Emperador acoustic guitar

Posted by Christine on Sat, 12/29/07 - 12:56:16.

I was given a used Emperador acoustic guitar about 20 years ago that had been purchased by my sister about 5 or 10 years prior to that used. It is a golden wood tone in the front with much darker outside edge and sides. There is a black pick guard with a white, yellow and red engraving of a hummingbird and butterfly hovering near a trumpet vine. Inside there is a sticker inside the guitar which says," Lark Guitars,Distributed exclusively by Philadelphia Music Co. Inc., Limerick, PA 19468. Model No. L-260. It seems that anyone I've met that has seen it has never heard of it before. I'm thinking about upgrading but would like to know what this one is worth for trade in value before I do. Seems funny that so little is known about this guitar. Any furtrhier info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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i have a acoustic guitar that i cant seem to find much information about,can anyone give me some info on this? it says on it philadelphia music co. m-50 with a serial #50377 ????????

Re: Emperador acoustic guitar

i have a Emperador acoustic guitar and there a great guitar mine is standed yellowish gold with brown cow leather and my dad got it for me and it cost around 230 USED and its been USED pretty good but it sounds awesome and its well worth its money and i noticed that there is very little information bout this brand but it was made in Korea

Re: Emperador acoustic guitar

 Emperador acoustic guitar

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Re: Emperador acoustic guitar


I also have an Emperador acoustic guitar that I bought at a yard sale around 20 years ago. The only markings are Limerick and Lark along wt the serial # L20512, written on the inside. My guitar is a simple brown 12 string. The neck became warped about 10 years ago, after being stored in my sisters damp basement for about a year. I am going to try and have the neck repaired soon. Another guitar player that I know told me that Emperador is a Spanish guitar. I still haven't investigated it's origins yet.

Emperador guitars are not

Emperador guitars are not Spanish, they were made in Korea, and the name owned by a US company called Cort.

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