Re: Please tell me about my guitar

Posted by REAL on Fri, 05/10/02 - 01:56:39.

: Hello, I hope you can help me. I have been given a Conrad guitar, it was my great uncles. The model number is 40125. Can you tell me when they came out with them and about how old mine is. Also if it worth anything. I don't think it is but it's nice to have a instument from a family member who has passed. I appreciate anything you can do..Thank you

Hey im looking for info on my Conrad Model #40174
it was my first guitar. I have other more expensive guitars but my conrad is really comfortable to play, and im trying find out more about it any info would be cool ...

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Re: Please tell me about my guitar

Hi, I can offer some info about Conrad guitars. I played a Conrad 12 string (Gibson ES335 style) when I was in a rock group back in 1968. It was a wonderful guitar, well built, easy to play, sounded incredible and unfortunately I sold it when our group broke up. In 1997 I decided to take up guitar again and have been looking for one eversince. I found one yesterday and learned that they were made by Ibanez and marketed under the name of Conrad,Greco and Orlando because it was thought that the Ibanez name was too strange for the American market. Now that I have my beloved Conrad to play, I have decided to find out all I can about Conrad guitars and their lineage. I will investigate as much as possible but any help anyone has to offer would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached by E-mail at . I will update this site when I have verifyable material or by request thru my E-mail.

Re: Please tell me about my guitar

Back again, but I have to say I was missled and passed on some incorrect info on Conrad guitars. They were never made by Ibanez, they were in fact made by Shiro Arai Co. in Japan. They produced many brand names such as Lyle, Aria, and Univox. This company was even associated with the production of some Japanese Epiphone and Japanese Washburn guitars, so it stands to reason that there was some sort of quality associated with the manufacturer. My experience with Conrad guitars seems to bear this out. I currently own a Seagull, an Ovation, and a Fender and I believe my Conrad is as good as any of them and certianly far better than the Peavy Raptor I once owned. I imagine there were poor examples of Conrad guitars around, this is borne by some of the articles I have read, but the good reviews far outweigh the bad, so I would not be concerned about quality. Just keep making music and enjoy.

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