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Giles Guitars

Manufacturer of professional quality electric guitars.

Hi-end, beautiful guitars, stunning finishes, custom guitars,
exclusive hardware.

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Question about Giles Guitars

Firstly... Yes, that is my real name :)

Does anyone out there know anything about Giles Guitars and if there is a connection to 'Matt Giles' Guitar/s?

I found one on eBay and bought it because it had my name etched into it but I cannot find out a thing about it. It has his (my :) ) name up on the head stock in script writing.

Happy to supply a picture if anyone really wants to see it.

Matt Giles guitar

Hello there, I have a acoustic matt Giles guitar that nobody can tell me anything about I can't find anything online ither I was wondering what anyone can tell me about these guitars.
Are they vauble? Hahaha


My name is Keith Pate and I have improved a high-low tremolo system that you might be interested in. This system fits on most six screw attachment bridges and can be made to fit the Knife Edge Systems.

You no longer have to do the balancing of string and spring tension with my system. It decks in the neutral position, comes back to a full stop after high trem. There are no springs needed to hold the tremolo in neutral. The only springs in use on the guitar are the original block springs. Also the guitar does not have to be routed, drilled or compromised, etc. for installation. There is also a added plus of more sustain because of the tremolo decks to a full stop in neutral on the guitar face.

I have a demo tape which shows installation and demonstration of it working and we break the low ā€œEā€ to show by means of a tuning fork that it stays on pitch unlike any other tremolos.

I would appreciate your input and time if you have the inclination to look at it. If you are interested in viewing this tape I will gladly send you the appropriate paper work and relevant information.
The tape is only to show the none destructive nature of the bridge when fitting it on the Guitar , and is not the actual bridge, we have developed a some what smaller bridge taking advise from various sources, it is just the same procedure to fit as the bigger one, and we are in the process of making a CD of it being used in a live situation, which should be available shortly. The concept is radical, as we have the only stabilized double acting tremolo bridge as far as we know. It as the advantage of a hard tail, with a double acting tremolo thrown in, easy of the shelf string changes, normal intonation, and basic tuning procedures.
We are interested in finding a manufacture that can see a need for such a tremolo, and can make and sell it to a mass market. This bridge was developed in conjunction with many guitar players who are disappointed in other types of tremolo bridges. Especially the destruction to their guitars plus the going out of pitch, the nightmare string changes, and the awkward tuning procedures.

If you are interested in viewing the tape, you can call me at (716) 439-0244 or write to me at 130 Locust Street, Lockport, New York 14094 or ā€œEā€ mail me at

Yours sincerely,
Keith Pate


Please contact, have sent one email your sight will not take my message,I have radicle new hight low trem sytem you might want to look at.
Yours Keith Pate.

Giles Guitars.

I bought a Giles Merlin & an Excalibur.The Merlin is Ridiculously good for the price (Sound, playability,hardware, finish)and the Excalibur is the best at any price!You might possibly find something as good, but not better. So incredibly musical.Don't pick it up if you've got something to do,you won't put it down again!
Just buy one,there's no way you'll regret it.

Giles guitars from the late 90s

I wanted to get a Giles merlin back when they were in production in the late 90's.
If anyone has a merlin or an excalibur they would like to sell please email me.

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