Re: YAMAHA SC1200 Guitar (Electric)

Posted by clewzy on Wed, 05/29/02 - 15:00:41.

I own this guitar i bought it for £70 2 months ago.
Its a nice heavy axe with active switches all over the place, but as for history ZERO sorry

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Yamaha SC1200

I bought mine new in 1979 and would never sell it. The construction was unique: The neck / centre body is on 5 pieces. The two dark stripes are for decorative purposes only but crucially, the centre piece was cut from the same piece of wood as the two outer pieces BUT, was reversed before all 5 pieces wereglued together and then shaped. This was in order to offset any tendancy for the wood to twist or warp. I can only say it works brilliantly because the neck on mine is millimetre straight after all these years and the truss rod has never been touched. The two wings were then shaped and glued onto the centre 5-piece body/neck.

The pickup arrangement is also unique and though it has caused a lot of confusion and questioning, is actually quite simple. The switches are one for each pickup, (which I will call B, M & N, (you can figure that out for yourselves!)). The B switch switches the Bridge pickup, (get it now?), the M pickup switches the Middle pickup etc. The important thing to note is that both the B and the M switches are 3-way whereas the N switch is only 2-way. The reason for this is that both the B & M switches are configuered - Down = pickup on, Middle = pickup off and Up = Pickup on but out of phase. There is not need for the N switch to have an out of phase option because the other two already have it.

So there you have it. Yamaha at the time claimed that the SC1200 could select no less than 18 different pickup combinations. I haven't counted but realstically, there are 4 or 5 really useful sounds in there including B & N pickups, (try THAT on a Strat!) and of course all 3 pickups on at the same time. It also has one possible pitfall - You can select all three pickups Off and get total silence! Yes, I've done it live...

Lastly, the 'varnish' is made from a derivative of the Cashew nut and is astonishingly hard-wearing. Don't bother to lick it; I've tried that and couldn't taste and Cashew nut!

I hope this helps and explans a few things about this remarkable guitar; one Yamaha should reintroduce without delay. 'Beat Instrumental' magazine, (no longer published), once said of the SC1200; 'It out-Strats the Strat in every department. I have several Strats but I have to say this has quite the sweetest tone of them all.


Rog I would like to speak to you can you email me your contact # Please

Re: YAMAHA SC1200 Guitar (Electric)

: I own this guitar i bought it for £70 2 months ago.
: Its a nice heavy axe with active switches all over the place, but as for history ZERO sorry
: clewzy

I bought mine new in 1979. I've had dozens of accoustics through the years but this has been my main electric axe since then. As an active part-timer, it has played in the low 1000's of gigs. It's transparent cherry sunburst and I've not seen another (in any color) since then. It has played rock, country, jazz and early 60's R&B... The numerous on-off-reverse-phase switch combinations makes for all kinds of guitar tones. The only place Ive seen any mention of it has been on this page and at the Yamaha Data base site
It still works fine, looks great, can't understand why they quit making them either.

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