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dy77 annaversary edition

I have a 1987 dy77 anniversary edition this guitar is in great condition I'm the only one who has ever played it was trying to find out what its worth.thanks

1974 DY85 Alvarez By Kazuo Yairi - For Sale?

Great condition, sound, finish, etc. looks like new. I bought this new around 1974-75 and has original case.
Anyone interested in looking at it around the Columbus Ohio area? I don't want to ship it anywhere.
It is in excellent condition except for a small crack in the headstock that I've never been too concerned with because its been there now for 25 years (it sort of got sat by my young daughter while on the sofa). A guitar maker told me he could fix it no problem but at that time I didn't want to put any money in it. I thought I might sell it now because it's rarely played anymore, depending on what I can get for it. If it's not worth very much to someone, I'll just keep it and hand it down.

Yairi's in Utah

Alvarez especially the Yari are hard to find in Utah. Anyone in here have an Alvarez or Yairi they just want to get rid of? My favorite guitar for sure. Love to here from you.

Still looking for a yairi ?

Utah sure is some beautiful country!!!
If you still are on the search for a Yairi. I have an Alvarez Yari Dy- 72 Signature Series 12 string 1991. It has spent most of it's life in the case in my closet. If interested, call, text or email me #13172135364

YW-1000 1979 & YW800G 2002

These are both very high end Yairi's and are not cheap. Please do some investigating.
I don't just want to just dump them, as I am happy with both of them.
If you think you may be interested, drop me a note ans we can discuss.


Where can I find the years and the quantity of this model that we made? Any help most appreciated!

Neck Bolt location on Yairi DY66?

I'd like to put a 2nd guitar strap button on the heel of my Yairi neck, but am not sure where to drill because I don't know where the neck bolt(s) is. Where should I avoid drilling? Thanks....

Tuning Peg

Hi, I have a 1981 Yairi DY52 that my lab knocked over with his big happy tail. I had it on a stand but guitar and stand couldn't with stand the force of happy waggle. Anyway it broke one of the tuning pegs. I would really love to get a tunning peg to match the others. Could someone point me in the right direction in retaining a new or even a good used one please. Thanks so much and my lab thanks you as well. Donald

Tuning peg

Depending on the brand of tuning peg, you may want to try ebay. On some of the older models, Yairi used the "Patent applied for" Grover tuners. I have seen some older complete sets for sale there as well as single tuners. You want to make sure (if you buy and older single tuner) which side your replacement tuner goes on; bass or treble side. Or just keep the old ones in a safe place and buy a new set of your choosing. Stewart McDonald is another great place to try if you decide to buy a new set of tuners, they sell almost every model of Grover tuners that are made.

K.Yairi DY96 Model 1978

I have K.Yairi DY96 Model 1978 and want to sell.
It loocks very beautyful and I didnt play much.
Its one of the very best guitar.
Please cantact me if you surch for this.

dy 96

Is your guitar still for sale?

Very interested

Please contact me if still available.
Best regards,


I am very interested.
Please let me know whats up with it.

2 Yairi Classicals

K Yairi CY 140 S/N 66169: This is a beautiful Brazilian I bought new several years ago. Can anyone give approx. age and when they discontinued this model?

K Yairi CY 128 CE, S/N 66152: Have had this one somewhat longer. Do close serial #'s indicate about same age? Both are in mint condition; are NOT FOR SALE.


My Yairis

Okay, I'll reply to myself. I contacted national Alvarez-Yairi distributor at St Louis Music asking for background. Serial #'s don't mean a lot since Yairi repeats those number sequences. More relevant are the numbers stamped inside under the neck join, e.g., 04-05-010. Both my Yairi's have numbers similar to this, which I interpret (guess) birth date as 4th month, 2005, sequence 10, or something like that.

K Yairi W1 1983

Hello to all Yairi fans. I have a W1 from 1983 with serial 26803. I would like to sell this to a person who knows a little about them or ho at least appreciates them. If you are interested could you please contact me?

Yairi W1

Is this guitar still available?


1974 Alverez DY90

I have one. It needs some love. Bridge cracked, cracks in head. Does anyone know how much these guitars are worth?

More important what should I do. Local guitar repair fellow (works mostly with electrics) says it will cost $200 - $300 to fix.
Should I send it to the Alverez factory? Does anyone know a person or place that does this kind of work? I'm in North Chicago Suburbs.

Any guidance would be appreciatted

Contact St. Louis Music.

Contact St. Louis Music. Alvarez's are supposed to have a lifetime guarantee for the original owner - I told them I was. You pay to have it shipped there (any UPS store) and they will fix it for free and cover shipping back to you. The glue on the bracing of my DY-85 was starting to dry up and crack. They repaired it and cleaned it up like the day it was new. I passed my DY85 along to my sons. I just love hearing the music that comes from that guitar.

K Yairi, Signature Series, Model No. YW8000-12, ANNE 1980

Hey everyone, I have a K. Yairi 12 String I'm wanting to sell, it is a Signature Series, Model No. YW8000-12, ANNE 1980, Serial No. 28102. Immaculate Condition, Still in original case and original Japanese Tags and warranty. Will email pictures to anyone interested and would greatly appreciate any info on value, construction etc.




If you still have it, I'm very interested in purchasing this guitar from you. There's one on eBay right now for $860 with free shipping. I love 12 strings and I can assure you that it would be going to a good home. Please let me know what you would want for it. Thanks -


Small Nylon washer on Tuning heads

I have a 1985 DY-51
There are small white nylon washer/spacers on each tuning peg. All six washers are crushed and / or broken. Does anyone know were I could get the replacement parts for this. The Heads are original.

For Sale: Alverez By Yari 1990 12 string DY 87 12 VS

This guitar came off a Crosby, Stills and Nash tour (I have no documentation) and I brought it from their Guitar tech in 1993. Perfect Cond. w/Hard Case

Maple Top
Sunburst Finish
Maple Back and Sides
Ebony Fretboard
Dreadnaught style, rounded cutaway body, curly maple top, round soundhole, 5 stripe bound
body and rosette, maple back/sides, mahogany neck, 21 fret ebony fingerboard with pearl dot inlay,
12th fret has pearl snowflake inlay, ebony bridge with white abalone dot pins, 6 per side chrome tuners,
bridge pickup, 3 band EQ.


1979 Alvarez K Yairi DY 68 12 string signed by Kazuo

I've owned this guitar now since 1979. The frets and tuners are getting worn out. I managed to get my hands on 12 new tuners from the St Louis guitar company back a couple months ago. SWEEEET !! originals. I keep wondering if I should have a re-fret done or just sell it and buy a new Taylor 856 or Martin d12-28. I know that in order to get the same quality of guitar that my DY 68 is, I’ll have to drop $2.500 to $3.000. With Kazuo having died back in March 2014 there will be no more K Yairi guitars signed by him personally like mine is. What to do what to do.

Alvarez Yairi DY 68

I have been trying to find my 12 string in all the Alvarez Yairi cats and reference materials, but nothing seems to match up... I bought it in 1971, and recall paying between 700-800.00 for it ser# 24290, DY68...originally had the chrome diamond shaped tuners and the abalone inlay bridge pegs and the brown "foamfit" case, which I have since replaced... as you can see, the headstock has the logo inlay, not the name....the inside label has the K.Yairi signature... can anyone help with a value, picture reference, or any other info you feel might be helpful?

Hi there i'm selling an

Hi there i'm selling an alvarez by Kazuo Yairi DY85A from 1983 anybody interested?

Yairi dy85A

Is the guitar still available. If so, can you provide some particulars & pictures

Guitar sale

did you sell your Yairi? I would be interested if you could send some details

all best

Alvarez 5065 Kazuo Yairi

I have this guitar and would like to sell it. does anyone know the value? It is in beautiful condition. Just a minor dent on right lower front. comes with a case that is in perfect condition.
From around 1970 I believe
Thanks for the help

Alvarez Yairi D74 Dating Question

Hi, my serial number reads; 43496 and heel stamp reads; 0507 480. She is a DY-74. Can someone give me her year and specs? Thanks in advance. Just got her and its beautiful. Tony

Yairi FY40B

I have a 1976 Yairi Model FY 40 B. It's a Bicentennial edition but the plaque has fallen off and I have not been able to find another.
It's a concert size. Blond wood. In pretty good shape for the years.
Anybody have any idea what this might be worth?
Or how I might be able to find another plaque?

1984 DY56 BB

I have my dad's old 1984 Alvarez by Kazuo Yairi DY 56 BB that he bought for my mom to learn on, but he has since passed away and she knows nothing about it. I have been trying to find out information about it as far as value, but I am not keen on trusting a random eBay sale I found. I am expecting anywhere between $400-600. Can anyone help out? Can't find the blue color anywhere...

1984 DY56 BB

Alisha, have you sold your Alvarez guitar or is it still available for sale?

I have a yairi I bought in

I have a yairi I bought in 1999.
Its a dy-45 block number is 07 03 563 can anyone tell me when it was made?

TW1 S 12 string

I have a K Yairi 1884 TW 1 S 12 string tha I bought in 1990 in Townsville. The K Yairia expert could find no reference to the model in any catalogue and assumed that they were only made for the Australian and Canadian markets. A TW 1 S 6 string was on ebay a few years ago. Anyone know any thing about the 12 string guitars?

dy 50 1980

Does anyone have info on the k.yairi Dy 50 1980.
The date is 55 7.23 made in japan by k yairi.
I am in Australia but unabe to find out
any info about this model and date stamp.

Does anyone know anything about it.

I was told that out side u s a that Alvarez
model number were not the same.

if so would anyone know.

Are they are they as good as a martin.

Is it worth paying to get a refret?
Or would i be better paying for a matin

1980 dy50 k yairi

I have a 1980 k yairi Dy50 as i bought this 2nd hand does anyone have info on it and what it is worth. I can not find out any info on this and is it worth spending money to refret.

K. Yairi Model YC 40

Hi there - I own a K. Yairi classical guitar with a rectangular label inside the sound hole. This label provides the following info: Hand Crafted K. Yairi - Anne 1978 - Model No YC40 - Serial No. 12571 - 53.3.06 - Kani, Gifu, Japan. I live in Denmark so the numbers may be especially European? Can anyone tell me more about the guitar and maybe approximately what it is worth? I bought it about 20 years ago from a reputable source and it is in very good condition. Owing to accident many years ago I am now disabled and cannot play anymore


Yairi guitars NOT sold in the US have different model number then those sold through Alvarez in the US.
Not sure what a YC-40 is, but Most used Yairi classical guitars here in the US are selling for $400. to $600. This would be for a guitar in good condition with no cracks or major flaws, and most would come with a case at that price.
If you could send me some pictures of the guitar then I could be more specific.

Yairi, signed model 394

I have a signed 5065 serial, model 394. two really minor dings on front. Amazing sound. I bought it a few decades ago to learn, yet still haven't. Obviously this is a popular serial, especially considering the passing of Yairi, I would think his signature merely adds to the value now. Anyone have any ideas on its value?



Yairi DY 50

I could be ready to buy this item immediately if it is what I'm looking for and of course, can pay your price. I got outbid on Ebay recently for one of these, asking price was $575. I thought I had it, last 5 seconds i was out bid. I think it sold for about $611. plus about $ 50. shipping. You can look it up on completed listings. It was in excellent shape, # 113/900. Would you be willing to take $650. if it is correct and in excellent shape that would work for me. Need more info., photos, description, condition, #???/900?. You can call or text me at (360)591-4848. I am in Northern CA just moved back from WA so I haven't changed my # yet. I rather a text or call than email except for photos, info, transaction etc.. My email is, I check email periodically but will be near my phone. I hope we can both be happy with a deal! Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks, Lisa


really need to know about this guitar the wood on neck back& sides its in UNREAL condition(1979y

1981 K.yairi ar 353

I have a 1981 signed K.yairi ar353 but someone broke it and it was the best guitar I have ever owned and I was wondering if anyone had any idea where I could get another one or if you have any info on it I would be very appreciative thanks.


I just traded a 5e3 clone for this Alvarez by Kazou Yariri DY38-12, serial number - 40637, the label says 1989. Can anyone tell me about my guitar? It appears to be all solid wood - tightly grained spruce top, mahogony back and sides, ebony fretboard, Brazilian rosewood bridge, black lacquer with mother of pearl "A - V" logo headstock. These are my guesses.

1982 K Yairi M-2

I bought my second Yairi (1982 K. Yairi M-2) recently from an estate. (seller knew nothing)
I just loved the look of the wood, sound, action, condition,etc. (All amazing) But I can't find anything on it. It is not an Alvarez Yairi. It is the K. Yairi logo on headstock, label inside sound hole has K. Yairi signature and M2 as model, SN 22451, Gifu, Japan. Help!!! Anyone know anything??? Other numbers.....on heel, 5706-864. Any help would be so much appreciated. THANKS!!!


Yairi Alvarez Model 5050 1972

Hello, I have an opportunity to bun the above guitar. its in Perfect shape. I don't know much about this guitar. Would like to know what a good price to pay for would be and any information that's valuable about it.


Yairi Alvarez Model 5050 1972

I would like to add that it is a classical guitar.

price info

hey everybody,

I just found an old k. Yairi guitar , yw 300 from 1973, in very good shape
i would like to know how would much would you price it,

thank you very much

Alvarez by kazuo yairi dy85 1982

A Kazuo Yairi DY85 from 1982 has been passed down to me from my Dad who has dementia. Unfortunatley, I know nothing about guitars and he can no longer help. I am wondering if any enthusiasts might help me figure out how much it is worth. I have done some internet searching but cannot find that exact model anywhere. It appears to be in good shape except for a minor scratch or two. If anyone can give me a ballpark for what they'd list the guitar at if they were selling it, I'd be very grateful!

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