Re: Yamaha FG-160 - looking for age and sale...

Posted by Kenny KAOS on Sun, 04/30/06 - 09:58:00.

: I have been offered a Yamaha FG-160, in perfect condition and great sound. It has two sets of numbers in it and label that says made in Taiwan. I'm not sure what it is worth or how old it is. The lady said she bought it in the early eighties. Has a case. Thanks

Barbara, I found your post looking for info on my brothers FG 160. I know "Today" there is one on ebay with 1 bid for $199. So I suppose if its under that price your getting a deal.
This guitar is Wholesome and unmatchable in sound quality unless you pay big $$$ for a martin or Taylor.

Get the serial number off of the stock {just in side the hole} and either go to to look it up or follow this example..

50314395 is the serial number of my brothers, here is how it breaks down.

50314 is the MFG date,
5 = {65, 75, 85, 95, 05}

This guitar is dated in the early 70s so the year this one is made is 1975

0314 is just that, March 14... so it was made March 14 1975.

395 is the Unit number.

I hope this helps,

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Sg2000 Taiwan

I recently bought a 2002 Yamaha sg2000 in vintage white. It's a super guitar (looking and in playing and performance) it's got a real nice Nippon Gakki hard case, made in Japan tuners etc and all the jap hardware (to my eyes) now imagine my surprise when after close examination I saw lightly stamped (nearly not noticeable at all) 'Made in Taiwan' as far as I knew all Sg2000's etc were Mij? Apparently not. I am finding it difficult to get info on this so any help you be appreciated. The guitar is quality and I wouldn't sell it- just wondering. Many thanks.


This site has helped me identify further with my FG-160. My brother Mike gave it to me in 1975 circa. He bought it brand new in 1972/3
in Melbourne, Australia.
Since then it's traveled to Perth, WA. Darwin, NT, Townsville, QLD, Sydney, NSW, 1987-8 New York played at the Stanley Warner Theater in New Jersey City, NJ to an audience of 5000 plus., from 1988 until 2012 it has resided with me in Taiwan where it was originally manufactured. I understand the workshop was in Kaohsiung, Taiwan where I now live.
Over the years this treasure has had some mishaps, broken neck, aggression from my siblings. Action has been worked on by Cargill the master in Melbourne and more recently 2002 in NSW.
I can vouch for this instrument - it improves with age.
According to the yamaha archives it was manufactured October 23, 1971 - 11 days before my wife was born.

Sg Taiwan

I think my Sg2000 was made in that factory also. 2002 I believe. When did Yamaha start building their Sg's there as I always thought they were Mij? Thank you


How do I find out which decade it is from? I have no history of this guitar I picked up. I know what year but have over 4 decades to chose from.

My Serial Numbers

I also have a FG-160 my friend gave to me back in 2005. It has 2 serial numbers on it. One is right under the sound hole and its A0610640 and the one inside the body is 0534102. I can't find either of which anywhere. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

Re: Yamaha FG-160 - looking for age and sale...

Thanks to Kenny for that breakdown of the Yamaha numbering system for their guitars - that's REALLY useful

Re: Yamaha FG-160 - serial number 0756373

 Yamaha FG-160 - serial number 0756373

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