Re: Alvarez Yairi DY50 limited edition Kazuo

Posted by Steve Lawrence on Sat, 12/26/09 - 18:06:11.

: : : I have a Limited Edition Yari Kazuo DY50. serial #32016. Any imformation on this fine guitar would great!

: : Hello I was curious as to if you ever recieved any info on this guitar! I have a 1979 Kazuo yairi DY-50 Limited edition #031 of 900. Would love to have any info on this instruement!!

: Unfortunatly I never recieved any information on this guitar but if you do please forward it thanks Rod.

::The DY 50 was one of Yairi's limited editions. Not too sure about the construction of the DY 50 but the
DY50N was a laminate Brazillian Rosewood. As you may surmise, the Brazillian Rosewood stocks are reserved for the primo stuff Kazuo produces. Matter of fact, the "N" suffix always denotes Brazillian. I have owned two, recently selling the cosmetically best one to the lead singer/guitarist of "Nellie", formerly known as "Worship Project", a band of some repute here in Salina, KS. FYI, I own or have owned 9 Yairis, and rate the 50n's I have owned as the top of the "creme de la creme". Only one I have that compares is a non-Alvarez Yairi, model # AR321S, which is also a straight shoulder but has a sound that smokes all of the Gibsons for the bright/country sound. The 50N that i kept has a repaired broken headstock that nonetheless smokes most d28s for tone, sound and volume, and i have played quite a few of those.
Hope this helps, and by the way, I have only seen one Yairi that was a "lemon", a DT38 that was "rode hard, and put up wet"! In short, you will probably never go wrong with a Yairi. Check "em out at Harmony Central reviews, and you will see what I mean. Over and over again, you will see, "Bought a Yairi, sold my Martin"
Hope this helps,
Steve Lawrence

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Yairi DY50

I have # 616 / 900. no buckle, bought new case, will sell for reasonable offer.

DY50 Kazou limited addition 468/900

I have a Alvarez DY50 that I may want to sell....I haven't seen much activity on the guitar on e-bay or any other sites.
let me know if you are interested


looking for a very limited edition Yuri 1979 dy50

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