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I also own a DY-76. Best 12 string I have owned. You will see them priced from around $350 for a thrashed one to around $650 for a very pristine example. The early ones have the hairing bone style binding, and are a little more coveted by yairi collectors, but they all have that great sound. Average price for a good one is $450 to $550.

Hope this helps you.


K Yairi YW130

I am wondering if anyone would know the value of this guitar for insurance purposes. 1974 - serial 6454.


k. Yairi 357

Anyone know what this guitar is worth, whether or not it is a solid wood guitar and what woods it was made of?

I have a chance to buy one and I can't find information on this model anywhere!


Yairi 357

You did not metion if this was a classical or a steel string, or the price. Most Yairi guitars are solid top with laminated back and sides. Over the years Yairi has perfected a process that makes his laminated guitars sound as good or better then most solid wood guitars. The model number is a non US model number. So a description or photos of the guitar would help a lot.
But rule of thumb with a Yairi classical or dreadnaught is if the neck is straight and the body is not beat to hell or cracked then its worth $350. and most are worth more. Some are worth much more. A 357 might be like a DY57 (US model #) Which is a very nice dreadnaught.
I currently own 4 Yairi's and they are all very good guitars.

If you can give me more information or photos then I can be of more help.

Bruce in Oregon

My Yairi

Any idea how much a 1984 yairi DY-73 is worth?

K. Yairi 357

I'm desperately trying to find info on this particular guitar as I have a chance to purchase one tomorrow.

What is this guitar worth on the used market?

What tonewoods were used for this particular model? All solid woods? Laminate B/S's?

Any info would be very helpful


Ka Yairi Model No. AR 540

Anne 1983

Can anyone help with what this guitar is worth today?

very appreciated!



#102 HERE C-115


K. Yairi acoustic 1980 AR 355 guitar

Bought it new in 1980 and seldom used it , never learned how to play it . No scratches , dings , appears to have an ebony fingerboard and ebony bridge , think its the original strings . Its in the original mint hard case . Is this a preferred or desired model ?

Want buy a K. Yairi Guitar

Dear Yairi-Fans,
I want buy a Guitar from my colleague but I do not know if is the price ok (300€).
Perhaps someone know to say something about this nice instrument.

K. Yairi
ANNE 1984
Model No. DE3GS

Greatings from Germany/Cologne

Want to buy a Yairi

From the information you sent I can tell its a 1984 model. I would also guess that it a drednaught, and maybe and acoustic electric. (To me D=Drednaught and E=Electric)

If you could send me a photos or 2 I could be more specific. The guitars are labeled differently in the states.
If its in good condition with no damage and the action is good and if (YOU LIKE) the guitar. The way it plays, the way it sounds etc, then buy it. I own 3 Yairi's and I would not sell any of them for that price.

Take Care

Bruce in Oregon


Dear Bruce,
I have got trouble with the email that I noted. Please can you sent me again.

Want to buy a Yairi

Dear Bruce,
thanks a lot for the answer. I thougt DE = Deutschland = Germany!?. Please send me your email adress, then I can send you pictures. My adress ist 2011(at)

Alvarez Kazuo Yairi FY40 7/6/76

I bought an FY 40 on ebay and I was wondering if you could tell me a little something about the history of this guitar. I was also wondering what it might be worth. It has a repaired hole and it fairly beat up but sounds sweet. There are also some finish cracks on the back that have me a little concerned. How would I treat them. Thanks.


If you google Alvarez by K.Yairi Comes Alive! you will find a large collection of Yairi brochures. If you look at the 1970's brochures you will find your guitar. Prior to 1976 it was the model 5080.
Spruce top rosewood back and sides.
Your guitar sounds a little rough. I would guess that the value would be in the $200. -350. range
The "Folk" style guitars are not prevalent as the dreadnaughts, because they were never as popular.
There is also a very active Yairi site on Yahoo. (Google yairi yahoo and you should find it) There is a photo section for you to look at guitars like your. You can also do a search on the side for infomation on your FY40

I hope this helps.

Bruce in Oregon

Thanks Bruce!

Thanks Bruce!

Kazuo Yairi

I have a really nice classical Y305P, dated 1987. Had it shipped from Japan. Can anyone give me any info (construction, value, etc.)?

Seek info on Alvarez Kazuo Yari Guitar

Would anyone have any information or source of info on Alvarez Kazuo Yari guitar Serial No 57514 and Model No. DY 56GB? Thanks for any help or direction to find info.

Unknown K.Yairi guitar

First I must apologize for my poor english. I am a bit out of practice, but I hope I shall be understood.... .

This spring my lifelong dream of owning a K. Yairi guitar came true and I found a dreadnought K.Yairi in the style of a Martin D 35/45, most similar to a YW 1000. Unfortunately all the labels inside the guitar have vanished over the years. Serialnumber, modelnumber and year of production can not be read. The lable is - i guess rather unusal - brown with the logo and the K.Yairi writing in silver. On the neck the numbers 48373. This guitar was bought in the famous Steinway - House in Hamburg/Germany in, I guess, the late 70ies or early 80ies. If then used or new, no idea. The hardware is golden.
The head does not show the typical vertical letters (like Martin). The name K. Yairi is written horizontal.

I would be very thankful if anyone could help me! I tried it by mailing my question to the K.Yairi website twice, but noone answered! Which is not a service I think.

Thanks in advance.

Dateing your Yairi

There are a number of things you can do. Older Yairi guitars are dated in the year of the emporor.
If you google yairi guitar dating it should come up. ALSO there is another yairi guitar site on yahoo that is a lot more active then this one. It is mainly information on K. Yairi guitars sold through Alvarez, but there is also other information as well.
There is information on Yairi on the web if you take the time to google it and so on. Oe thing you may or may not know is that K. Yairi sells his guitars in the United States through Alvarez as Alvarez-Yairi and they have the A/Y logo on them. Any where else in the world including Canada they are Yairi. Some of these I have seen Just have a Y on the headstock The non US guitars have a different but sometimes simular model numbering system esp. o the newer models.
There are usually some of the non Alvareal guitars on Ebay for sale so you can look at them and compare photos.
There are also a lot of photos on the Yahoo-Yairi website to look at for comparison.

I hope this had helped.

Bruce in Oregon usa

k yairi dy50 1980

Hi i own a k yairi dy50 made in 1980 in japan. Would u know or where to go to get a price on what its worth and is it worth paying for a refert. As i was offred this for 400.00 a few years back. As i not sure what to do and would i pay alot more to get the same sound as this great gutar.

Thank you. But dating my

Thank you.
But dating my guitar is not the problem. The problem is just that my guitar should be a YW 1000, but the numbers on the label under "model" could mean everything, but definitely n o t YW 1000! With a good deal of fantasy you could see a 3 and a 6. So I guess it is not a YW 1000. I've seen lots of pictures and read lots of infos in the net, but until today I found nothing about a f.e. special edition.
I have written an email to the official european K.Yairi webside twice but they did not answer, which is quite a poor service in my opinion.
I wanted to own a K.Yairi since I first heard of them in the mid seventies. But for a long time they were very hard to find in Germany. And finding an historic model as a YW is still very seldom. And - funny enough - they are not very expensive because in Germany erverybody who thinks he is an expert would never pay a high price for a not all - solid guitar!
This is my last attempt to find out something about a guitar. If it remains a secret I will tell everybody that it is a YW 1000!


I also own a DY56GB. They are an interesting guitar. As far as I know they were only offered one or two years. The only information I could find was the 1985 Yairi catalog. If you google Yairi catalog or Yairi brochure you should get the website with the brochures, Check the 1985 brochure. There are 3 or 4 pages with stuff on the guitars.

My DY56GB has 4 knobs on top and 2 output jacks on the bottom. According to the brochure this is the DY156GB model,
But my label in the guitar has DY56GB printed on it. As you will see when you read the brochure this guitar has a "split" pickup.
one pair of the volumn/tone knobs is for the first 3 strings (base) and the other is for the last 3 strings. You split the pickup into 2 amps. OR you throw the switch and it plays like a regular E/A.
Its an interesting guitar. Yairi used this set-up on a number of guitars, but this was the first. I hope this helps.

Bruce in Oregon

Info on Yari DY56GB

Thank you so much for this info. I will definitely try to find site with brochures. I did not know that this is how the switches are splitting the strings and that it would need to run off two amps but this must be the stereo effect the person I bought guitar from said that it was capable of? They had not really played it much after they bought it so they weren't much help. I am sure this is obvious to others but what exactly do you mean "throw the switch" does that mean set the toggle switch specifically fwd or backward to achieve something specific??? Also is E/A Electric/Accoustic???? Thanks for your help really love the guitar so far for so many different reasons!


The little toggle switch will switch you from split pick-up (stereo effect) to just a regular Acoustic/Electric pickup
The site with the Yairi catalogs is Alvarez by K. Yairi Comes Alive! It is my understanding that you only need to use 2 amps if you want the split effect.
They also made other models of the DY56 that did not have the split pickup and they only had 1 set of volumn/treble knobs and one output jack. I think that Yairi called the split pickup arrangment Bi Phonic. I have not had mine very long.
When I called the guy I bought mine from he told me that the back was like an Ovation, but when I looked at it I could see that it was not a plastic back like an Ovation. Looks like wood to me. I just got around to putting a battery in mine yesterday but have not had time to plug it into and amp yet. Again google Yairi Yahoo for the Yahoo site for Yairi guitars. You will find photos of my guitars at that site, and more information.


Alvarez Yairi

I have an Avarez Yairi. The bottom half of the label in the sound hole has been cut off so the serial number and model number are not documented. It has the script Alvarez logo. It has Abalone hexagon inlay on the finger board, and white/black/white/black/white binding. The body has abalone binding front and back, and the sound hole as well. Between the two piece back is a flower design inlay. It has the adjustable bridge, grover USA tuners, stamped in the neck set block is 11469. I believe with certainty it is a model 5060, and not a 5070. Can you tell me what year build it is. Thanks


The fact that your guitar says Alvarez in script on the headstock and not A/Y tells me that it is pre-1974.
1973 seems to be the change over years for the logo. I have a late (november) 1973 5065 (which became the DY74) It has the A/Y logo on the head stock. I have seen other guitars dated 1973 that had they Alvarez logo.

The model number to letter/number change in model indentification started in 1975 (IE 5065 be comes the DY74)

There is a yairi group on YAHOO that is very useful. ALSO Yairi guitars have a number stamped into the base of the neck. (inside the guitar) This will date your guitar if you know how to read it.

INFORMATION on Yairi Guitars: Google Yairi-Yahoo, Yairi brochure, and Yairi serial number and or build dates. You will find the information you need, Your guitar sounds like a 5060 which I beleive became the DY85 which is a very nice guitar.

I believe them to be the best acoustics to come out of Japan.

I have 4 Yairis and each one is has its own voice and its own charm.

Bruce in Oregon

Date Code

Earlier Yairi's are hard to date because they used a code based upon the year of the Emperior. "If you google Yairi Date Code"
It should come up. I think looking at the date code your guitar was made 11/71


Alvarez Artist Model 5041 Serial #000248

"Commerorating the 60th anniversary if SLM" Probably will just hang on to, and hand it down to my son.........out of musice business for a long time now........but she's a fine guitar, will stay in tune forever, sounds sweet.............just
kinda new to internet, and wondered if anyone could tell me what she might be worth?

K. Yairi CY-118 1993 Model

I have been offered a great condition K. Yairi CY118 made in 1993. It is loud with beautiful tone, I am considering buying. The asking price is $500, would anybody consider that a good deal?


The yairi CY-118 is a very fine guitar. If its in excellent condition with with a quality hard case then this is a very fair offer.
Check e-bay. You will see them from around 350, to over a $1,000. If the neck is good and it shows no damage then go for it.
If you are not sure what to look for then take it to someone who does to have it checked out.

Bruce from Oregon

I got a k-yairi

I bought a second hand one through the internet auction. The model is Alvarez GF-1. I am going to debut as a musian with it.
One day, I found a good music live restaurant in my hometown. They offer amature musians their stage to play free. I saw some perfomances there and made sure that I have no problem with the level of my play ability so that I decided that. I am not familiar with guitar things but I know K-yairis are Japanese handmade and sound very well. The guitar I got is small size because I will bring it to my hometown from my present place by train. The first song I will play will be "Take Me Home, Country Roads". How exact with my situation!

oh i made a mistake

it was not gf1 but gi-f.

info on alvarez dy 73 serial# 49372

this is a real nice guitar with albalone binding anyone know what it's worth ?


I have # 50806 that I paid 354.00 ( still have the receipt ) brand new in 1/85 . I've been offered 900.00 but , I can't find another guitar that sounds this sweet for 900.00. Keep it and play.

Kiari Guitar

I have a Kiari Classical Guitar (K. Yairi) model number GY110 in very good condition. I bought this new in the late 60's. Does anyone know the value of this? I may be interested in selling for the right price.

1976 K.Yairi YW 400

Anyone could give an aproximated price for this guitar?

K Yairi Y 70

I hahe a K Yairi with a round black label and Y 70 on it, also has a numberinside at the start of the neck which is 331773. Can you please help me find out it's year, value or anything else about this guitar?

yairi&son 1968 model 250 serial 63

Can anyone help with info and price of this guitar?

K. Yairi 5017

I have an Alverez hand signed by Kazuo Yairi. It has a signing year of 1970. Got this by trading a Fender Bandmaster amp about 35 years ago. I seldom play it and aside from a few blemishes it's in very good shape as far as I can tell. As stated, the model is a 5017 and has a serial number of 332. I may be interested in selling this ride but not really sure of it's value. Wondering if anyone can help.

1975 DY-85 Alvarez Yairi acoustic

I own the above subject guitar, which has been stored under the bed for the last 30 years. It has some wonderful patina, some pick scratches, original Grover tuner pegs, and an old Barcus Berry bridge pick-up.
Can anyone tell me
More on the history of this guitar and what it may be worth..?
Thanks and best regards,

Alvarez Yairi DY-85

The DY-85 is an was a almost straight copy of the Martin D-41. you can get at least $5oo but the are going for around $1200-$1500. I personally wouldn't sell it if i where you.

Dy-39- - - BEAUTIFUL.

Just bought a dy-39 off craigslist for 300 bucks. It's in mint condition and is going to be 25 ears old next year. I love it and have been looking for a yairi for ahwile. And at that price, nothing could be better. I'm hoping to start accumulating a collection of yairi guitars....But yes, it's beautiful and plays well. Also has a nice fishman pickup in it. (Yes-300 BUCKS!!!!)

1985 dy63

I have a 1985 dy63 and love it. it has the lowest action of all my guitars and doesnt buzz out at all. it has a warm sound with a bi-phonic pick up. however, it doesn't match the pics of others i've seen! the head doesn't have the alverez logo on it anywhere? and the tuning pegs have yairi on them not alverez. just the k yairi on the top and the head? is this a different guitar from normal dy63's ? i've looked everywhere and all the others i've seen have the alverez logo on the head!

K Yairi

It's a beaut! Please keep me in mind if ever you are letting it go. Yours sincerely, Rory.

1985 dy 63

Hey Rory what kind of offer would you be willing to put forward? I'm not overly keen to sell but I'm interested if the offer is good. Cheers

DY 63

I have a DY 63 that sounds exactly like yours. It has Yairi machine heads and the K yairi logo on the headstock. It also has a K Yairi signature etched into the top towards where the jack inputs (there's two of them) are. I've also been confused by mine as it has the year of production stamped on the inside sticker, as being 1990. All the other ones I've heard of are from 1985...


If you ever decide to sell your DY-63 I would be interested.

1974 Yairi CY130 back and sides.

I have a Yairi CY130 I am selling and it has stirred up quite a controversy about the material used in the back and sides. I thought it looked like Brazilian rosewood, outside and in, with the same or very similar grain pattern on either side, and I saw that was what was being used in the newer ones, so I just assumed that was what it was. I got an email stating that it is "coral rosewood" and is laminated. I just want to answer the question correctly, so does anybody know what the sides and back of a 1974 CY130 are made of? The date code is 49374. I know very little about classical guitars, I mostly play electric, so thanks in advance for your help.

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