Moody Strap, for real or not?

Posted by Jose Arsuento (via moderator) on Wed, 05/09/07 - 23:48:31.

(Originally posted 16:14:29 5/09/07)

Hi everyone. I’m from London, England. This post is just a little warning to all guitar players who are drooling over a so-called Moody Strap. The advert would say that its sensual, it melts on your body, its sex n rock n roll and all these catchy phrases to get your attention. I ordered a strap directly from Allison herself, paid more than $100 including an expensive shipment to England.

I don’t mind it, after all I’m going to be having a "sensual moody experience" if I strap it on, all I did was wait and then one day, USPS sent me a tracking number but USPS will not tell you exactly where the strap is. I emailed Allison Suther regarding the matter and she reassuringly told me that she hasn’t lost a package yet and that the strap got stuck in customs. Ok... I can deal with that. Days, weeks and months passed by still no strap arrived on my doorstep. I emailed her back and she still maked me believed that it got stuck in the customs.

If you are the reader of this comment, do u think customs will hold your strap for 3 months? Because it three months now from the time I placed my order. I gave her an option if she can refund me the money or send me another strap because the strap she’s sent me is already lost somewhere during transport if she has really even sent it.

But then again, she fed me the idea that customs held it for a while. For what? Customs make money out from the strap I bought from her and it would mean 25% of the total amount for the custom fees. In a long run, Allison sounded like a broken record to me saying things over and over again. To my despair, I know that I wouldn’t get a refund or another strap from her. So I said, I wouldn’t be sending emails anymore. If I wont get a refund or a strap, she can keep my money because she needs the money more than I do.

Until now folks, the strap hasn’t arrived and it will never come to me. So my advice to my fellow struggling guitar players be careful on this corporate money making propaganda. I might be an isolated case but the fact that it happens, it will happen again and Allison Suther will never give a damn bout you. Well not unless of course your the guys form Greenday, Billy Sheehan, Ritchie Kotchen and all these famous ones, she'll try hooking up with. Is moody strap rea l? Basing on my moody experience, she’s a fake.

It will only be real if you manage to sell 5 million records and I’m sure she will be kissing your ass. You want a decent strap? I found a decent without spending too much money. It’s FRANKLIN GUITAR STRAP. Its very soft, made of pure leather and for me, I felt like a million dollar man because those guys behind the company treated me with respect. Within 4 days it arrived on my doorstep and I have 5 of them already.

Good luck to you Allison. I will never buy anything that has something to do with you. I can’t see the human nature in you.

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Moody Leather for real or not?

(Originally posted 18:44:44 6/04/07)

Sounds like a bad experience. I had a similar problem with Moody Leather where my "supple" leather strap arrived looking like wrinkled piece of crap. I e-mailed Alison about it and my only response was that I could by some leather goo for an extra fee! I ended up getting some guitar straps from Italia Straps for the rest of my guitars that are WAY better at a fraction of the cost.

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