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Washburn’s 120 year history is steeped in the tradition of fine instrument making. Our products reflect the hard-working spirit of the Washburn employees who craft and design each guitar.
With a Washburn, you’re confident knowing that each guitar represents the absolute finest quality at the best possible price

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Washburn lyon 10b bass

I have an old washburn Lyon 10b bass guitar that was passed down to my dad by a family friend then me and I just want to know the year. I can't find this model in catalogs or anywhere, it has a maple neck with a maple body, and a black pickguard. The serial number is 3031896. We assume its an early 2000s and for some reason I thought it was an 1989 guitar for a long time? I would just like some information on this guitar since i can't find anything on this guitar anywhere.

washburb tangle wood bought in spring 1980

i bought this guitar new in spring of1980. Deep body dreadnaught withal sound hole and cutaway. It came with a passive pick-up system. S 79055 is on the block, 83007 is on the brace strip along the back of the guitar. It is identical to Dylan's guitar on the cover of his REAL LIVE album, swell as the one on youtube where the guy claims he bought the guitar from Cliff Richard. What can you tell me about this guitar? Thanks.


Please info date serial number S97076010 factory etc. thankyou

washburn d12

i have a washburn d12. it simply states it is a d-12 period. no s or ce. label says george washburn and has korea as man. locale. string pin is anchored by 2 screws on the bridge. need to know if top and sides are solid or laminate and what year. thx for help

What is the value of a 1980's red washburn force30 guitar?

This is the Serial number: K830693.
What is the current value?

wasburn ltd 1992

Mu daughter hasn't used this guitar in 20 years so I had it set up and it sounds wonderful serial number 0079 . anybody have any idea about its value? its got a rosewood back and sides and solid spruce top.

1986 Washburn d68

Bought my d68 new in 1986...does anyone know the appraisal value? Used alot, well taken care of and touched back up by a luthier here in nashville that works for Gruhns...thanx

Recently bought a well-loved Washburn

Her serial is:


Hi all, Im looking for any info on a pearl white EA16 Washburn guitar. I found one for sale and cant find anything on line execpt that it was a first addition and only made for 2 years. Can anyone help with pricing and or web info. Thanks

I actually have a Force30 -

I actually have a Force30 - believe this are all MIJ strat copies. Think the Force31 has double humbuckers (i.e. HH config) the Force30 is an SSS with coil tap. Almost positive that these were made in 1984 and had a pretty short production run.. I found someone at Elderly Instruments in Lansing MI (if you have never been and love guitars - you have to pilgrimage someday) who said that these were not very expensive (relatively) at the time but that they are pretty rare - which may mean something. My Force30 is metallic purple. I've restored the original "tweed" case and had the neck re-adjusted. Unfortunately it has a nice chip in the paint on the heel - which there is no way I'm going to try and match but otherwise it's a great guitar. Get some pretty good tone out of it and it does have a phase switch (in addtional to the coil tap) so it's prett versatile. I've tried contacting Washburn through thier website but no response for that or other Washburn's that I have. :(


I have a washburn EA20YBL
cant find any info or replacement price
anyone got any info

serial number


1983 washburn force 31 guitar

i have this guitar and can't find any info on it anywhere can any one help here the serial number is K830293 its got one double pick-up at the bridge,....is it worth anything. i've seen stuff on the force series but not the force 31....this is not a bass guitar. It has a 22 fret neck and the color is candy apple red...thanks and looking forward to some feedback.

Wasburn Force 31

i also have a force 31 also candy apple red but also cant find any info

Washburn G/Force series


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