Re: Yairi B & M Concert AD 1975

Posted by Francesca Hogan on Fri, 02/02/07 - 20:43:15.

: Could be either of those, but, I would think if there is still writing that you can read on the label, then all the writing that was put on it, would be in the same condition~ so maybe they just didn't bother (or missed it) to put I: IF Kazuo Yairi handmade the guitar, it should be a good one. Is your label 99% Japanese Kanjii? Or is it a combo of Kanjii and English?

: If you could post (not even sure if that is possible here) a photo of the label, I might have a better chance at giving you more info on it.

: Without anything else to go by, about all I can tell you is that the B & M, was Barnes and Mullins, exporters from London. And, just as K. Yairi now makes guitars for Alvarez (thus Alvarez-Yairi) earlier, he made them for B & M. The date of 1975 is cutting it rather close, because as far as I've been able to tell, it had to be 73 or 74 that Alvarez and Yairi joined ranks...course, I guess there's no reason he couldn't have had more than one deal going at the time. OR, your guitar was made by someone else for B & M? If I saw the label, I could tell you whether it was K. Yairi or not, by the artist authentication stamp (red stamp on label).

: Goodluck~
: yairiluvr

: That's about all I can think of at the moment~
: : I've had this classical guitar since I was 11 years old and it was brand new. The label inside Says B & M Concert, Hand Made By Yairi, Serial No. ,
: : AD 1975. Unfortunately either the serial No. was never there or has faded with time, I'm not sure, I never paid much attention to the label. Does anyone know what model it might be and if it is a good quality guitar? Many thanks, Steve

Ihave a Yairi B&M Concert guitar 1974.
Label has : B&M
( Lots of Japanese script)
Hand Made
Serial No:(missing)AD 1974
It is in good condition with solid case. Can anyone give me an approximate value please?
Thanks, Francesca.

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ive just seen a yari b&m

ive just seen a yari b&m artiste on this acoustic for sale on e-ba seller knows nothing but says maybe cedar top rosewood body and its classical

Re: Yairi B & M Concert AD 1975

I have a B&M Concert, classical guitar, handmade by Yairi, 1974 with Serial Number blank or faded to such an extent it can't be read. It is cedar front, rosewood back, ebony fingerboard, mahogany neck. I bought it new in 1977 and it plays beautifully. I too would like to know more about this guitar, the maker and its vlaue.


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