Posted by BILL MCMILLAN on Thu, 05/15/08 - 16:24:12.

I can't find any information about this guitar, I have seen a lot of goya guitars but none with this much detail. tree of life inlay on the fret board, design on the headstock, zig zag pattern on the back, rosewood back and sides,and solid spruce top with a clear coat finish. any ideas ?????

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Goya G335 S

How do you tell the year the guitar was made. I can't find any info on the serial number.



I've got one too. Beautful to look at...Nice copy of a Martin D 28 or 35, herringbone rosette, etc. I think the sides and back are SOLID rosewood, with bookmatched figures that match up on the inside. Does your label say Goya, CF Martin, made in Korea? Could have been made from the late mid-70s to the late 80s. Beautiful guitar, and a steal for the 150 bucks I paid. It should should a little better than it does, though.


Here's the deal guys, just like radio shack is an un-named company that makes electronic stuff for a lot of higher end labels, and Pinnacle vodka is actually made at the Grey Goose plant but sells for half the price, the Goya is a ligitimate Martin guitar, but it it was made in Korea. I've owned my G335S since it was born in 1989, at least mine was, complete with all the detailed trim work and inlays. I fell in love with it at a little guitar shop owned by my then guitar teacher. I couldn't take my eyes off the details, particularly the headstock inlays that resemble the Queenryche "Empire" album logo, or whatever you want to call it. Yes, not a good reason to buy a guitar, but 20 years later I'm glad I did. Put the right strings on that MF'er and it sounds like heaven. There's a reason for that. Sure it is the B-version of the D-35 and if you had the $$$ you could buy a new martin for about 3 grand, but it will take 20 years for it to sound the way the Goya does. A solid top guitar mellows with age and the sound improves dramatically. You can't fake that or speed up the process. I've played the snot out of the thing for 20 years and the sound has only gotten better. Unless you're Paul Bunyon or have some really masochistic feelings for your fingers, I recommend using the lightest acoustic strings possible. The thing will still let out some gorgeous low end bass sounds effortlessly. I've played an ass load of acoustic guitar in the last 20 years and nothing beats this gem for the cost. If you can find one, buy it, you'll be saving yourself 1000's of dollars. Nothing in its price range can match the sound. I paid $450 for mine new and it has endured faithfully.
Shit, you can barely get a half decent Yamaha for that price now.

Goya C.F. Martin G335S ser# 9105000006

I would like to know what my Goya is worth, looking to sell it....any info would be greatly accepted.

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