Re: Yamaha SJ 180

Posted by Doug on Thu, 08/16/07 - 15:40:00.
In Reply to Yamaha : Re: Yamaha SJ 180

Do not sell it. Not worth it. Keep it, get a basic guitar
book and DO NOT GIVE UP!!! Guitar playing takes literally
years ( I have been at it going on 25 now) and I am still
learning....besides it is a great deal of fun to bang on
the guitar after a hard days work!!! Not to mention going
electric with a sweet tube amp...that's the ticket...sooothes out any rough day to nothing!!! Just don't give up when you practice....think of people like
Rolling stones that have been playing for 50+ years...why..because it is FUN FUN FUN !!!

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Re: Yamaha SJ 180 -- all

 Yamaha SJ 180 -- all

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