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Sonny Boy

Hi, anybody remember the Sonny Boy guitars? It came with Höfner humbuckers... I thinking in the sixties or seventies.

I have an acoustic guitar

I have an acoustic guitar with pikup, Klira model red canyon nº 212 serial nº72525
Someone can tell me the origin of it and the year of construction

What kind of guitar do I have?

I just bought an old guitar and need help to determine the manufacturer and the age. The only thing written on it is written on the tuning machines. It says d.r.g.m. And Warg. I know that d.r.g.m. was used in Germany up until 1952, but Warg? I will try to make pictures available.


I have a Hofner president 1959. Retro fitted pickup made in 1953. On the back of the pickup it says DBGM. This was like our patent system used by the Germans. So basically you could no copy that design.

What kind of guitar do I have?

Nashville 10 Acoustic Guitar

In reply to cinemaone.
You have the serial number 77, 13 on the side of the headstock. I have 77, 7.
You have the13th of the 77 made. There can't be many still in existence.
The guitar I have is very well made with book matched back, sides and top. It is in superb and original condition.
You should see the word Neber printed on the heel block on the inside of the body below the truss rod end nut.
Neber is a German surname synonymous with cabinet making. I will be researching this guitar further for a date
and if the name is a company or individual.
Hope this helps. And if anyone has 77, 1 !!!!!

Nashville 10 acoustic guitar

I own a pristine Nashville 10. All original no repairs headstock number 77, 7. 77 guitars made. 7th guitar made.
Stamp on inside of sound hole on the neck heel block just below the truss rod end nut reads Neber.. Neber is the surname of the individual or the company who built the guitar. It is a German surname synonymous with cabinet making.
I will try to research the name further.
The guitar is expertly made with book matched top, sides and back. There can't be many of these guitars still in existence so if you have 77, 1. let me know.
Hope this helps someone.


Hi all, I would love to know if anyone has any knowledge of a Guitar maker called Stol who was (at one time) based in Nuernberg BY West Germany? I cannot trace anyone on Google (that is or was based there) of that name.
There is a maker named Stol in CT USA, but I have contacted them and they are not the ones that I'm trying to trace (although strangely the word Stol is written in the same understated style at the top of the head).
I have a beautifully crafted (I believe 1975 built) jumbo acoustic guitar made from the best woods for the job; the back and sides being beautifully grained (hand selected and book-matched by the maker) Brazilian Rosewood! The neck and head are also carved from (one piece of) Rosewood (with the Martin D28 style strengthening diamond on the back and well dovetailed into the body)! The front is of Spruce, the fret board and saddle of Ebony. It is a beautiful instrument. Inside, on the backbone bracing is stamped; STOL. Nuernberg BY West Germany. It bears the Number 009 inside on the dovetail block. This is not an average Guitar, anyone would have been proud to have made it - but yet amazingly the maker seems to have simply disappeared.
All info gratefully received.

nashville 10 ' six string acoustic ( circa 1960s ) guitar

hi '

can any one help me to identify the guitar maker and the year of manufacture '

of my 1960s circa ' large body 6 string acoustic guitar '

the only makings are ' NASHVILLE 10 ' made in germany ' this is on the body '

and on the side of the head stock it has a stamped number '

77 ' 13 '

that's all the info i have '

any help will be most welcome '

kind regards



My friend has one that is in need of restoration. how does it sound? Best regards. Fred

I have recently acquired the

I have recently acquired the same guitar from a friend, and also want to know this information.

9 volt preamp battery use

should Guitar be unplugged when not in use to make the battery last longer

Shadow Guitar, Any Info Serial# 5599

Anyone on info from serial # 5599 Electric Solid Body 6 string "Shadow" (German) Has 2 EQ Shadow Pickups, Built in Preamp behind back cover 9 volt battery for preamp also on back I don't know the Model type or year produced It has 1 volume, 3 tone, 1 other pot, Curly Maple front, Brazilian Cedro back. Any way to identify model or figure it's value. Thank you

Hofner acoustic case handle

I'm trying to locate replacement handle parts for this Hofner case. It looks to be 3.75" inches between the clasps. I can send pics if anyone could possibly help me.


old German guitar

Hello, does anyone have any information about Acoustic guitar made in West Germany (GDR)
name Harmonie, years 60-70
Style "Manouche"
Any info would be much help, thank you.

Roger Guitar and Amp

I recently acquired a Roger guitar and amp. The amp says Model 57, and the guitar is blonde w/ two pickups. I've done a lot of research on the Roger instrument and there's not much out there, but there's absolutely nothing about the amp. Today I ran across a photo of a Dynacord amp and now I think my Roger amp was made by Dynacord. It would be great find out more info...

1958 special ordered semi-hollowbody

i have in my posession a semi-hollowbody german made guitar. I bought it from the original owner and her story is as follows; she is a german native and while still living in and around the Humberg area, in 1958 she had this hand built for her husband. She also mentioned that it took approx. 8 to 10 months to build. There are no other markings or names that I have found. I have not taken anything apart to uncover any names or markings. All I can tell is that the tuning pegs are Grover and there is the number "839" stamped in black ink just inside the f-hole. It has three pick-ups incased in clear plastic with a four position selection switch above f-hole. I have no idea what it is that ive got and if anyone could help me I would appreciate it. I can post pixs if anyone is courious.


I have a very old arch back acoustic with bolt on neck .It has a truss rod cover with a K and a crown above it and says made in Germany on the plate at the heel of the neck. no other markings . Anybody know what this is ?

German acoustic guitar with a K and a crown.


I also have that type of acoustic guitar with a zero fret and that K with a crown on it , made in Germany. It is good-looking but sounds poorly in my opinion. I can't figure out what make it is though I bought it myself in July 1969 in a shop in Calais in France ! Someone suggested that it came from a subsidiary of Framus but I don't believe it. Maybe one day the mystery will be cleared up.

Klira Guitar

I believe you have a Klira Guitar. I found a picture with the logo. You can see on the link:

German 12 string acoustic guitar with a K and a crown

I also have a made in Germany acoustic (12 string) with K and crown logo. seems well made and very straight. No Idea what brand it is. Any insight?

German acoustic

I would guess it's a Rex, with that description.

Help on this guitar please.

My father got this old guitar some years ago and it is a Milners guitar but Milners is the name of the music shop which got it imported. Someone mention is looks very German. Any Experts out there who can help me age / price this guitar. The link id for my album of photos of the guitar

many thanks in advance

Old Guitar

Wondering if any body heard of August Schulz Guitars,I have in nice shape,its not harp guitar

hoffa 12 string accoustical made in Germany

my grandfather has a 12 string accoustical guitar made in Germany, by the name of Hoffa... can you tell me anything about this and the possible worth, if any?

old guitar

i have a hobner standard looks like 50s or 60s do you know any thing about it// thanks

Rildin electric guitar

Has anyone heard of a Rildin electric guitar Made in Germany? We have come across one in the UK and would like to know more about it as we cannot find anything about it on the Web.



Leather Electric ;

I have a Klira solid body electric that belonged to my uncle. It is covered with red leatherette and has all chrome accessories with a whammy bar. Not a high end instrument in the cosmetic area but plays and sounds just fine. I know nothing further about this instrument except that is was purchased new in Canada about 1962 or '63. Not sure I would sell it as I do not think it is worth a fortune or anything but one never knows.Could be a good starter for his Granddaughter with the little I know about it. Like brand new this guitar and was played little. It's been in storage in a bedroom closet for about 40 years.Anything you can tell me about it would be greatly appreciated, Thanks:

i am interested in your Klira guitar

hello Jerry, i used to have one of these, was bought for me by my father in 1965 from a guitar shop in Oldbury, west midlands, as a Christmas present. Hardly used so i sold it in the early 70's and regretted it ever since.

Kind regards..............Ray Cook

klira solid body electric guitar in red.

Hello Jerry, i can see this advert is a few years old but just wondered if you still had the above guitar and could email me some pictures of it. My father bought me one of these in 1965, but i stupidly sold it when the whim to be a rock star wore off. Did it have 1,2 or 3 pick-ups. mine had a sticker on the top horn with the word Firebird on it but the correct name for that guitar was something else, (cannot remember what at the moment). If it is the same one as I had I may be interested in buying it if possible ?

Kind regards...............Ray Cook

Beauty Klira electric, long neck, sg look alike

Beauty Klira electric, long neck, sg look alike

This popular thread has been given its own page : Beauty Klira electric, long neck, sg look alike

Small brand guiitar

I went to see a band this past week and both the guitarists were playing the same brand guitar but i couldn't figure out what the name of the guitar was all I know is that it started with a "D" and it was a German name...cantact me if you can help me on the name.

Thank you, Ryan

the brand is probably

the brand is probably domennget or dommenget...high end german luthier

1948 ROGER

I have come into posession of what I believe to be a 1948 ROGER guitar. It's a little beat up and very used but still cool. Any info appreciated.
It is 42 inches in length, 16 1/2 inches at its widest. It is blonde.
The name ROGER is in the pickup. On the inside under the F hole is a label that says "ROBERT BARTH, Giegenbouser(?), Munchen 1948."
Any info?


If Your mail is still good, You are very well to write me. I might be able to help You and the label sounds very interesting.

Best regards Kield

1948 Roger

Just saw your reply from years ago about this guitar.
Any info would be appreciated.
This website is very confusing to me so if you would use my E-mail address of
I would love to have any info you can provide.

Weltton Guitar

I have Weltton acoustic guitar of which there is zero information on the net (apart from: it might be german, there are a lot of weltton banjo's considered to be vintage).
Does anybody have a clue?

Re: Weltton Guitar

: I have Weltton acoustic guitar of which there is zero information on the net (apart from: it might be german, there are a lot of weltton banjo's considered to be vintage).
: Does anybody have a clue?
: Thanks

I have a weltton banjo and i'm also looking for info!

weltton banjo

I too have a Weltton banjo. Five-string, with detachable resonator back and calf-skin head. Bought, slightly used, in 1966 or 67 from a university friend in Montreal, Canada. (He likely bought it new, in Montreal, in 1963 - 65.) It originally came with a cheap cardboard case, which I subsequently upgraded. It's been in storage for many years and the veneers used on the inlays on the exterior of the resonator are showing some crazing. It carries a small original decal on its headstock indicating "Original Weltton Germany" in three lines. Has a floral inlay pattern on the headstock. Looks very much hand-made. The plastic buttons on the geared tuners have taken a beating over the years, likewise the ungeared 5th string tuner. They are the reason it was originally "retired", but I'm looking at putting it back in service. Would love to know more about it, and/or where I could get matching parts for the tuners. Any idea of the value of current these things? - Thanks, Bruce in Canada

Weltton 5 String Banjo

Bruce- I have the same banjo. acquired from my Uncle in Toronto in the early 70's. I know nothing about it, unfortunately. I have replaced the bridge and tuning lugs. Mine has the same issues with the detachable back. I keep a humidifier in the case.

5 String

PS: there is a long- neck, with- out back on Ebay now that looks very close to mine. Bid is at 95 Euro.

Original Schaab Gitarre

I have recently bought an old German archtop with the words " Original Schaab Gitarre " on the headstock . looks to be late 40's or 50's I can't find any information on this brand . Does anyone out there have any info on this guitar ?? Any help would be appreciated .

Many Thanks Clive

lancer guitar

I have a lancer guitar it is about 40 years old and I don t have much information on it . If any one has any information it would be greatly apre


I just came across a lancer on ebay It says lancer on the headstock but also has the framus logo and is made in Germany. Earlier today another lancer made in germany that sure looks like a framus.

Re: lancer guitar

They are pieces of crap you effin rerard

Re: lancer guitar

: I have a lancer guitar it is about 40 years old and I don t have much information on it . If any one has any information it would be greatly apre

i also have a lancer guitar and i have no clue on its origins history or nothing if you find any info please write me in the mean time i will do some research on my end my email adress is mr_sociable @

Re: lancer guitar

: : I have a lancer guitar it is about 40 years old and I don t have much information on it . If any one has any information it would be greatly apre

: i also have a lancer guitar and i have no clue on its origins history or nothing if you find any info please write me in the mean time i will do some research on my end my email adress is mr_sociable @
I have a 1960's LANCER made in Italy. Folk type, any idees ??

roger guitar

I have a very old Roger acoustic guitar that I rescued some time ago.It had been badly treated.I have patched up parts of it.It is playable but I don't have a clue as to its value.
Were there many of these made?
I can send pix if anyone can help me.
I think it is a Roger Jumior.
Any help appreciated.



I you still have your guitar and pictures I'd be happy to see them, I have an interest in Roger guitars.



You are very wellcome to send me pics. O think I can help You. But You might have found the info You need by now ofcourse !

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