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Goya M-75 Acoustic Guitar Serial#4,755

I have a Goya M-75 Acoustic Medalist series Guitar Serial#4,755 made in Korea that has the original sticker on the pick guard on the face of the guitar that reads CF Martin originisation on it. It was bought for me as a kid which would make it over 30 years old. I recently had someone appoach me to buy it, sentimentally I want to keep it but have a lot of guitars and not alot of room. Can anyone tell me if this is considered vintage and if I sell will I kick myself later if it is worth a mint.
Please help I don't want to disappoint the prespective buyer but my dad bought it for me years ago and he passed away 14 years ago, if it is a vintage model I would keep it if not I would sell. Someone Please help!

Goya g311

I have a Goya g311 for sale. It has all stones in the neck. It needs no work just strings

Goya G140 - G9232

Bought this many years ago. It's mint
Trying to find out what it's worth.

I can't find any info on my Goya semi hollow body electric

I have a semi hollow body electric (Similar to a Gibson ES335) It has two humbucker style pickups
- Made in Italy
- Model Number 103SAS
- Number 1937

This guitar has the fastest neck I have ever playing a buttered neck. Very small (bano-like) frets.
It has some cracks in the finish and the electronics need to be replaced. Should I have this guitar refinished, and update with quality pickups and electronics? Or, am I going to de-value an original vintage guitar that has some value?

Goya by Martin Guitars Model # G145S

The sticker inside my guitar says "Goya by Martin Guitars Model #G145S." I love this guitar. Can you tell me what it might be worth. Thanks.

Goya G-30 guitar

It says please contact 376 for this guitar on sale. How to do that ?
916-947-0685 anytime Sacramento, CA

Goya GC-10 Classical Guitar 1978

I am parting with my Goya GC-10 guitar, serial 78110, bought new in 1978, for about $600 (?). I haven't seen another Goya like it.

It is a fairly high-grade instrument in mint condition, with rosewood neck, sides, back, bridge with ivoroid fittings, fancy 6-ring purfling, and a "butterfly" headstock with no name. The label is silver with a red-lettered "Goya" and Handcrafted" and model number in black (no location is provided). Original Hard shell case.

It this a Martin Goya, Japanese made, or other? Market value? Anyone interested?

Goya G10

Martin took over manufacture of Goya brand guitars in late 70s in Japan then later Korea and finally Taiwan during the 90s. They stopped production in 1996. General consensus of opinion is that these later guitars were not the same quality as the earlier Swedish made ones made by the Levin Company. Condition IS everything when valuing this guitar with an average price running between $3-400 currently (in excellent condition)

Goya GA440

I inherited this Goya years ago, and though I can't play, I've kept it, hoping that one of my kids would become interested. It's been taken care of, kept it in the case, in a temp & humidity controlled room, but I noticed that there is a crack on the face of the body. It is a 1978 model, I believe, based on what I've found out about it, serial Takamine 78023166. Is there anything I can do for it now? My kids prefer other instruments at this point, but they do appreciate the quality of sound from this guitar, & it would be a shame for it to deteriorate. Thanks

Looking for Goya G(GG)45 guitar

Does anyone have a Goya GG 45 guitar for sale? Thanks.

goya g375

Hi,Was wondering if anybody has a goya g375 for sale.i will pay top price for one in good condition

Goya G375

How much is top price for a good G375? thanks, Lin


I do and its in great shape/ 1976 or 1977

Goya g375

My name is Scott in Michigan. I have a Goya g375. Shoot an email to me.

Goya G375

If you still have this guitar for sale email me back with a price, I'm very interested

goya g375

Hi Scott. I know some time has passed but have just seen your posting about this guitar.I am still interested in buying this model guitar if you still have it.

Goya g375

I have one. Would you happen to know what they're worth. I inherited mine

Goya G-375

I have one in mint condition. I might part with it for the right price, and i'm not sure what that would be. I haven't considered it. I just happened by your post.

goya g375

Hi, Haven't heard back from you about your goya g375.The price will be good if you do want to sell.

goya g375

I am interested and if you want to discuss price, email to

Goya G-375

Yeah I got one, have had it since I bought it new back in 1980 or 81, sounds like a vintage Martin D-28 with curly maple sides, but I'd never ever part with it. It's just too amazing and everybody who's played it wants it. Good luck finding one!

Goya - Martin

I have a Goya G600EN in excellent condition, I have had it for @ 17 years, how much is it worth?

Goya G-30

I'm looking for one. I played one for 40 years until my house burned down and took my Goya with it. I've played just about everything else, but the G-30 just fits me. Been looking for quite a while.

Goya g30

I have one if you are still interested.

Goya G30

I just saw you ad looking for a G30 and was wondering if you are still looking. I have one that is reasonable shape and is an extra instrument in the presence of Martins and Guilds. If you are interested, drop me a line.
Play on,


I am still looking for the right guitar, and yes, I'm still interested in the G-30. My kids gave me a Martin DM, which is really quite a nice guitar, but I've been a nylon string guy since my first 00-18-g, then the G-30 that burned up. Let me know.



Send me an email address and I will send you some pics of the instrument.

sounds like your in the

sounds like your in the presence of your own arrogance


I Am still curious about your posted reply. I feel that ,cloaked in anonymity, you have some need to strike out. I have given a deal of thought to your response and am at a loss to see how my posting merited the time and energy spent on your response. Would you care to discuss this?
Be well,


What is this comment about? would you care to share whatever it is that you are smoking?

Goya G-30

If you still have this instrument for sale, please advise anytime 916-947-0685

Goya GG 30

I have one that is in pretty good shape dating from about 1972 with hard shell case for about $1000. If you are interested , I can send you some photos.

Goya g30

I have one I might consider selling. Please contact.376

Goya-G-30 guitar

Please advise the measurements of the box, length, width, depth. Thanks

916-947-0685 Stu Goldberg and the price ?

Goya G-30 guitar

Forgot to mention this is 6/29/12.

Please reply 916-947-0685

goya g-215

wondering if this guitar is worth anything , sounds real good has a mahagany back with a spruce top any help would love it

goya g-30

i have a goya model g-30 with a seriel # 99316... has original case..also a price tag of 399.50 which has a guarantee on back .... has a signature in ink on price tag that says edward hershman .... label inside guitar says goya guitars inc. new york 10 ny...below that is made in sweden .. i would like to know the year of manufacture but everything i have seen on sites show a 6 digit seriel number ... were there any 5 digit numbers assigned to the g-30 models? thanks for any responces regarding this mystery ...also this particular model does not have goya on the headstock like some goyas do ....

Goya G-30

Hi Bob,

Yes, your Goya G-30 is a genuine 53 year old Goya.
In Spring 1959 Some 5-digit Goya's were produced, all starting with a 9 and labeled 'GOYA GUITARS INC., 10 N.Y.'.So these guitars predate the 6-digit Goya's! That's why your Goya G-30 has the headstock with the central stripes and diamonds inlay, as the Mother Of Pearl Goya logo was introduced only some months later. The fingerboard is the standard version, as the longer fingerboard with 22 frets for the high strings was introduced a year later. The neck of your guitar will show the broad maple stripe in the middle. All Goya G-30 guitars were constructed very well, only the best materials were used for these high end guitars. Thanks to the original case you've still got, the colors of the inlays around corners and soundhole could be well preserved. Also the lacquer could have been protected by the case (some crazing of the laquer is common for old instruments). This all will add to the value of your rare guitar. The original price on your price tag can easily be doubled, or tripled if the guitar is in good condition.



DO YOU know THE MEASUREMENTS of this instrument ( the CG-30 ) or are they the same as the large box on the G-30 ?

Would certainly appreciate a reply. Thanks. Stu Goldberg 916-947-0685

g-30 goya

thank you for taking time to tell me about my guitar ... at last the mystery of 5 digit serial number is solved..your knowledge is deeply appreciated ... and you were spot on in your description of the headstock and the inlays ... i had to buy this guitar for 150 in order to get an old national slide guitar.. the owner wouldn't sell just one .. so i feel i made a good investment ...

Selling a Goya G-20

I bought this new in 1960, took lessons for five years, and haven't touched it since. Seems to be in perfect condition, no cracking. Thought I would start playing it again, but find that my fingers don't work right anymore. Available to a good home, complete with hard case.

Goya G20

Hi. Please contact me with all the details if you still have the G20 for sale. Thanks.


My Goya G-20

Thanks for your interest, but when I was underwhelmed by responses on this site I ended up offering it on Ebay and just sold it a few days ago. For general interest, I advise that I started the auction at $450, there were 9 bidders, and the best offer was $700 plus shipping.

Very Interested in Buying your Goya G-20

I am also interested in the whole package you're offering for sale. I have an old Goya F-11 made in 1963 I think and would love to own another of this vintage. Please send info and details, including price, to and I can do this quickly

Goya G-20

I am looking for a Goya Guitar. Are you still trying to place yours in a good home? I would be very interested in pictures if you have them.

My Goya G-20

Thanks for your interest. Yes, I still have the instrument. I think I should make a correction in my original posting. After recently reading about crazing being normal in something this old, I took it outside on a nice, sunny day, and under the bright lighting I did observe with difficulty some minor crazing in the finish. Couldn't see this under indoor lights. I don't presently have any pictures, but could get some if this would be useful. (I'm pretty sure the slight irregularities in the finish would not be visible however. I also would give several inches worth of guitar music to the buyer if wanted. Ranging from beginners instruction books to somewhat advanced classical and folk.

G-20 pictures

Adding to my comment above, I have taken some pictures that turned out fairly well. Can send them to you via e-mail if you wish to give your address.

Goya G-20

Oh, Great! you can send pictures to me at Can you send the serial number if possible. Thank you. JT

Goya 12-string acoustic

. . . Oops! that was supposed to be model TS-5! thanks.

Goya 12-string acoustic

hi. can you please tell me the year of manufacture of the following goya 12-string acoustic guitar? the label says "Model T-5, Serial no. 4124018. " below that its says, "Goya Music, New York, New York 10010." right below that it says "Made in Sweden." on the left side of the label, to the left of the large, cursive "Goya," there's a small stamped circle with the words "Inspected by G.M." i guess that because it was made in sweden, it was made by hagstrom? or could it be by levin? thanks for your help. any idea of the value, also? it's in excellent condition, plays perfectly well, and stays surprisingly in tune for a 12-string. many thanks.

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