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Since 1887, when it began producing reed organs, the Yamaha Corporation in Japan (then Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd.) has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of a full line of musical instruments, and a leading producer of audio/visual products, semiconductors and other computer related products, sporting goods, home appliances and furniture, specialty metals, machine tools, and industrial robots.

Yamaha now owns 59 subsidiaries and affiliates in overseas markets in addition to numerous related companies in Japan.

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Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

I have an oval white label FG-336 SB II made in Taiwan republic of China...... looks like serial number is 100070303 or I00070303. Having trouble finding the year this guitar was made.

FG-260 12 string

I have an Acoustic, FG-260 series, 12 string guitar.
I have been searching the serial numbers to see when it was built and what is worth.
The serial numbers are only 5 digits, 30907. There is a "K" in the inside, on bottom by itself. It was made in Nippon Gakki Co., LTD. Could somebody please email me any information you can find, or know about this guitar.
Thank you.
Rhonda Busch

FG 300 - 12 String

Yamaho Nippon Gakki, FG300 - 12 string "That's a rare one, only made 1974-75 and not imported to the US. made in Japan, Yamaha Nippon Gakki. It looks very minty.It was made June 7, 1975." 1400 US

Yamaha LL 15

I have a Yamaha LL 15 Acoustic Guitar that I bought new in 1989. It has a brand new black hard shell case. I am considering selling or trading it. Anyone interested can call, text, or email me. Email is rexkilpatrick@gmail.com, & cell # is 770-324-0142. It's the rosewood model, not the mahogany. It sounds great. I have two other acoustic guitars, & I am interested in an electric guitar. That's the only reason I'm even thinking about letting it go. It's one of the good ones made in Japan, not China or Taiwan. I am asking $1,500.00. It does have a few minor surfaces dings & tiny scratches. It also has some fret wear, & some wear on the fret board. It has been played some, not kept in the case in a closet, or under a bed.




1971 Yamaha FG300 - $850 + $50 Fed-Ex Shipping in CONUS
The Red Label Nippon Gaki produced Yamaha guitars from the early '70s are recognized for their projection, articulation and tone. They were fashioned after the Gibson Hummingbird model. This particular one is in excellent shape including the original hard shell case. Rare that you find the yellow case strap and yellow taped tabs intact, but they're all there. Even includes the key to the case. Neck is straight with the slightest bit of relief. Neck joint at the heel is tight and the original frets are still in good shape. Original ornate pickguard has no cracks or missing tips and is secure. Many of these need neck resets. Not this one. Nice low action for easy playing with the original bridge and adjustable saddles.


Top: Spruce
Back / Sides: Rosewood
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood
Color(s): Natural
Tuners: Chrome
Notes: Adjustable Bridge

Yamaha FG300 acoustic guitar

does anyone know the value of a Yamaha FG300 acoustic guitar in great condition no previous repairs all original even the case and real leather shoulder strap, also still has the original red made in Japan label inside and real ivory string pins. Also a 1 owner.

What is the width of the nut?

I would like to know the width of the nut on a Yamaha FG 165 S?



Im using YAMAHA FG-302B guitar, Please let me know some one what means of "B" of this model ?
Also need to know whats the meaning if letter "D" (EX: FG-250D) & letter "C" (EX: FG-302C)

And the meaning of YAMAHA lable colours ? red, orange & pink

yamaha fg150

Hi there I am looking to buy yamaha 150 red label. Made in japan any one got one for sale.Q

I have a 1962 yamaha young

I have a 1962 yamaha young jon in beautiful condition with orig hard case. Anybody have an idea of the value? Anybody intersted in buying?

Yamaha 180 red 1970 - 72 .Tuning keys Taiwan

looking for oringinal keys

Yamaha GC-6D and G255S classical guitars for sale

I have two vintage Yamaha classical guitars for sale, both high quality, straight necks, OHSC, etc.

The GC-6D was I believe a concert grade (the "GC" designation), hand-made. The G255S was I believe the top grade for its class of guitar, above the 240, 245, etc., and the "S" denotes that it had a solid rather than laminated top.

I don't need two guitars since I'm just a hobbyist, and so I'm looking to sell one, don't really have a preference. So if you want either, make me an offer. As soon as I sell one, the other will no longer be for sale.

Oh, I'm not in a rush to sell, not going to let them go for cheap, but for reasonable value to one who appreciates vintage Yamaha quality.


Yamaha G-255S

I am looking to buy a G-255S in nice shape, give me a call and we can work out the details

Yamaha G255S

Owing a Yamaha G255S in very good condition, because it was seldom used and carefully handled. Want to sell into knowing hands. Is Your request still actual?

yamaha fg 350 w



i bought a fg350w atb a pawn shop in 1994 for 200.00 best guitar i own , they sold for 600.00 new between 78-81 ,,they are solid wood bodies
most guitars made now are plywood ,,keep it if you can the price will only go up now that brailzian wood is not being imported anymore
thanks to the greenies,,they comparein sound and quality to a martin d35, gibson lg-2 guildjf30-12, la patrie motiff

Yamaha SA-5 (1966/1967?)

Can anyone provide some more info on the 1966/1967 Yamaha SA-5 guitars? I can't find anything. Are they valuable/collectible/rare? How are they likely to play? Cheers, Lew

Beautiful Brazilian Rosewood Yamaha FG200 for sale

I have a beautiful original Yamaha FG2000 for sale, no cracks, original hard case Brazilian Rosewood, leather label signed by the luthiers. Anyone interested? Have too many and usually play my Martin or Collings.

where do you from?

where do you from?

Yamaha FG2000 for sale

Do you still have this guitar for sale? I would be very interested.

Original Yamaha FG2000

Thanks for the replies to my message. Yes, I still have my early 70's Yamaha FG2000 Brazilian Rosewood handmade amazing guitar, Have too many great guitars and unfortunately hardly any time to play any of them....give me your email so I can send pics and other info. Bids on the rare guitar are welcome. Best wishes, Dennis

Original Yamaha FG2000

Is the FG2000 is available? I would be very interested. Cheers

yamaha fg2000

Interested in this guitar. Please email badbis@mac.com if you still have it and are interested in selling, Thanks David

yamaha fg 2000

I would be interested in purchasing your fg 2000 if you still have it. Have an old FG360 myself. Great guitar.
Would love to know more about it and any photos you may have.
How much are you looking to sell it for.


handmade rare Yamaha FG2000

Thanks David for the message. Yes, I still have it... unfortunately no time and too many good guitars... Bids are welcome, email me with any questions & requests



I realize this was many years ago. Do you still have it available?

Best regards,


Rare vintage Yamaha FG2000 hand made Brazilian Rosewood guitar

Hi Jim,

Thanks, yes I still have the guitar. Open for bids. Email me at schut@uic.org Best wishes, Dennis

yamaha fg 2000

Dennis, thank you for your reply, I am interested. Please email me to discuss this guitar at badbis@mac.com.. Thank You


Dennis, i would like to purchase your guitar. I don't know your email address to bid. Please email me badbis@mac.com and include your price or lets talk. I look forward to hear from you.
B.D. Baddour

yamaha fg 2000

Dennis, I don't know your email to offer you a bid but I would like to purchase your guitar. Please email me at badbis@mac.com. Please offer a price for purchase. Look forward to hearing from you.

B. D . Baddour

Yahama Nippon Gakki G 85 D Classical Guitar

Looking to sell my Yahama Nippon Gakki G 85 D Classical Guitar. In excellent condition with a few minor surface scratches. What should I sell this for? A ballpark figure is fine. Thanks

serial number 1011856

Can anyone tell me what classical guitar model is this serial number 1011856?

Yamaha G230A

I was wondering what a good used condition of the G230A is worth, and what does the "A" stand for?

According to the label it was made in Taiwan, thinking about selling it so am open to offers.


Yamah G230A classical guitar

Hi there,

I recently purchased a Yamah G230A classical guitar on eBay for $89 plus $20 shipping as it had to come from Queensland (about 2,000km from me), so if that give you an idea? I have seen them on the net for as much as $399 but then again that is just an inflated price I think. It also depends on what condition it is in and how it plays and sounds.

I mean I wouldn't pay squat for one that had high action, scratches and dings all over, and sounded like a wooden box with fishing line wrapped around it!

So in all mine cost me $109 plus $10 for a new set of strings. The tuning pegs were a bit tight but I had a spare set lying around and they do just fine now.

Hope this helps?



Would anyone know where I could find out the value and history for a Yamaha G 100D, NIPPON GAKKI LTD? I bought this at a yard sale back in 1995 when we lived in Japan. I don't see any other markings such as seriel number etc. A family member who plays in a band said he was sure this was a classic. Would appreciate any help or information. Thank you.

Yamaha SG_3C

I have this guitar - bought it used in 1986. I have checked the serial number and I know it was manufactured in Japan in 1971. I lost the toggle switch (plastic end part) and the coin-like Yamaha logo (3 tuning forks). Also, I'm not sure if the two single coil (humbucker) pickup is working, but I like the base-y sound. It is in working condition. I am looking for these parts to bring it back to it's glory. any help?



1989 Yamaha LL - 15

I have a Yamaha LL - 15 acoustic guitar that I bought new on June 16, 1989. I still have the original receipt from the day I bought it. I was wondering what the value might be for this guitar. The serial # is 306439. It does have a few minor dings visible if you look at if with a flashlight. I would say the condition would be 85 to 90 percent or better. I have the original case but it's worn out.

do you still have the LL15?

do you still have the LL15?

Yamaha LL 15

Yes sir I still have it Willy. If you are still interested you can send me an email or feel free to call or text 770-324-0142.

yamaha ll-15

I have an original LL-15 that I purchased new in 1987. I love it, and it was one of the few things I brought with me when I moved from the US to Australia. I had to order it (unseen except for in the brochure) from Keller Music in Cincinnati. The guitar has a sound that is deep and beautiful, and it has the Indian Rosewood back and sides. A lovely instrument.


Do you want to sell it? How much?

LL15 for sale

I know this post is a few years old but if you're still looking for a LL15 I have one for sale. Contact me at mike78592@hotmail.com if interested.


Thanks Willy, but I plan to keep her. Best of luck with your search! Please post here if you find one. Cheers!

How much is SJ-400s worth (w. case and in great condition)?

i have one. and its in really good condition. i cant find a value for it though.

Re: paying top dollar for 1974 and earlier FGs

How can you tell if it is pre-1974 if not dated. Is that when they stopped making them in japan?

f g 280

whats it worth, some scratches,,good sound and shape other than that ,,

Yamaha FG201 B in great condition

Yamaha FG201b in great condition. Hardcase. I know what they use tl be worth, but welcome to make an offer.

Email for pics questions etc. thanks so much.

Re: paying top dollar for 1974 and earlier FGs

please contact me, i have three yamahas for sell. FG-302B, FG-250D and FG-400M. I also have 2 suzuki guitars, one zen-on and many classicals. i will send photos.

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