Re: Kay acoustic Guitar K-500 starter

Posted by Karin on Tue, 09/16/08 - 11:20:27.

I also have an old acoustic guitar with K-500 label through the soundhole. I would not say it is a starter guitar, it has a lovely tone and long sustain (as good as our vintage Framus). The deep lacquer and pearl insets also tell me it is a good quality instrument. High up inside appears to be the date 1981 I would really love to know more about it
: I have a Kay Acoustic K-500E that I bought new in 1990. It is considered the 100 year anniversary edition. It has a factory pick and I gave 400.00 for it then

: : I friend of mine as an old acoustic Kay guitar that has K-500 on the tag through the sound hole. Can anyone tell me
: : anthing about this guitar, year it was made, where it was made, it's construction, it's value, etc. Any information at all
: : will be more than we have now. Thanks, Ron Miller

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K500 Starter

Would like to know more about a recent purchase of This Great sounding K-500 Starter guitar made in Korea .
it has great tone the tuning pegs have this great ornamental harp like design , the body is a dark Mahogany. very curious of age and worth.
Thanks for any input

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