Yairi 5060 with adjustable bridge

Posted by Bruce on Wed, 06/21/06 - 21:21:08.

I recently acquired a Alvarez-Yairi 5060. It has an adjustable bridge, which I suspected was a modification, but that the original owner says is as it was when he bought it new. It's dated 1/1/1972 and has serial# 304.

Can anyone confirm that the 5060 was offered with an adjustable bridge option, and, if so,
provide any additional info? It sounds great, so I probably won't change it, but it'd be nice to know for sure.

Here are a couple photos of it:


Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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Re: Yairi 5060 with adjustable bridge

my YM1100 is from the same era or earlier, and has an adjustable bridge as well.. not sure about your model specifically

Re: Yairi 5060 with adjustable bridge

My 5060 did not come ith it and the other 5 like that i have seen did not. That doesn't mean that it was not a special order. Mine also came with a pickup that was a special order. The lady that bought it ordered it and they did it so if someone wanted one, I'm sure they could have gotten it.

The adjustable bridge of that era was 2 screws that when twisted IN made the bridge settle lower. If you post a picture somewhere, I can tell you if it was one like the others I have. I have owned about 50 Yairis and hand mades so I might know yours if I see it.

Re: Yairi 5060 with adjustable bridge

My dad just passed away. I received his guitar. It's a Alvarez by Kazuo Yairi ser.3611 model. 5060 (48473) He played it till the day he died. I was going to teach myself until I took it to Mr. E's music store. They said the strings are a little high off the frets down towards the bottom. That the white piece in the bridge had been filed down to lower the strings to the max. It would cost 250 dollars to have bridge cut down to lower strings onto fret. Should I have this done or should I buy a new guitar. He said a 250 dollar guitar would sound as good. Dad never stored this guitar (always in use) it bows just a little at the bottome. Mr. E's said it would be hard for a beginner. Any opinions surley would be appreciated. Thanks. Steve Day

Re: Yairi 5060 with adjustable bridge

I have a 5060 serial number 65 and it has an adjustable bridge from the factory//

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