Re: Yamaha FG300 Acoustic Guitar

Posted by mike schwerdtfeger on Sun, 07/24/05 - 10:18:03.

: : : My FG300 has a red label, and a serial number, but doesn't say Nippon Gakki anywhere on it. So what other labels where there in this guitar, that determine it's value or year it was built?

: : : thanks for your help. :-)

: hi i have a couple of fg 300s one i bought in oknawa 1974 one from a pawn shop for less than 100 dollars. i tell my friends i think the value of the yamaha made in japan (pre 1975) are worth the number in the sound hole. if in good condition (neck stright etc). the fg 300 plus numbers that were made in korea or tiawan are not the quality of the old ones (i don't think). the 300 made in japan has the adjustable brige. last ones made in japan are the fg 75 thru fg300. if you play keep its hart to beat. i love mine.

I have a FG300 it has a yellow label.I baoght it around 1974 or 75 I can't quit remember.It sounds better than it did then.It says Nippon Gakki Co. LTD.The the sound hole says 40417 does anyione know what this means?

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Mine is a Nippon Gakki, with the Yellow Lable..I bought it in Japan in 1971 while serving in the USN... the only number on the label is 10-1 followed by NAJKAZAWACHO HAMAMATSU JAPAN. I dont see a serial number...

My FG 300

I have a Yamaha FG 300 with a yellowish label that says Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd 10-1 Nakazawacho Hamamatsu Japan. It just has the circled Yamaha logo on the headstock, a straight adjustable bridge and a flowery scratchplate similar to a Gibson Hummingbird. The serial number is 21014400.
Can anyone help me on dating and valuing this beautiful little instrument?

Liverpool UK


i also have a yellow or off white label on mine aswell the thing i want to know is when they changed the taper on the headstockmine is tappered in towarsd the top of the stock , where most others are tappered out towards the top , does anyone have any ideas? Thanks . oh and if you have an FG-300 keep it its a gem pass it down to a family member , they are soild and sweet

Yamaha FG-600J

Tengo una guitarra acustica YAMAHA FG-600J NIPPON GAKKI Co. Ltd.
Quiero saber si es posible establecer el año de fabricación con el serial 50415.
Es probable que sea aproximadamente de mediados de los 70's
Muchas gracias.

Re: Yamaha FG300 Acoustic Guitar

I also have an FG300 with a yellow label that states "Nippom Gakki Co. Made in Japan". My sound hole number is 40423 so we're nearly neighbours!
The only info I've gathered was off a guy from the US who claimed to be a bit of an expert on these guitars. He speculated that it was probably an FG300 made prior to them being exported to the US (which was when the red label relates to). I can't really see this tallying though with the label being in English

Re: Yamaha FG300 Acoustic Guitar

I have a FG 300 I think I bought it around 1975 red label nippon anyone know anything about them It sounds great thanks Larry

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