Re: Yamaha S-50A acoustic guitar

Posted by Reg M on Sat, 11/06/10 - 14:09:53.

Where is the evidence that the S 50 A is a steel string guitar? Yes it has steel posts and a narrowish neck but look at the bridge and tell me how that is built to accomodate steel strings? In the absence of hard evidence as opposed to hearsay I wouldn't put steels on these great old girls - not unless you want a two piece unit.

: The Yamaha S50A is a Steel string folk guitar which is often mistaken for a classical guitar, putting nylon strings on it is a big mistake, it was not made in 1961 as someone on here claimed by it's serial number, it was infact made between 1969 and 1972 as Yamaha didn't start making guitars with the tuning fork logo on the head stock until mid '69. This model is quite rare, I have one here and the sound.."magic" For a mint condition one you shouldn't accept less than $600 US, for a rough one you should still be asking atleast 250 bucks as age only makes these guitars sound better no matter how rough they might look. I also agree with someone else's comment on here that Yamaha do need to get off thier asses and make us a list as everything currently available is useless. Hope this was of some help, thanks- Wade

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Re: Yamaha S-50A acoustic guitar

hey I have a Yamaha S-50A its in mint almost mint condition I got it from my great grandma. Ps I think its a nylon string.

Re: Yamaha S-50A acoustic guitar

 Yamaha S-50A acoustic guitar

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Yamaha S-50A Steel or Nylon

Recently aquired a S-50A, bit of a barn find. A gent picked it out of a yard sale... fixed the action as it was almost unplayable. Then passed it onto me. The Bridge/Saddle shows no signs of it ever being a nylon strung guitar. No pro here but wear is where the strings go...

Has a sticker on the back of the head reads: "The High Note" Oakville Ont.

Was surprised at it age and lack of wear. For a forty year old no mint it does have a few minor dings... most you wouldn't see of the first pass. But she plays strong and if it is her second time round she has aged well. (makes me sound better ;)

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