Re: zoom 9002 - replaced caps - now won't power up

Posted by John on Sat, 07/09/05 - 13:44:27.

I purchased a 9002 on ebay and it arrived with the accursed charge pump failure. Seller offered to refund, but I love these little guys and I hate to see 'em die. Still working on it, but Mark - you are so right about the traces on the board - they lift by barely touching them. Fortunately, there are holes for soldering the new caps, but you've really got to take note of the positions and gently desolder the old ones out like a surgeon. Also, there is another electrolytic cap on the board above, such that when you are about to close the unit, it interferes with closure - you may need to check and re-check it before you finally drive those screws home.

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Thanks to Mark for his detailed guide on how to bring back to life the 9002,I´ve done it with mine(caps replacement only) and now is baddest than ever!;greetings from Barcelona-Spain- to all the retro-tech maniacs.

Re: zoom 9002 - replaced caps - sounds good

Well, it's up and running. Thanks to everyone, esp. Mark for posting this excellent repair. If these are the symptoms of your non-functional 9002, you could do worse than give $5 worth of parts a try. DO follow all instructions you see here, making note of anything that can further damage the unit, and DON'T try this unless you are very patient, good with a soldering iron, and have a decent knowledge of circuit board layout. You may need to move the large capacitor on the top board to make room for the new (and certainly better) capacitors.
Cheers, and good luck to all!

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