Re: Yamaha g-90a classical

Posted by japanese boy on Wed, 02/18/04 - 21:40:11.

How do you do. I bore and grew up in Japan. I yielded YAMAHA-G90A from the father before. It is a thing at the time of YAMAHA having made the best guitar. Although the price of those days was not a large sum thing, it is a very worthy guitar. By all means, please prize.

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Yamaha g90A classical

Last post here was from 2005 so this is a really late post :)
I have a G-90A that I've had since it was new but after several moves got stuck in a closet. Now in Florida, i've pulled it out and going to have it restrung.
There are two numbers in it. One inside at the front and one inside at the base of the neck right near the opening.
One is 7 numbers and one is 8 numbers. The one at the opening matches what everyone has mentioned: 40205034. I assume that is Feb 5, 1974 number 34. The other number is 0472971. Can't break down that number.

Any new information anyone can provide.

Yamaha G-90A

Yamaha G-90A. I acquired one the other day and I was wondering about it too. Now I know.
It didn't matter about the translation, just as long I understood what was being said. Have you tried translating some vehicle license plates or tagged walls?

Yamaha g-90a classical

Love the translation. Perhaps it should read. 'I was born and grew up in Japan. I obtained (got) the G90a from my grandfather. At the time yamaha were making the best guitars. Although it was not too expensive it is an excellent guitar (worthy is good). By all means look after (prize)this superb guitar.' or was he right the first time? Well I may buy one.

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