Re: Alvarez Yairi DY50 limited edition Kazuo

Posted by yairi_luvr on Fri, 09/25/09 - 09:19:03.

The DY50 Commemorative made in 1979, had a solid Cedar top, with Burled Mahogany back and sides (laminates). It was a LE model with 900 being made. I also have the 1979 gold tone belt buckle.

By popular demand Kazuo reissued this model as the DY51, same guitar just not the commemorative one.


Questions? on your AY or Yairi model?

Various AY and Yairi guitar photo's

: The DY-50 was a fantastic guitar. It was a gorgeous instrument with amazing playability and a piano-like tone that was extremely rich. It was released in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the company and came with a commemorative gold-toned belt buckle (which I still have somewhere still sealed in plastic - and would be willing to sell to the right buyer).

: The lightly stained top was of the most uniform, narrow grained spruce I have ever seen and the amazingly beautiful knurled mahogany back sides, with their deep walnut coloration, made the instrument stand out in a crowd. Obviously, the wood pattern varied between guitars, with some falling in the "attractive" range and others being tuly stunning. They were a limited production. I can't remember how many but it was a low run. My original DY-50 (see below) had a serial number in the low thirties (38, if I recall correctly).

: I later bought a Martin D-28 but compared with the DY50, the D-28 sounds like it came from Sears. The difference really was that great. Now that the Martin has aged ten years it still can't come even close.

: Hit an open A on the DY-50 and there was so much richness and sustain that you could have sampled it to create a Steinway patch. It was a fantastic lead and blues instrument, its frets were just the right size for serious grinding, it was great with downtunings, and it sounded particularly good with steel finger picks. Once, when searching for an earthy tone for a bluegrass number, I swapped the low E string for a high E and set it to a modified banjo tuning. It sounded really, really good.

: I owned this masterpiece of an instrument from 1979 until 1992, during which time I spent five years carting it around Europe and Africa. When shipping it back to the states, it ended up in a crate in a non-climate controlled environment, resulting in a cracked bridge due to freezing. This annihilated its superior tone. I should have taken it to Charlie's Guitars in Dallas and replaced the bridge but I didn't do this, due to a combination of being broke and being an idiot. I later wrecked some tendons in a recording session had to sell it along with all my other gear but. I still miss it after 17 years.

: The Alvarez-Yairi brand is virtually unheard of by most guitarists these days and, if anything, has been undermined by the forgettable quality of their budget-oriented Alvarez brand. I encourage everyone to visit and take a look. Unfortunately, the site doesn't do a good job of showing these guitars in all their glory and I can't directly vouch for their current quality, although little seems to have changed in their attention to craftsmanship. The DY-50 is and always shall be close to my heart. What a fantastic instrument!

: The 5K character limit of this posting is too short. For the full text, shoot me an email at trey.yancy(at)

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alvarez yairi 1970 acoustic guiter in mint condition W/ case

i have a 1970 alvarez guiter for sale ?
seria l # 1194
medel # 5004
signed K.Yairi
interested in selling ?


i have the #057 i bought it in 1978 new in pensacola fl. it has some nicks and dings but thats what makes it has been all over the usa and eastern has the original case that came with it (or i brought for it) everything on it is original. i have put a bridge pick up in because i need the ease of ampalcation.not that i would sell it but i would like to know what it is worth.and yes i also have the belt buckle.any way if someone has an ideal of its worth please post it. thanks

Re: Alvarez Yairi DY50 limited edition Kazuo

I purchased S/N: 619/900 of the DY-50 in December 1979 for less than $600. This month marks 30 years of owning this fine guitar. It is indeed Cedar top with Burled Mahogany back and sides.I must say that mine has the best looking back of the other 3 DY-50s I've seen over the years.

Quite honestly, I really don't think this guitar matured until the past 5 years. Many thanks to D'Addario for their EXP strings. These strings saved this guitar from a corner in my closet.

What can I say...30 years of great sound, still with the factory setup. Compliments from every player that has played this guitar. Palm mutes so sweet...

My only complaints about this guitar are, wish it had a pickup and I wish the bass was a little better.

It's hard to beleive that the DY-50s don't seem to have a lot of value left on the market. There is absolutely no way I'd sell this guitar for less than $2K. Unfortunately no one would probably pay more than $500-$600 for it. Other than that, God willing I'll still be playing this guitar for many years to come.

Re: My earlier comment praising my DY-50

I happened to stumble upon a DY-50 on eBay and grabbed it. I sold my original in 1992 after an over-athletic studio session (too many takes of a shred) that wrecked my tendons (now, if I could ever come across my '63/'54 hybrid that I'd had for 15 years, I'd buy it back - but that was before 30% of the population got into vintage).

I used my DY-50 for acoustic blues and it had both a great tone and the ability to handle serious digging in. I also used it for a fair amount of downtuned Kottke-style stuff. I currently have a 16-year-old D-28, which I bought when it was around a year old. I have found that unless I used heavier strings than I like, the life goes out of the guitar when I am fretting around halfway up the neck and have fallen back to playing it only in a modified Stills EB tuning so that the resonance will support the sound when up the neck. String life is also down to around a week before it loses personality. (On the other hand, it smells to great that I take a whiff nearly every time I pull it out of the case, but that's not saying much.) The Martin also has the typical thin frets, which make it a lot less blues-friendly.

The replacement DY-50 that I just picked up has all the life that I remember from before. It has a couple of dings and strum marks on the finish (from some buffoon who obviously had no idea what a nice guitar he was playing) but otherwise is in great condition and plays great.



Yairi DY 50

Stiil waiting to hear back from you. Even if you already sold it please just let me know! Still very interested!


DY 50 for sale

Call me text me email me!!!! Lisa (360)591-4848 Have cash for the right one!

Looking for a comparable replacement for my Alvarez DY 50

My DY 50 was stolen in the 80's. It was perfect for me so I'm looking for a guitar with similar qualities. The sound was outstanding! I am a female with small hands, the neck and action were surprisingly easy. Is there another Yairi with these attributes. I don't want to spend more than $500. I would also consider a Baby Taylor, Guild, or a Takamine and am open to any suggestions. I seldom check my e-mail so a text message would work better. 360-591-4848 Thanks!

DY 50 replacement

I know your post was a while back, but......I have never played a DY 50, so I don't know how suitable of a replacement this would be, but based on your price range and requirements, I recommend an Alvarez MDA66shb. I love the one that I have, it is very playable, sounds great, and is a looker! I had one and my neighbor came over, tried it and , after 3-4 minutes of playing it pulled cash out of his pocked and offered me $100 more than I paid for it. I accepted, bought another one and we are both tremendously happy! It also comes with a very nice wood case, classy looking.

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