Re: Info on Yamaha SJ1000

Posted by David Gray on Thu, 03/13/03 - 13:03:24.

: Has anybody got info on a Yamaha SJ1000 (super flighter. cos i got one and know nothing about it?? Please help. cheers

Hi - it is actually SF1000, on the head of the guitar, the F is written backwards and looks like a J.
There were 3 main models of Super Flighter, the SF500, 700 and 1000. I belive there may have been a Super Fligher Junior, with P90 pickups, but I've never seen one in the flesh.

The SF range was made late 1970's early 80s. They were excellent guitars. The SF1000 was the top of the range, usually in solid maple (which gives a clearer tone than is typical for a guitar with such powerful humbucker pickups), with gold fittings and a coil tap which selects single coils (the outer pair of coils) on the pickup. The guitars are quite collectible now, and if in good condition with original parts is worth around £650.

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I own SF 1200 advanced

I own SF 1200 advanced version of SF600. It has the same options as SF600 with Ash top. The owner who sold it to me had already replaced the the tuning machines with a cheaper ones. The guitar has some minor dings and finger divots on fret board. I want to restore this beauty.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Thank you

Yamaha SF 1000

I own one. Its about 40 years old. pretty good condition too.


I have been offered an SF 600, for £350. It`s 30 years old, but I don`t know wether or not, that`s a good price. Can anyone put me straight?


Do you still have the SF600?

Re: Info on Yamaha SJ1000

Hi: I have a Yamaha SF 600 in all original condition (plus a few knocks). The 600 model has a built in pre-amp with gain & master volume and coil tap switches. I origially looked at buying a SF model in 1978 when they first appeared in the UK. The SF series were a slightly cheaper range than the SG series starting at around £250 for the SF 500 upto around £400.
I have only seen 3 SF models in my life & this is the second one I have owned.


Re: Info on Yamaha SJ1000

If you own a SF1000 you are the only other person I know that has one they are now very rare.
Whats yours like colour etc

Re: Info on Yamaha SF1000

 Info on Yamaha SF1000

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