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Abel Axe guitars (pre-1996 ) information and pictures
Abel Axe Guitars Fan Site

Abel Axe guitars have bodies made of solid 6061-T6 aluminum and are only one inch thick. Less than 250 of the original Swiss cheese body style were made from ~1994-1996. This site has lots of information about those Abel Axes, the coolest guitars I've ever had! : )

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Abel axe guitars

I you have an Abel axe and would like to sell, please contact me at axofire@yahoo.com

'95 Abel Axe in Black for sale #65

Hello All Abel Axe fans
I have a black '95 Abel Axe for sale. Production unit #65. Its in Mint condition, sounds amazing - untouched - all original.
Email me if interested

First Owner of the above guitar

I was the first owner of the guiter pictured above. I bought it out of a music store in Rexburg ID while attending college there in the fall of 1995. 1 of only 2 made in that coloring. Coolest looking guitar I had ever seen. Fun to play, lots of great memories.

Play on.

Rogue Aluminator

Hi guys, I have a Silver Rogue Aluminator is great shape, would like to trade it for a blue(teal?) or purple one. I'm in California, but would totally pay the shipping costs. Or, if anyone has a blue or purple one they'd like to sell, please email me; I'm poor, but motivated! Peace

Abel Axe Collection

I have 4, maybe 5 Abel Axes plus a Rogue Aluminator that I would love to sell as a set if there is someone out there with the right amount of money. The slotted ones were around 1,500$ in 95 which translates to 2,352 in todays dollars. Own a collection of one of the coolest guitars out there.

Abel Axe for sale

I saw your post on this guitar web site that you were possibly interested in buying an Abel Axe.

I worked for Abel Axe from 1994-1996. I have one of the original 20 that we built. Its also autographed by designer and inventor of the Abel Axe, Jeff Abel.

If you are interested let me know.



Abel Axe

I bought Mark Slaughters Abel Axe which is pre production signature model. It has a Warmoth neck,bone nut,Sperzel locking tuners,Duncan buckers,LR Baggs piezo bridge and its the aluminum color. I think its very low on the list of the first few ever made. It is not a trem bridge. It has a volume,tone,acoustic blend knob,two micro switches to split pickups,a pickup selector switch and a kill switch. It sounds and plays amazing and came with a big aluminum covered Anvil type case and the inside is molded to fit the guitar. I'm thinking this might have been made in 1992 for Mark but do you know anything about it ? Thanks,Jim

abel guitars

hi bob, afew years later, where would i get one of these critters==can you assist? jay.D

abel axe

I saw your post on this guitar web site that you were possibly interested in buying an Abel Axe.

I worked for Abel Axe from 1994-1996. I have one of the original 20 that we built. Its also autographed by designer and inventor of the Abel Axe, Jeff Abel.

If you are interested let me know.



Abel Guitar

If you still have an Abel guitar for sale I am interested.

Rogue Aluminator

Hi, just wondering what colour the Rogue is, and what you might consider a fair price, if you still have it :)

Trade My Able Axe!

I just found out there are Able Axe basses out there. I don't know how many of these exist or how much they are worh, but I would trade my purple 6 string Able Axe for a 4 string! Any takers? Kyle......bugdude67@yahoo.com

I believe that there are

I believe that there are only 3-5 of them out there... I know Jeff Abel has one and he gave another to a recording studio... that leaves only 1-3 out there to buy or trade... good luck getting one... you could contact Jeff Abel and see would take and order for one. I know that he his still custom making the guitars, so he might take an order for a bass, but the guitars are over $2,000 so the basses would probably be alot more.

Proud Able Axe Owner

Hey all. I have the burgandy '94-'96 stat looking Able Axe, and have been looking for more info for about 5 years. These guitars have incredible sustain, and are just cool as hell to look at! The serial # on my guitar is written in sharpie, don't know the year, and i am not sure what pick-ups it is loaded with. I am also wondering how many of each color were made during that first run. I would appreciate any info on this insrtument anyone can provide. Probably not for sale, but anything is possible! Always interested in trades!

Contact Jeff Abel at

Contact Jeff Abel at jeffabel@themeasurenet.com he is the inventor of the Abel Axe and is super nice and would answer any questions that you have. he has a fly fishing company now but he still takes custom orders for the Abel Axe and his daughter is thinking about taking over the company and getting it going again. just send them an e-mail, they are super nice people and would probably get back to you the same day or the next. He might even remember making your guitar because he did all of the anodizing himself.

I have one I would like to sell


I have a large collection of guitars and need to sell a few (to make room for someof my "dream" guitars... ha ha ha) I own a 1995 purple ("violet?") Abel Axe that was customized for me - has scalloped frets from the 5th fret on up, has a Kahler tremolo and has been re wired and slightly modified to play and sound better. Is anyone interested? I have never used Ebay, but it seems to me that I'd have better luck targeting people who already know about this guitar. E-mail me at BruceBurt@aol.com I have photos I can send you. Not sure what I'm going to do yet. I paid something like $950 for this, if I recall. I'm looking to get $400 for it now. Anyone looking?

Burt Mueller, Endwell, NY

Better to E-MAIL me than to post a message HERE. I might not be able to FIND this site again!

Able axe

Ill buy this if still available.
Thx, jp

the scalloped Abel

I think I own the one you are talking about plus 4 others and a Rogue Aluminator. Are you still interested? I've got around 40 - 50 mint or near mint American electrics that I am going to liquidate.

Rogue Aluminator

Hi, if you still have it, what colour is your Rogue Aluminator?

Able axe

Nevermind just saw date.

Check this out !!

I just finished speaking with Jeff Abel, he informed me that there has been a big demand for the Abel Axe guitars. Jeff has been very busy with his other business but is producing the Abel Axe guitars on a very limited basis.

The guitars are all one off custom pieces. You get to choose the color, and the pick-ups. The necks are Warmouth, and they come with Sperzal tuning machines. Initially the bodies are the slotted style. All guitars come with a custom aluminum hardshell case. All guitars are serial numbered and autographed by Jeff Abel on the back of the head stock.

Each guitar from start to finish never leaves Jeff’s shop. He does it all from annodizing to the final tuning. For anyone who is interested in a custom Abel Axe Guitar, they are $5,000 ea. Due to demand; there is a 6-month waiting list.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to order, you can email us at abelaxets@charter.net. You can also contact Jeff at (406) 961-1283.

wish to talk with Jeff Abel

Jeff Megattack has just finished our new album Save the Nations. Contact me at (801)865-3212

Two of Jeff Abels first models

Hi all,
I happen to have two of Jeff Abels first model guitars. I have one in a teal and one in a silver. The silver one is in my sons possession right now. Talking to Jeff, he informed me that he and his brother only made about 12 of the first model just to see what would happen in the market. A few years back I sent the teal one back to Jeff and asked him to put a Warmouth neck on it. He was more than abliging. I also asked him if he would put his signature on the headstock of the warmouth neck which he graciously did as well. I have the original neck and tuners as well. I am considering selling this guitar, but don't know what the market would consider a fair price. If you are serious about buying, either post message, or send an email to me.

Take care and God bless.


Re: Two of Jeff Abels first models

Hello! I also have one of the silver model's.I'm going to auction it on e-bay but don't know what they are worth? Any idea what the value might be, Regards Ron

need maker of abel axes to get ahhold of uncle jack semple!

I would like to bring back the abel axes guitar bodies back with a dirty ass vengence and then some!!!!!!!!!

Abel Axe guitars

I worked at a music store in Yuma , AZ. back in 1994. Jeff Abel came in one day with three of these awesome instruments. I plugged one in ( a teal non-trem.), and was floored by the best tone and sustain I have ever heard. I talked the store owner into buying all three. I never made enough to buy one back then, I would love to buy one now!! I am building wood-body guitars now, chasing after the high standards set by those Abel Axe wonders. Thanks, Jeff , for the inspiration!!


I have some able axe literature up for auction on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=3767627975&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

a little more histrory on the 1994-96 abel axe guitars!

During the period of 1994-97, I was the painter at Rocky Mtn. Lodgepole Furniture in Evanston, Wyoming- I was the individual who Jeff Able brought his Warmouth and actually a few other style of guitar necks to for applying the finish on them. I have 3 friends who own Mr.Abels guitars here in Evanston. One of which is a one of a kind, custom built Abel Axe for a friend by the name of Parnell Lym. Just thought that the more history that I could provide on these outstanding guitars would help to preserve the truly awesome recognition that these truly deserve. Also an added thanks to Mr. Jeff Abel for bringing his business to a small town painter with the trust to put his own pride into the finishes of these collector pieces!- Anyone with more questions regarding the finishes on these guitar necks can contact me at www.teamgreenone@msn.com


hey guitar fan's and guitar players just wanted to say hi well rock on and peace out


on the back of my guitar head it says "AXE - 250TW"
is this an abel axe guitar cause i wouldnt have a clue, ive been searching for my guitar brand for about 2yrs now

If you had an Abel Axe you

If you had an Abel Axe you would know it. there are pretty much the only aluminum guitars on the market, and definitely the only guitars built to ever look like that... google Abel Axe images and if your guitar body looks like those then you definitly have an Abel Axe. I believe they also lazer engraved the neck to say Abel Axe on them as well.

I want one!

If any one has a Abel Axe they want to sell, please email me. Erikbuzz@juno.com

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