Posted by JACK ALMOND on Sun, 02/04/01 - 11:49:04.

HI My name is jack my son has his heart set on me making him a FENDER JAGUAR copy guitar for his birthday,but try as i might i can not find any plans or blueprints to makEe it.if anybody can suppy or put me in touch with any one both my son and i would be very gratefull.my address is
14,sandal way,birstall,batley
west yorkshire,ENGLAND WF17ORB

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Hi mate, good to hear of a fellow guitar maker so close. im making a couple of jaguar copies. I cant find blueprints anywhere so ive borrowed the guitar from a mate and measured it all up. All dimensions are approximate to 5mm for body and 1mm for electrics etc. All measurements for scale, frets etc. are exact. all measurements are in metric. Ill send you these in a few days. just need to draw the plans up. Hope alls going well witrh the project. Dave Stockdale, Sheffield South Yorkshire.


hope this helps, and tell your son he has good taste in guitars.


I have built a few guitars before, so my advice might be some help. First, you can go to Seymour Duncan's website and they have the wiring diagram for the Fender Jaguar on the web (Just print them out), they also sell the pickups (they sell 3 models of the necks and bridge Jaguar Pickups, Vintage output (Like in the 60's), Hot Output (Warmer and louder), and Quater Pounder (Has Larger Polepieces, more output, and sounds thicker). The best way to get a neck is from Warmoth's thrift shop (also on the web) and you can get one of their necks for the Jaguar/Mustang/Duo-Sonic (Which is 24" scale [The distance from the nut to the bridge], has 22 frets, and has a CBS headstock and if you want to be really accurate try to find a neck with a Rosewood fingerboard because Jaguars with Maple fingerboards are so rare they are almost concidered a custom item). If you have enough skill to make your own neck you can try a wood supplier or the Stewart Mac-Donald Guitar Shop Suppy catalog for a Rock Maple wood blank and cut it to the size and shape you want, rout a channel down the center for the truss rod, and install a truss rod from Stew-Mac or another guitar parts supplier into the slot and fill it in with a maple or rosewood filler strip. After that you will HAVE to get a custom milled fingerboard with 22 fret slots cut for a 24" scale (the fingerboard should be about 15" long). Then you will have to install some pearl dot inlays in the sides and top of the fingerboard (this is if you want a 62'-64' Jaguar, if you want a 65 style you will need to add white binding, and if you want a 66' or later you will need to put block markers where the dot markers go except at fret 21, leave that blank.). Install the dots at frets 3, 5, 7, 9, put 2 dots at 12, one at 15, 17, 19, and 21. Finally you can glue the fingerboard onto the neck after you have planed the fretboard surface flat and smooth. For the body you will need a slab of wood
16" long, 14" wide, and 1.5" thick, and you can have a template made off of an exsisting Fender Jaguar or go to a local music store and they might let you trace the outline onto the slab of wood. After that you need to cut out the slots with a router for the pickups, tailpiece, controls, and the neck, most routs genderally being between half a centimeter to a centimeter and a half deep depending on what you need for the particular part. Pickups need to be adjustable, and the necks fretboard should be left about a quarter of an inch above the top of the body. After this you can get the hardware for the Jaguar from assorted places. Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio Make Pickups, Switchcraft makes switches and jacks, Parts is Parts carries alot of parts for the Jaguar, and there are many other companies you can find that will make parts for you.
There are some legal implications involved in doing this, first is that you cannot put the FENDER name on the headstock, and you cannot put Jaguar Either unless you make it blatenly obvious it is not a real Fender Guitar. And if it is a Pirate you must make sure It does not get sold or legal actions could take place. But as I see it you should put Your name on the headstock, you made it, be proud.

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