Re: Alvarez mod. 5060 by Kazuo Yairi

Posted by Mark Francel on Tue, 04/17/07 - 10:29:34.

I've had my Yairi 5060 since 1975 although I did not buy it new. On the heel block is a stamp in the wood 'Alvarez K. Yairi' but no numbers. There is a business card sized label glued to the inside back that you can see through the sound hole that has a line for the model number: 5060 and serial#: 3225 and the numbers 13-6-73 typed off to the side on the card, which I assumed was the date made. From what is said below the serial number for a 1973 should start with a 48. Anyone with knowledge of these things that could let me know would be appreciated! THANKS! Mark

: By reading the number stamped on the heel block,
: You can understand which year it was made.
: The first two numbers correspond to the year of the Emperor of Japan at that time.
: The second two numbers refer to the month of production.

: If the first two numbers are 47, your 5060 was made at 1972.
: And if 48, it was made at 1973.

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Alvarez Yairi Model 5060 Information

I have an Alvarez Yairi model 5060.
I bought it new from St Louis Music and I still have the original brochure and inspection card.
All of the information have verifies, in my opinion, what has been said in this thread.

The number stamped on the heel block of my guitar is 48473.
The serial number is 3648.
The inspection card said it was inspected on 13-8-73.

When I decided to find an acoustic with a built in pickup/electronics I realized what a wonderful guitar tone it had.
I finally found a Martin dc-16gte that competes with it.

PS: it is not for sale. I just wanted to validate this threads information.

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