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Posted by Kangfysh on Tue, 03/25/03 - 10:46:43.
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I am trying to find out some info on my FG140. I have had the guitar for 28 years.

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Re: Yamaha FG140

: I am trying to find out some info on my FG140. I have had the guitar for 28 years.

Hi there,

I don't know anything about the guitar other than I bought mine in 1971 and, having drilled my own hole near the sound hole with my plectrum and having had the hole filled, I am still thrashing the **** out of it and it still sounds great.
I have used it on many recordings and, although some very expensive guitars may sound better, most don't. It is my best buy ever (and no, I don't work fot the company).

Yours, Kevin Boyle
London, England.

Re: Yamaha FG140

: : I am trying to find out some info on my FG140. I have had the guitar for 28 years.

: Hi there,
I purchased my 140 in 1969. I was pretty active in the london folk club scene then.I lost contact with most other players in the early 70's. Now though arthritic fingers mean that it now sits in the corner as the static work of art it undoubtably is. Sadly none of my family show any interest inb playing it.My main comment is following my purchase , many friends ( often owners of Gibsons or Martins) wanted to borrow it because of its more powerful note than theirs.I don't know whether its worth anything but its priceless to me. John Wilkes Bridgend S/Wales

Re: Yamaha FG140

HI i have a FG-140!

Re: Yamaha FG140 (ERRATUM)

#### STOP PRESS!!!! ####

I've just realized: I've been barking up the wrong tree (or guitar ;-).
The guitar I'm so fond of is my FG160 - not 140!
It dates from around 1970, as far as I know, and it was made in Taiwan.
I used to have an FG140, and it was quite similar, but I found it lacked the full, "round", "warm" sound of the FG160.
Sorry about the confusion!

Peter McCavana

I'd like to get info on my lovely old FG160, anwyay - maybe I'll post a message about it.

Re: Yamaha FG140

I have also used my FG140 many recordings and I agree that "although some very expensive guitars may sound better, most don't".
My FG140 has fantastic brilliance and resonance, but also has a nice "round", "warm", balanced sound - a rare combination!
Also, it is equally good for different techniques, rhythm
accompaniment, flat picking and finger-picking - and I find that _very_ few "folk" guitars are good for just two of these three uses.
The one thing that I'd like to change is the width of the neck. I find it slightly narrow, which makes it especially limited for finger-picking anything complicated.
Does anyone know of a very similar guitar with a similar "feel", and with all the above qualities - or at least one that has good resonance, warmth & balance, and is equally good for rhythm acompaniment and finger-picking - but which has a _slightly wider neck_?
(Maybe some Taylors or Seagulls come close?)

Thanks in advance,

Peter McCavana

Re: Yamaha FG140

Hello Kevin,

I'm sorry, I can't really provide you with any concrete info, but...
I, too, am a proud and happy owner of an FG140 (I've a great story about how I acquired it), plus a couple of other excellent old Yamahas of the same generation (an FG300, with a fancy "Hummingbird" style fingerplate, and a dreadnought 12-string - FG240, I think).
And I, too, would like to have some info. on my guitar.
Let me know if you obtain any.

As far as I know, John Martyn, Paul Brady & Arty McGlynn also have FG140s (recently, Arty McGlynn told me that he's very attached to his).


Peter McCavana
(now living in Marseille)
By the way, I know a couple of Kevin Boyles from N. Ireland (both lawyers). We don't happen to know each other, do we?

Re: Yamaha FG140


See interesting discussion/reviews of the FG140 at:

Peter McCavana

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