Weltron Guitar

Posted by Rick on Wed, 07/06/05 - 13:42:59.

I have an acoustic guitar made by the Weltron company of Durham NC. Anyone have any info on the company?

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Want to purchase a Weltron Electric Guitar in good condition

If you have a Weltron Electric Guitar in good working condition please let me know if you are interested in selling. Send me an email with pictures to robwinston@winstonele.com.


weltron guitar

I have a hollow body, red sunburst my Dad left me when he passed, says 514E Peabody steet durham n.c. 919 682 8093 and has stamped # 4471 inside. has some kind of vine plant painted on the guard,Pearl inlays on fret board like triangles facing away from each other. sounds good with old strings, will try new coated type strings and should sound surprising. I would like to know anything more someone could provide.

Weltron acoustic guitar

Weltron Co
513 Wilson St
Danville, Virginia

I have one of these guitars - sounds pretty good.

printed number inside 40.2


I came upon my guitar in around 1958. I dont know how old it was at that time. I played it very little but kept it safe until the present time. It says " Weltron Company, 513 Wilson St. Danville, Va. " Inside. Its got a few scratches on it but otherwise looks very good and sounds great when played well. Any background or ifo about it would be appreciated. Thank you. ATV

Welton guitar

I ran across your question on the Internet. I also have a Welton guitar from Danville, Va. I don't play but I've had this single I was a kid- I probably got it in the mid-60s. Did you find out any information on it?

weltron guitar

I just bought an acoustic guitar made by Weltron,it apears to be very old still sounds good and plays good.Label says it was made in Danville,V.A. Send me an e-mail at ashleyh.1978@yahoo.com and i can send you pictures.......

I have a Weltron acoustic Guitar .

I have a Weltron acoustic Guitar that I picked up in a Pon Shop in Kentucky about 1970..........I play it all the time, love it! It is red and has a Hummbird pick Gard. It was made in Durham, N.C. id.# inside is 14417. Just like to know more History on it. godavis49@hotmail.com

wetron guitar

i have a weltron acoustic guitar that i bought used years ago and it was old then always wondered what it was worth. It was made in danville va. i am willing to sell it. it is very old and has lots of wear

Re: Weltron Guitar

My grandfather started WElTRON. If you still have the guitar, I would love to see photos and discuss and purchase.

12 string weltron acoustic guitar

I have an old weltron acoustic guitar in very good shape if you are interested in buying please call,me was getting ready to sell to pawn shop,need the money if you're interested please call me soon at 434-316-3637

weltron guitar

If you are still interested in buying a weltron guitar let me know. I have one for sell. It is in very good condition.

Weltron Guitar

If you still have the Weltron guitar let me know.

Weltron Electric

I had a Weltron Electric that I bought at Colgate Music in Chase City, Va. in the mid-60's. I kept the guitar and played it until around 1970. The guitar played well and sounded great especially when I hooked it up to a new Fender Super Reverb I bought in 1967 at Walter D. Moses music company in Richmond.
I sold the quiter to a pawn shop and alas I have never been able to find another. This one looked very similar to a Fender Stratocaster, brilliant red with a pearl white pickguard. Rocker switches were used to control the pickups (there were two - a neck and bridge) and it had a vibrata bar. Chrome knobs and hardware.
If anyone knows where one can be found, I'd really appreciate it if you would let me know. It was a really wonderful instrument!

Weltron acoustic

Hello i own a weltron acoustic. I would like to send you pictures of it. It is a really nice guitar, very unique to say the least. If you want me to send you pics send me your email.

Re: Weltron Guitar

: My grandfather started WElTRON. If you still have the guitar, I would love to see photos and discuss and purchase.

hello i have a weltron acoustic/electric hollow body. my guitar playing friends say it is a jewel. i am not a player but would like to see what it is worth. can you give me any information about or rough price listing on value. i will try to send a picture but i am low tech.

thanks martin

Re: Weltron Guitar

I once had a Weltron Guitar. It was purchased for my sister in the mid sixties and became mine as a hand-me-down. Unfortunatly it was stolen / lost in a move in 1981. The lable inside the guitar indicated it was made in Danville VA... if my memory serve me right.

Re: Weltron Guitar

: I have an acoustic guitar made by the Weltron company of Durham NC. Anyone have any info on the company? you need to contact Pratt Winston @ 919-693-1561./ He is the founder of the company.

Contact Pratt Winston@ 919-693-1561. He is the founder of the company

Re: Weltron Guitar

 Weltron Guitar

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Re: Weltron Guitar

I have Weltron tube amp (small). It has a very good sound..for strat and tele. The company has a web site.

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