Ovation celebrity CC148

Posted by Christ on Tue, 04/24/01 - 12:07:16.

I need some information about the ovation celebrity model CC148. If someone got the information about this model please let me know. Thanks

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Re: Ovation celebrity CC148

I have a CC148 and it's an amazing instrument. However, the bridge saddle cracked in half and apparently this is a discontinued model and I'm having a hell of a time finding a replacement bridge saddle. Overall though, I'd highly recomend it. I own three Ovations and this model is by far one of the best they make.

Re: Ovation celebrity CC148

I just purchased a Ovation Celebrity from someone on e-bay. They did not know the model and took the sticker out of it so they could not find serial #. I sent a picture of it to Ovation Customer Service on their web site...they think it is a cc-148. Could you look at the pic and tell me what you think. Seems the inlaid rosette is what is in question. But they say the cc-148 is the only mid=bowl Celebrity they made. Did you ever get your's fixed?
If you would be so kind to look at mine...log onto e-bay, and in the item # put 2530637677. Your help is appreciated. Thanks

Ovation celebrity

I got hold of one of theses guitars,it was on a pub wall look like it had been there years..mine is a black 1 with kmd pickups 2 single 1 humbucker,plus tremo. I found out they only made 1000 of each color black and white,,and they where more exspensive to buy than a fender , There are sum copeis about as well or reissuse ..my mate got 1 of ebay thinking he got a bargin ,,it was crap,,i put mine next 2 it and u could tell straight away,,They have xL stamped on the pickups so watch out 4 them 1s. Feel free 2 get in touch.

Re: Ovation celebrity CC148

 Ovation celebrity CC148

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