Kay, model K-2T

Posted by Sean on Sun, 01/04/09 - 16:04:25.

Does anyone have any information about this guitar. I cant seem to find any anywhere. Thanks so much.

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Re: Kay, model K-2T

i have one, but mine is much different than the others i see and hear mentioned online. mine is a double cutaway, 6 in line tuners, 2 pickups, one volume, one tone, zero fret, two sliding on / off switches, very nice sculpted headstock with very nice gold and black badge (K in an oval). the tuners are 6 in line on a metal strip that connects them all with nice white plastic keys. the wham is just like the one in this picture http://www.mercatinomusicale.com/allegati/1432760.jpg and this is the K-2T that i usually see mentioned online...the SG type. mine is roughly Stratlike, but not really. i only use the term Stratlike as a point of reference.

mine has rosewood fretboard and light coloured amber neck...not sure if it's maple. it is very well made and although the stock pickups are the usual single coils that you see on Teiscos and Kays (Teisco shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHH8drS4T6A&feature=player_embedded ) that sit on top of the pickguard without height adjustment, my body was actually routed for humbuckers, as i found out when i put DiMarzios in in 1978. i also put on Schaller tuners and a Gibson Harmonica bridge, but i recently put the guitar back together and i re-installed the original bridge. the original radius of the stock bridge works better with the neck. it plays like a dream, but it is a bit neck heavy. oh yea and the neck in the video looks just like mine...(what we can see of it)...except mine is in much better shape. : ) like the one in the vid, it has 22 frets but is one dot shy of what we would usually expect. the body is very thin and the finish is sunburst. very nice finish. truss rod is just like the one in the vid. mine was purchased in 1971 by a friend when we were going to start a band...and he was the only one who actually bought his instrument. it came from a dept. store and when i started to play guitar in 1974 i bought this one from him as he'd never learned to play it.

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