Posted by Gerald Watt on Sat, 04/27/02 - 13:29:49.

I have a starforce electric guitar with 3 pickups tremolo bar and so on and i was wondering if anyone knew a rought price for it as ive only ever see 1 starforce guitar and thats mine.....

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Re: Starforce

I have a starforce guitar too. it has a single pickup and a humbucker, it is jet black and has a floyd rose (replica) pickup. I have never seen one before so if anyone has any info please tell me. i need a replacement bridge though, anyone know where i can get the starforce model bridge? And by the sounds of things their either really rare or realy shit> i hope its the first.

starforce guitars

i have a starforce guitar that used to be my dad's. It's white and is model number 6000. i even went to Mars Music and they couldn't find anything about it. their guitar dictionary started at madel number 7000....

Re: Starforce

i also have a starforce electric guitar, 3 pickups + a tremolo socket but no bar. it is in solid black. never ever ever seen one before.

Starforce guitars

i have a cherrywood finish 800 single "box"pickup no guard and not one ever afixed same thing i'm told in US it was never marketed here but "tropical music" in miami FL had it made for export to south america i think they said 88-95 not sure but thats the ball park, and i hear of them all over aus, UK ,lots in south america and a couple here in the states

Re: Starforce

I've got one myself - I bought it abouth 10 years ago for £120 - I don't think they're much more expensive nowdays.


Hi, I write from Venezuela and I have a starforce guitar. Its totally black, 3 pick ups and Floyd Rose tremolo. My grandmather gave me. It sounds very nice. Only I Know that Its made in Korea, But its distributed only in U.S.A by Starforce Miami Fl. I Like my starforce guitar because it sounds as a Fender Stratocaster. Excuse but my english is not very good. Regards.

I have one, since 1991

Hi all!

I have a black Starforce since 1991. i bought it brand new in Spain. They were made in Korea, a small golden sticker said so in the back of the neck. The guitar has been played since, and I know I'll never sell it.

The only problems I've had:
1) The bridge cracked! I used the whammy bar quite a lot, ala Steve Vai :-) But a luthier in Madrid got a replacement and now I care for it more than before.
2) The volume pot went loose and now I can turn it 360º if I push too hard. The cool thing is that I can go from 0 to 10 and vice versa pretty fast! :-)
3) One of the tuners is starting to fail. Since the guitar has micro-tuning floyd rose and locking system the tuners are not much used, except for when replacing broken strings.

I've read that many people have upgraded the hardware resulting in a very decent guitar.

All I can say is that it was well built, since it has been played almost everyday, has traveled a lot with me and never went loose or needed for readjustments. I love it :-)

Starforce guitars

From what i understand Starforce guitars was a brand made by "tropical music" out of miami FL in the late 80's to 90's i understand they do not make guitars anymore but i herd dean &co. bought them so maybe under a different name but that STARFORCE was marketed in south america never in the US,
they don't seem to be highly sought after but jelously guarded and prized by their owners

Starforce 8000 series

I bought one in 1989 second hand from a guitar store in Glasgow
Still have it today. The original trem died and with a bit of expert surgery put a firstgrade TRS floyd rose which made a huge improvement.original pickups also got swapped for Mr. Duncans finest ! Awesome guitar. I would not sell it.


I write from Switzerland and I have a starforce guitar too. I bought it from a cousin, whose father has many special and expensive guitars. Mine is really cool, but it sounds a bit weard. It has a flying thing(I don't even know how to explain in german)at the end of the strings, right after the three pick ups, I mean, where all the electronic stuff is, right above it, where the strings go into the guitar, that thing isn't fixed on the guitar. If you put simply your hand on it you can push up the sound up to two tunes. I know its hard to understand, but actually, all I want to know is: Are all starforces made in Korea? How can I find out where mine was made? Well, so long, star


I had a Starforce guitar. I sold it when a have 19 years old. Never heard about it again, until now. It was my teen guitar. If you have any information about who made it, please send me an e-mail. Ricardo (From Chile)

Re: Starforce

Wow! i thought i was the only one in the world with one. It plays really well. are they really rare or something or are they just crap. Can you only buy them in the USA, as ive only never seen one here in the U.K, only mine... P.s TO JAMES, IS YOURS EXACTLY THE SAME AS MINE, mine is totally black with the logo splashed all over the headstock, 3 pickups etc. i know yours is £120 you said, but id like to know if it is the same one or in a different colour or something... cheers

Re: Starforce 8000

Hi. i have a starforce 8000 rack, blue red and purpl marble effect with trem arm and black scratch plate and buttons, bourght it from slough in west london for £120.00 in 1981 at the ag eof twenty one, its got a better sound than my strat and as the neck is longer, i can play the odd higher note,
I would love to find the web site of its makers and learn a bit of history behind the copy disgn.


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