acoustic arwin collectable, info please...

Posted by Melody on Fri, 06/16/06 - 19:24:58.

I have a small guitar from arwin musical industries inc. beverly hills cal. made in korea stock #5. more of a collectable wall hanger. Anyone have info?

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Arwin looking to buy

does anyone have one of the arwin parlor guitars to sell? is it abou 35” long? happy to drive some distance for one that is ready to play.

Arwin Guitar

I have one Id like to sell. It is missing one peg but the key in the back is there. I have new set of nylon strings for it. There are no cracks in the body or neck. There are some surface scratches and small chips but a bit of wood polish would do a lot. If your interested I am in California, but up north near Sacramento. Perhaps some shipping arrangement can be made. Email me and I will provide you with photos.

arwin guitar

the arwin company went out of business in 1965 they went bankrupt and thats about all I have found my arwin was made in beverly hills, USA and its a regular size. You can read about the company if you look it up through the USA beverly hills location.

Arwin guitar

Funny, nobody has found any info about this thing in 6 years? I just found one (REALLY dinged up and dirty, missing 3 strings) in a thrift store for 2 bucks. I grabbed it to clean it up and give it to the kiddos to play with (i have some extra strings laying around)

So far I've cleaned it up some, glued the bridge, and polished the chrome string holder. I got it with a bit of rust, but some elbow grease with a wire brush and some polish made it pretty again.

Not much to be done for the dings and scratches, at least not with my limited knowledge. I'd have not guessed it was as old as the 60's.

Anyways, if any info does come up, I'd be very appreciative of it! Thanks!

Arwin guitar

I also have a arwin musical industries guitar made in Korea stock #5 I found in in my basement. It's not in good conduction though, just looking for some info on it, wish it were in better shape.

Arwin Parlor Guitar

Hi everyone. There is an Arwin Parlor guitar on my local Craigslist that I want to get but also can't find any info on this brand. It is only $50, so I think I really can't go wrong if it is halfway decent. Feel free to contact me with any info on these guitars. Thanks!


arwin guitar

just bought one at the swapmeet in san diego for 30$. arwin stock #5 made in luck finding info.

Re: acoustic arwin collectable, info please...

My mother has the same thing... I can't find any information on it. Arwin Musical Industries, made in korea stock number 5 and all that jazz.... Does anyone know anything about this little guitar?? I used to play with it when I was a kid... Now we want to know more about it. It's from the 60s. My mother doesn't really know anything else.

Arwin Guitar

I recently found the SAME guitar in my basement, not in the best shape though. i'm usually really good about finding any info on the internet. not with this item. i can't find anything, except the company existed in the 60's like you previously said. i know it must be a collectors item. & i'm hoping i can fix it up and go from there.

Re: acoustic arwin collectable, info please...

I have the same small guitar from arwin musical industries inc. beverly hills cal. made in korea stock #5. did anyone have info on this? I have searched the internet with no results.

Re: acoustic arwin collectable, info please...

I have the same one too. Havent found anything on the web either.

Re: acoustic arwin collectable, info please...

I've run across the same guitar did you have any luck finding information about the Arwin?

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