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Early 70's Greco made by Goya

Does anyone have any info on early 70's Greco made by Goya acoustic. Model GR. Serial# 03114.
Thanks for any info. Info on where to look up would help

Goya Model Ts-5

In 1958, when I was 16 years old, I bought a brand new Goya 12 string Model TS-5, Serial No. 268602. I can't recall exactly but I think it cost between $250 and $350. It has almost never been played and is in excellent condition in its original case. According to its Serial No. it was made in 1951. After all these years, I just took it out of its case, would like to try to play it, and need to restring it. It still has 11 of its original string intact but probably not good to play anymore. Can anyone tell me the best strings to use to get a mellow sound that lets the wood speak and that are relatively easy to play on the fingers. I also have 8 of the original labelled "Goya Guitar Strings" still new in their original box and are labelled Silvered Steel 12 String Guitar. I might be interested in selling it but not sure yet. Can anyone help me regarding what strings to try and what its value might be today? Thanks for any help. Steve Levitt

Levin Eletric-Acoustic / Series LD, Model 30CE

Hi, Would appreciate some info. on my guitar Please.
I have a Levin 30CE Electric Acoustic, With the name "LEVIN" inlayed in Mother of Pearl, fitted with Grover Tuners and Levin Piezo pickup/4 band EQ. I know that Martin bought out Levin in late 70's, and I am having trouble trying to find much detail online about this instrument.
I would like to know the age of this guitar and if it is reasonable instrument etc. And if possible the value.
Many Thanks .

Greco nylon model: GR121K, serial 19275.

Just like the title, any help on info? Amazing guitar, serviced by Goya guitars, inc.

Greco Classical GR121K Serial 20075 From early '70's

Were you able to find out anything about your Greco. I just pulled mine out of the closet - it still sounds great. I would like to know of its origin and history.



Greco GR-9S Serial #2798

I have a GR-9S. Anybody know what year it may be? It is in good condition, some light play marks. I'd say 7 out of 10 for condition. What is it worth? Anyone interested in buying it?

Levin LS-18

Looks like the Levin guitar I inherited from my uncle needs about $200 worth of work. I have no idea its value or if it's worth the cost of fixing it, but it seems like a pretty nice guitar. Can someone tell me a possible approximate value, please?


Greco acoustic guitar model gr-28?

I cannot find a model number gr-28 anywhere online bthe model number is GR-28 and the serial number is 38412. Tell me something about it?

Greco 12 string GR 627-k

Just picked up this guitar. It's my first 12 string. Can anyone tell me anything about it?

I have one

I bought my GR-627 (ser. # 21906) brand new from a pawn shop in early 1971, which makes it 1970 or earlier. I think the pawn shop had bought some of the inventory of a music store that had closed. I just got it out of the closet where it'd been for a decade and it still sounds great. The tailward side of the bridge was bending up (pulling toward the fretboard, but not yet separating from the sounding board) so I had to put a tailpiece on it. That doesn't seem to have hurt its sound. And no, I didn't tune it to the standard 6-string pitch — I've always tuned the 1st and 2nd strings to a D — so I don't think the bridge warping was due to overstressing.

Im interested to know if you

Im interested to know if you have found out anything about the Greco GR 627k. I have the opportunity to purchase one and was hoping for some background on it. How is the sound quality on yours?

price and info on greco by goya

i have a Greco classical acoustic guitar,model 121k the label inside says designed service and adjusted by customs electronics Inc.the serial number is 25832,can anybody give me some info on this guitar and an approximate value its in good to excellent condition.thanks in advance


The one I have is probably very similar to yours. Mine is a model gr120 and the serial number is 2910. What information do you have as to the value of this type of guitar?

WTB: Goya Rangemaster 12-String Tailpiece

I’m looking to buy an original tailpiece for a vintage Goya Rangemaster 12-string. Specifically, I’m looking for the harp-shaped one that spells out “Goya” in the middle. If anyone has one or knows where I could find one, please email me at connordbrown89@gmail.com

Tailpiece photo:


Levin 174 (no serial) worth ?

Got this levin, and trying to find out the value.. can't find any serial anywhere.. (looked on the head)
Any way to find value/more info about it ?



I am a propmaster for the production of sound of music and the director wants us to provide a Goya Guitar like in the movie, preferably a F-19 or anything that looks similar but must be goya! I am in Texas and could pay a rental fee, we wouldnt need it but a month. Please let me know it is very urgent!

my guitar

it says it is a greco model GR, serial no. 1794. in fair condition. i think its a gr620 but i have no clue... anyone able to help me figure out what its worth?

1958 Goya G-10 (Serial 376531)

My father received this gift around 1960 from a fellow teacher who nominated my dad to work with the kids doing school theater productions. He did that for a few years and then moved on to school administration. After my brother and I were born, he'd get it out once in a while and play folk songs for us. Otherwise, the Goya has been packed away in it's case for all these years. I know he's always wondered what the old thing is worth, and I'd love to find out for him. It's in pretty darn good shape as it's been used so little. Any ideas?
Thanks much~

1958 Goya G-10 (Serial 376531)

My father received this gift around 1960 from a fellow teacher who nominated my dad to work with the kids doing school theater productions. He did that for a few years and then moved on to school administration. After my brother and I were born, he'd get it out once in a while and play folk songs for us. Otherwise, the Goya has been packed away in it's case for all these years. I know he's always wondered what the old thing is worth, and I'd love to find out for him. It's in pretty darn good shape as it's been used so little. Any ideas?
Thanks much~

Goya Panther W-3 #2823

Just found this in my basement. Any idea when it was made or what it could be worth? Thanks!


Sounds great in very good shape.Any idea what it's worth?

Value of my Guitar

In the mid 60's, I acquired a Greco model GR2 guitar, serial number 42541 which was made in Sweden. The instrument is in good to very good condition and the sound is great. I would like to know it approximate value is possible.

Large Fingers

I have just started learning to play with a Fender DG-8S, and find that it is really hard for me to fret one string at a time. I would like to find a guitar with a larger neck and the strings further apart. From what I have read, the Goya Concert MOD G-10, Goya F-12 Folk, and the Greco GR-9 Concert may work for me. Not having seen any of these in person, I would like your opinion. Would one of these work, or is there another guitar you would recommend. Tks, Roger

Goya F12

I have a Goya F12 In very good finish and nice straight neck ....Just a small fixable crack where the 2 halves of the back come together. I'm going to fix it and put a Zipper inlay to cover the repair. I'm 64 yo and I was around 20 yo when I bought this guitar and loaned to my brother ... After 30 yrs of sitting under a bed I finally got it back. FYI .... a Goya F 12 has a 1 3/4" neck ( next to the nut)which is about standard for a steel string guitar. A nylon string guitar is 2" But, if you get one with a nice straight neck and find someone to set up the nut and saddle for easier playing, that may work for you. Nylon strings as a rule vibrate a lot more so the string height is kind of critical or they may buzz. I've not tried the "high tinsel" nylon strings yet but, they may give you a sharper sound with less chance of buzzing. I have an Alumbra classical guitar(made in Spain) and the factory rep in the USA told me that at the 11 th or 12 th fret the clearance from the top of the fret and bottom of the 6 th (Top) string is aprox. 3/16" ( on a good steel string guitar 3/16", 1/8" to 3/32" clearance is almost possible . The reason I said a classical guitar with a straight neck is because there is no truss rod to adjust the neck as on most steel string guitars. The F12 has no truss rod so a straight neck is important also (Straight under tension). I use light or medium light strings to put as least tension as possible on the bridge and neck. Hope this helps you.

Goya M22 SN:215510 found at Goodwill!

Found a beautiful sunburst Goya M22 SN:215510 at a local Goodwill for a mere $50! It has a few fixable cracks in it, but I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give me some more info on this beaut! Please and thank you.

~ Ky

Goya M-22 guitar

This is possibly one of the last M-22 made. Just before Goya N-22 was introduced as a replacement.
Check http://www.vintage-guitars.se/Goya_M-22_info.htm
Also see much more interesting info on

Greco GR-12 Made In Sweden

Greco GR-12 Classical Guitar
Model No. GR-12 Serial No. 45-513 are hand written in the blanks at the top of the label.

The rest of the label reads:


created exspressly for



and then there is a smaller foil label below that label that reads: Made In Sweden

It has a spruce top, mahogany sides. I think and the back looks like curly maple (it has a nice burl to it). It has has a tobacco burst finish on the top and white binding top, back and sound hole. Pearloid tuners and fretboard inlays.
3 piece neck, rosewood headstock with no brand printed on it.

I haven't been able to find info on this specific model, manufacture date etc. Anything you could add would be appreciated.



goya t 23

Hey all,

Have a Goya T 23 that may be for sale! If anyone is interested please e mail HespeS@cwu.edu. Thanks!!

Goya T-23

Do you still have this?


G2 Goya Greco 1960's

I was given a Goya Greco Guitar with the case when I was a child that I still own. I would like to know more about it but that is proving to be a problem. The label inside says it was made in NY
the serial # G1661 Model# G2 it is an acoustical guitar. Can anyone provide any information or links?

Goya Medalist Series

I am looking at a Goya Medalist Series, Model M-30 serial # 4526, they are asking $200 and it looks to be in great shape. Can you tell me anything about it, age, worth, would you buy it? Thank you

Greco-goya acoustic gr-624

I have a Greco model# GR 624, was wondering if it was worth anything? Or at least worth fixing up?

Goya/ Martin Greco GR 624

The Guitar you have is rare and little known but to Country Western and Blues Rockabilly artists it is one of the Holy Grail Fetish Guitars. To the right buyer it is valuable but it will not be easy to find someone who knows much about them. Keep it in good shape and it will always bring a good price from the right person. Seek fetish and rare guitar forums.

Goya GR-9 S#44-42 677 Sweden

I bought this guitar in 1984 from a pawn shop. It's still sounds great today.
Can you tell me the manufacture year of this guitar?


I have a Greco GR-9 pre 1964 made in Germany do you have any info on this?

Goya M/22 Acoustic, Serial #382861

Could anyone shed some light on the year that this was made and a possible estimate of it's value? I got it at a deal and it is still in pretty good shape with minor wear and tear and a couple cracks. I was hoping to get it fixed as it still sounds wonderful to have been made in the 50's/60's (I believe?) Thanks, for any information would be helpful!

M-22 SN_382861

Hi Kristin,

Your Goya M-22 guitar was made in 1958, by A.B. Herman Carlson Levin in Göteborg, Sweden.
Because the Goya M-22 guitar has only been made for a short period, these guitars are rare.
When they are in a good condition the value will increase in the coming years!

Good luck,


This was purchased in 1968...Excellant condition....Was wondering if anyone knew how much this would be worth???

Levin Guitars

Levin guitars are not 'Japanese copies' They were made in Sweden I seem to remember.
I bought a 'Jumbo' nearly fifty (ouch!) years ago and it served me well.
It wasn't cheap, but they say that 'quality lingers after the price is forgotten'
Certainly true in my case.

model g 10. serial # 303438

Goya guitar made in Switzerland around the 60, can you tell me the market value ?

Goya G-10 made in Sweden


Your guitar was made end 1964, but not in Switzerland but in Sweden !
It'll have the 5 digit Zip code 10010 on the label.
The value of the guitar isn't too high as this was the low end of the range.


How old is my Goya?

I have a Goya Acoustic
Model # M-24 Serial # 20c121
It is in awesome shape just has a little wear on the front of body under the pick guard. everything else is in excellent condition.
just wondering the age and value.

Goya M-24

Your guitar is made in spring 1962. so half a century old !
Serial Number is indeed 20C121, the C was used because the 6 was missing at the time of applying the label.
The value might be a couple of hundred dollars, if the wear on the front isn't too heavy.
Enjoy !


Goya s-18

I have a GOYA s-18...serial number 159019
Can you tell me the year?
Has the LEVIN truss cover emblem
dots on fretboard
goya headstock
no serial number on headstock...
another matching serial number on inside "side" of the guitar
Also any idea of value?
I love the sound but may sell if it is worth $$!

Goya S-18

Hi M.D.,

On the label you'll read 'GOYA GUITARS INC., 10 N.Y.'.
This indicates that the guitar is made before the 5-digit ZIP-code was introduced.
There is no Serial Number List available, but I estimate that your guitar was made end 1960.
The value of the guitar depends a lot on its condition, so I cannot advice you on that.
But if you love the sound, my advice is not to sell it !

Possible F-27 but wrong bridge and NO MODEL NUMBER

I have acquired a Goya Guitar that does not seem to appear in any of the catalogs (on vintage-guitars.se or on goyaguitars.tripod.com sites).
I have put some photos on my website. Access www.tdziebarth.com and select "Goya Guitar" to get to my Picasa Album. You can blow up any of the photos you need to.

My dimensions MATCH a Goliath size guitar: Overall 39 1/4 high, body 20" high, upper bout 11 3/4", lower bout 15 7/8", depth 4 1/2".
It appears to have a flame maple back and sides (by wood grain) and is a rich red-brown mahogany color.
Looking inside, it does have 6 holes under the bridge in about the right position/size/shape to have been bridge pin holes.

The odd things seem to be:
1. There is NO MODEL NUMBER printed on the label inside! The serial# is 190415. This serial number is also stamped on the inside of the side.
2. It has pick guards on the face, but a nylon-string type bridge. It has nylon strings.
3. It has a rosewood bridge with two bone/ivory strips through it much like the ones used on later models with steel strings
4. It's label has the pre-zip configuration stating Goya Guitars Inc., New York 10, New York implying 1964 or earlier
5. Much of it is like perhaps a 1964 F-27, but the bridge is wrong.
6. The Goya catalog for F-27 says it should have "non-adjustable T-shaped duraluminum truss rod". I see no evidence of this (if it should be visible) on either the headstock, nor inside the body.

I have been unable to find an exact match for all the parts in any of the photos on these two websites.

Might it be some "trial" configuration, or is it a classical F-27 with it's bridge replaced?
The F-27 catalog description says it has "fan bracing" - if you can tell me what this is I will look for it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

possible F-27


An Goya F-27 with Serial Number 190412 has been offered in the past thru Ebay. That's close to your Serial Number of 190415 !
All features are in line with a F-27 Goya Guitar, except the bridge.
So please look at the inside of the guitar.
If the inside of the guitar, below the bridge, still shows the six holes for the steel string pegs, then this bridge must be a later addition.
If not, then the guitar must have been built like this - but that's not very likely in my opinion.
Good luck!
And let us know.

Goya Medalist Series M-30

Hi, is there any info out there about these guitars? I'm guessing they were made post Goya being owned by Martin? It seems like everyone ignores posts about this range so I'm guessing that's because they're not rated very well?

Looks to me like they sport a laminated top...

Any kind of info on these guitars would be much appreciated.

I wonder if 'George' from the Vintage Goya Guitar site ever reads this...


Greco model GR 125

I recently inherited an acoustic guitar from my grandfather after his passing. It is labeled Greco model GR 125 serial #39573 designed and serviced by Kustom Electronics, Inc. Does any one have any info on it? I am a pianist/violinist but am now learning the guitar and would love to know more about this model. Any and all info is much appreciated guys! Thanks a mil :)

greco acoustic guitars

Does anyone know what a greco acoustic guitar with the model #gr 121 and serial# 18928, be worth?

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