Schecter Jimi Hendrix model

Posted by Don C. on Mon, 06/05/06 - 20:56:47.

Does anyone have any info about the Schecter Jimi Hendrix tribute Guitar circa 1985?

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Re: Schecter Jimi Hendrix model

: Does anyone have any info about the Schecter Jimi Hendrix tribute Guitar circa 1985?

It was a great guitar, supposedly American made w/ reverse headstock and pickups were reversed.. it was really good guitar that was made for a couple years..

I Love to hear that

My name is Jed Dowis I was one of the builders along with Kerry Cash mid 1985 with Jimi"s Mom's Approval we made about maybe 100 Signature series strat guitars in any combination of black and white. With reverse headstock (lefty) and schaller single coil pickups but respective @12k ohms, and Jimi's signature lazer cut into the pickguard. oh yea and the lead pickup was angled like if a strat strung up side down those were good times ! Damn good times and fuck Clark Swartz and his Trem-lock bullshit junk !!!! I loved that job building guitars for MTV and every major guitar store in every state,and meeting all the Rock stars Knophler,Townsend, Ingwie ,Blackmore ,So for those that love your guitars, It IS MY PLEASURE TO HAVE MADE SOMETHING YALL ENJOY , if you ever take the neck off often I would write some smart ass remark I'd heard that may or may not be funny like one I remember Ingwie said rock out with your ---- out ,lol iT WAS FUNNY AT THE TIME Jed

Schecter Jimi Hendrix Signature Model

There is a guy playing one on You Tube

Re: Schecter Jimi Hendrix model

I own one of these guitars. It is a great axe. Mine is black with a white pick guard. This was one of the first real guitars that I ever owned. I was told that this guitar was based on an actual Fender that Jimi owned. The one I have has a simulated cigarette burn on the back of the neck in the G position. I haven't played this axe since '96. I had an accident at work that cost me my index finger on my left hand. Since then I started playing a '77 Fender Strat restrung lefty. The Schecter is in it's case under my bed. I'll always treasure that guitar.

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