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Posted by Ohio Mike on Thu, 03/04/10 - 11:51:44.
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: I've had my SJ-180 since it was bought new September 1983. Like other posts, it was my first guitar too, and for a relatively cheap guitar ($129 w/case) it has developed remarkable tone over the years!! From what I remember, the music store salesman recommended it for me because it was manufactured as a "student sized" model...easy to hold and easier to get around on than a full sized dreadnaught. Anyone who owns one knows well that it is smaller than a dread but still delivers a very round warm, slightly bright tone. This is just one of those perfectly conceived & manufactured instruments that come around once in a lifetime. I also own a Larrivee', a Taylor, & an old Alvarez, all worth over a grand each...but my my SJ-180 is the one I go for most often. It just feels perfect. I have over the years bought used ones for under $100 and given them as gifts to relatives who expressed interest in learning guitar. What else can I say, but kudos to Yamaha for this wonderfully unique instrument.

Familiar story. My older brother bought a new SJ180 in 82, messed with it for a while, and I paid little concern to it. But then many years later I cought the acoustic guitar bug, and my wife asked my brother what happened to that old guitar he had? He made a phone call and had the guitar in my wifes hands to give to me for Christmas. That was about 12 years ago. I was bent on learning to finger pick. I put a lot of hours into it for many years while studying and learning to play. In time I learned that my mass produced budget Yamaha SJ180 was as solid and played and sounded as good or better than most other guitars that I played around with in our local music stores through the years after that. I'll never sell my SJ180, and am extremely proud to own one.

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Many years ago, a friend of

Many years ago, a friend of mine offered me his Yamaha SJ 180 for free, and of course I accepted. At the time I was more interested in my electrics and didn't pay much attention to it, but over the past few years I've been playing it nonstop. It has such a rich, warm sound, and now, whenever I go to Guitar Center to check out higher-end brands, such as Taylor or Gibson, I don't see any compelling reason to upgrade. Grab one if you get the chance!

Yamaha SJ180 for sale

We have a 1983 Yamaha SJ180 guitar and hard lined case for sale. It was my wife's and she never took to playing the instrument. It has sat in our closet for lo these many years. Now it is time for it to find a good home. Asking $100.


Hi John;

Do you still have the guitar for sale? What kind of shape is it in?

Thanks for your time,


sj 180 yamaha guitar with case

We have the same guitar and case with same story. Bought it for Mom who never got around to learning. Both guitar and case are in Excellent Shape.
$100.00 plus shipping

Yamaha sj 180

I'll buy the Yamaha SJ 180 if you still have it for sale.....mark

Re: Yamaha SJ 180

 Yamaha SJ 180

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