Re: Hoyer, Höffner, Levin, Crafton, Burns and Landola

Posted by Paul Murray on Mon, 04/25/05 - 23:41:04.

: Hi! If you have any of theese guitars named abow, please do not, for Goods sake. do not burn of them! Maybe they are not so valuable in money but they are representing many years of magnific European guitar manufacturship. I have seen Levin (from Sweden) orginal, full acoustic orchestra guitar from 1940 still in perfect shape and valued upp to 1 000 USD, Crafton (Sweden, Gothenburg) orginal full acoustic orchestra guitar valued 500 USD, Höffner (from Germany)orginal acoustic valued to 2 000 USD (mostly handmade) (remember that ex. The Beatles used to play with a Höffner Violinbass-guitar !) My brother in Finland had a handmade Höffner made of birch and now he have a Höffner "Stratocaster" from 1970 with original Höffner microphones, valued to 900 USD.And I by my self have now one Arnold Hoyer, probably an Esquire from late 50;s with original microfones. Valued to 1 000 USD!

: Then we have the Landola from Finland, not so well knowed, specially their big, 12-stringed Country&Western guitars from middle of 70;s. Robust crafted, big sound, not so easy to find any more!

: And of course Burns! used by many European rockgroups during the decades and if you are lucky, may be you can still find theese guitars in very good shape.

: So if you have one of theese guitars, play them! Do not let them stay on closets and collect dust!

Help, Help, Help. Just bought a Hoyer 12 string acoustic guitar from a charity shop in Glasgow Scotland as a restoration project, any info or even pictures would be a great help to restore beautiful beast to its former glory
Thanks Paul

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Re: Hoyer, Höffner, Levin, Crafton, Burns and Landola

: :Hello, I have just bought a Hoyer 12 string acoustic from an online auction. Got it for an unbelievable £24.00! I believe it dates from the late 50s. After polishing up the machine heads and cleaning the rest with T-Cut, it looked great (it was already ingood condition, having been in someones' attic for years, possibly decades, i'm sure the strings were as old as the guitar). It sounds brilliant. Very much like the old Stellas Leadbelly and Blind Willie McTell used. Especially when the whole lot is tuned down 3 or 4 semitones, like on those old records. I think it's good to keep the tension down on a 12 string guitar of this vintage, too. I contacted several guitar shops as to it's worth. Some said "as much as someone's willing to pay", another said between £200-£300. I'd never sell it, but was curious to know.
Regards, Marvin.

Hoyer guitar.

I am in possession of an old Hoyer accoustic guitar, this was my uncles and dates from 1950 approx, I wondered if anyone could educate me as to its approx value as it has just been lying in my attic for the last 25 years. Thanks.

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