zoom 9002 troubles.can anyone help me?

Posted by janP on Mon, 04/28/03 - 05:15:16.
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i have a problem with zoom9002: NO SOUND!! it looks like it' s ok with the output, but input signal is mute!! has anyone a solution for this problem? or at least the device schematics?
thanksalot evryone!!!!

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Re: zoom 9002 troubles.can anyone help me?

I have posted all my links and information along with pictures of a ZOOM 9002 repair, the website is: http://home.comcast.net/~mmph/Zoom/Zoom_9002_repair.html

Hope the pictures are helpful to others.


Same problem, different sympthoms

It first it came as it had to warm up, I would turn it on, no sound, after a while it began as an engine of an old car: ta ta ta ta tatatata, till, after another while, it finally worked. (sorry about the example). It was a matter of time. But it seems that time has run out, and now I have mix in, metro and tune but nothing else. I've changed the three first caps: one 10mF and two 47. It still does't work. I´ll try the last 47mF and the 7660, see if it does the trick. I´ll tell you. Did or does someone have the same symthoms?
thanx, bye

Re: zoom 9002 troubles.can anyone help me?

 zoom 9002 troubles.can anyone help me?

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