.

goya G-20

Information about Goya G-20 purchased in the early 60's

Goya 12 string acoustic

Looking for info on Goya 12 string acoustic Model#TS14 Serial#17300S made in Sweden Goya Guitars Inc. NY

Goya 12 string acoustic

I have a 12 string acoustic Goya made in Sweden Model#TS14 Serial #17300S Goya Guitars Inc. NY I would like to know when it was made and the price. Thank You.

Goya M-22 S#210536

Thank You Wouter for Your time and the info. Love my new toy.
All the best,

Goya M22

I just acquired a beautiful concert size Goya M-22 S# 210536
Wandering if anyone knows what year it was manufactured?
It's in very nice condition.All original,no cracks and holds the tune really good.
What is it worth?


If you see the label, you'll notice the 2-digit address code (10 N.Y.).
Your guitar was manufactured shortly before 1963, when the 5-digit Zip-code was introduced.
Many M-22 guitars have been produced, so it's not an unique instrument.
The group of Levin enthusiasts is steadily increasing, so the guitar will keep its value.
(some hundreds of dollars)
Enjoy playing this guitar !

Goya G10 3/4 worth fixing?

I've had this guitar since the early 60's. I know it isn't worth a lot of money. It hasn't been played in a few year. I took it out of its case tonight and found a crack in the face, below the bridge. Is it worth having it repaired?

Thanks for any guidance!

Goya G340

I recently had a goya g340 passed down to me. I have been trying to find information about this guitar but can't find a thing. Can anyone help me with a value, time frame, how rare? It's in excellent condition and is in a original hard shell case.



Goya G340 value

The japanese Goya's have far less value than the original Swedish guitars.

The Japanese plain jane G200's generally go for $175-200 on ebay and your G340 is worth around $300 - $325.

Last one I saw that sold for $325 :

I bought a G340 last year with a cracked bridge for $120

Nice guitars, but lacking the collectability of the original Swedish Goya/Levins.

Goya G 1 10

Greetings from Oz,may wellbeing and Harmony be your constant companions. l recently found this well crafted beautiful sounding Goya/Martin acoustic model G 1 10 made in Korea amongst several dirt and dust laden guitars. These guitars were salvaged after record floods inundated Brisbane and swept away people livestock and cmplete towns in out laying rural areas.Most including the Goya were found above the water line with 2 that went under left caked in mud and silt that all but destroyed inside labels .one is a Palmer 12 string ac/elec. But the Goya is in really good condition given its history.l payed $120 for the 7 The previous owner just lost his passion to clean them up and get them playable.

G-10 Goya

I have a beautiful, restored Goya G-10 classical guitar. My grandfather purchased it back in the 1950s as a gift for my grandmother. It's in beautiful condition and sounds brand new. It's missing the high e string but perfect other than that. I have no use for it and it just sits in the case. It's such a beautiful sounding guitar a shame it's going to waste. I'm looking to sell it. If you're interested, please email me. I have pictures as well.

goya guitar

If still available would consider buying. Thank you, Mark

Goyer guitar

I have an old 50ties or older Goyer guitar, it has no marking on it, I think the piece with the information on it, is inside the guitar rattling around, so can't tell you much more than that about it, the guarantee is still in the case along with some Martin strings, and there is an old case with it in pretty decent shape. white plate around the hole, rest is dark tan front with light brown neck and sides, nice old guitar, what am I offered, please email me at Thank you for your time JoAnn

goya gutair

I have ts4 serial 289622 goya made in sweeden sold in ney york trying to find out how much it is worth

goya gutair

I have ts4 serial 289622 goya made in sweeden sold in ney york trying to find out how much it is worth

Goya G-10 serial 413785

Hi, I have a Goya G-10 serial 413785...Made in Sweden. Does anyone know how old it is and what it is worth? Great condition and in case. It was given to me but I do not play. Thank you

Goya GG172

Can anyone provide me with information on this model



See more info about your Goya GG172 on the great Swedish website


goya sg-10 semiacoustic Musician

I have this guitar my dad picked up second hand in 1963. Would like to sell. S type cutaways, sun burst, yellow to red color white pick guard. Can't find serial no.

Goya GG-30

1971 Goya GG-30 with original plush hard shell case for sale. Has had a repair done on the neck by a professional luthier where the neck had a hairline crack and now is hardly visible and has absolutely no movement in the neck - 100% straight. Otherwise guitar is in excellent condition, all original, no cracking or checking, tuners very smooth/no rust - maple back/sides and rosewood neck still have their shine appears as new instrument. Located in Melbourne, Australia happy to ship not sure of price... for detailed photos of guitar, case, repair and condition.


Is the G-30 still for sale? How much? Send pics?


I am Alex, live in San Jose California
Is your Goya guitar still available?
If yes, how much do you sell it for?
Thank you

Goya GG 30

If you still have an interest in the Goya GG30, I have one listed in Sacramento's Craigslist.
If you have an interest, let me know.We are not too distant from each other and we could meet and you could actually hold it in your hands,.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Goya GG-30

Hi, yes it is still available. Please send me a message via email in my original post.


Goya international guitar model number G130 serial number G10734

i have a Goya international guitar model G130 and serial number G10734. Does anyone know how much this thing is worth its in mint condition and no case its a great looking guitar.

Goya Model 130

I also have a Goya model 130, serial #3943106. I think it was purchsed around 1968 for approximately $99 US. Can't find out yet what it's worth now. Good luck in your search.

Your Goya 130


I wasn't sure by your posting whether you just wanted info on your guitar or whether you were looking to sell it. If you wanted to sell it, did you sell it yet? If not do you want to sell it. Let me know as I might be interested if you have it.



I have a vintage Goya Acoustic Guitar, Model F-11, Serial # 164321, from the early 60's. Missing 2 strings but otherwise in mint condition---also comes with original case. Make an offer.

Goya F-11 for sale

I'm also interested if you haven't already made a deal. BR

Goya F-11

$150 if you could send me some photos of the guitar and the label in the sound hole. I may be interested.

email is calypsocorgi at aol

email is calypsocorgi at aol dot com


Looking to buy a Goya Classical Guitar G10 or G17

I wish to purchase a pre-1967 Goya G10 or G17.
Please forward photos and asking price to my email address.
Thank you.

G10 Goya Guitar estimated value

I have a G10 Goya Guitar made in Sweden and sold by Goya Guitar Inc. in New York. The serial number is 32011. The guitar is in excellent shape. Do you know how much it is worth? Thanks.


A 1955 Goya G-10 (according to the Goya serial # chart)


I own a beautiful Goya G-10 with a serial number "328837." According to the Goya serial number chart that should make it a 1955. I also have a 1934 Levin mandolin that is in excellent condition and that I play a lot in my son's band.

I no longer need the G-10 and plan on listing it on Ebay later this week.

I have read that the G-10 wasn't even introduced until much later than 1955. I really don't know or particulary care. I'm just stating what the label says and what the chart says about the serial number on the label. Mainly, I wanted to share this with other Levin/Goya lovers so you can see this beautiful guitar on Ebay this coming weekend.

Thanks for your consideration...Kelly


Is your G-10 still for sale?

Your Goya G10

I would be interested in purchasing this guitar.
Please post some photos and price to me by email.

Hello. It has already been

Hello. It has already been sold on Ebay for $295. Thanks for your interest...kelly

Goya Medalist Series Model M-30 For Sale

Guitar case and stand included.
This guitar is in near mint condition, still plays like the day I got it.
Recently havent had the time for my guitars, if anyone is interested please contact me at

M-30 Goya acustic guitar

How much are you asking for?
Can you send me some picts?


Hi i bought a Model M30,.....30 some years ago serial number 4565....i was wonder is it worth much and where can i get cleaned upin canada ....still has strings on it and sounds like it did when it was new...

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