Estrella Guitar made in Spain

Posted by Randy Rowley on Wed, 10/10/07 - 21:04:18.
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I just acquired a classical style guitar, inside is the Estrella sticker and #6 (meaning, I think, the 6th one manufactured). Also says "Made in Spain." Anyone know anything about this guitar? Thanks!

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Estrella Guitar

This is pretty cool. I have an Estrella (No 112). Bought it to use as a Rental for my guitar classes, but haven't wanted to rent it as it seems too nice.
To now know that it is a quality spanish made instrument makes me sure to keep it amongst my Martin and Taylor.

Guitarra Admira Estrella

It' would be amusing to have the Company give us background and collectivity value on this Model. I have mine since 1977 and it so sound bright yet warm. Needless to say, we all have vintage guitar, made in spain, and not China or else where.

I propose that we all write to the company and ask why they don't mention nor reference Estrella in their home page. I am very proud to own my guitar and it has a much higher sentimental to me than monetary value, yet curiosity peaked about its current worth.

If successfull i will post any feedback. Exito!! JRR

Re: Estrella Guitar made in Spain

i have an estrella guitar my mother received for christmas around 1965... saddle, bridge and strings gone, but all else in perfect condition. hoping to restore it.

Re: Estrella Guitar made in Spain

I have an Estrella that I got for Christmas in 1968. It is still in beautiful condition and has always had beautiful sound. It has one strange flaw though. The dots on the neck are on the wrong frets.

Re: Estrella Guitar made in Spain

I also have an Estrella Guitar as well. It says on the guitar its the 100th make of the guitar. :) question though, would keeping it be wiser, or seeing how much it could go for right now price wise?

Re: Estrella Guitar made in Spain

I have one of these guitars, Admira Estrella, which I bought on my honeymoon in Spain back in 1973. It still has the original strings and has hardly ever been played. The company is well reputed in the industry and is still going strong with current student and pro models. Does anyone know what this guitar might be worth.

Re: Estrella Guitar made in Spain

I found an acoustic guitar in my basement. Inside is an estrella sticker. It says "model L-100" in the bottom of the sticker. I have no information on this brand or model of guitar. If you find anything out please let me know. Thanks!

Re: Estrella Guitar made in Spain

Can you please email me a picture of the label so I can see if it matches mine?

Re: Estrella Guitar made in Spain

: I just acquired a classical style guitar, inside is the Estrella sticker and #6 (meaning, I think, the 6th one manufactured). Also says "Made in Spain." Anyone know anything about this guitar? Thanks!

I've seen them but unaware of performance. How does it handle?

I have an estrella L-100

I've been looking everywhere online for more information on the guitar. It sounds beautiful.
It is in great condition. I showed someone at a guitar shop, and he loved the sound.
I would really like to learn more about the guitar I have. Can anyone help me?
Trying to find even maybe a Wikipedia page for the guitar brand, or a website. Any help would be very useful.

admira estrella

re admira estrella guitars: I have one of these. I have no idea what the resale value is now but I do have a few observations: They're made of mahogany, and mine is a very beautiful flamed mahogany (and looks like all the pics I have seen on line). On the inside of the sides there is side bracing, which usually indicates solid wood sides and probably a solid wood back. The top also appears solid. The bracing looks like the type of short (not all the way across the side) bracing you see on a Ramirez classical guitar. On the the other hand, the glue job on the inside is a little sloppy. I think any decent sounding (mine is decent sounding) solid wood guitar is worth fixing up and using for someone, although I don't think this is a professional quality classical guitar. It's a very good student guitar. I bought mine in Spain when I was about 15, obviously a student and the proprietor of the store basically handed me the guitar and said that was the guitar for me - in part because there was a problem with Spanish guitars cracking in the US due to dry winters and central heating - he didn't want me to buy any other guitar because of the risk of cracking. I wish he had handed me a Ramirez instead - would now be worth a lot of money! FYI it came with Savarez yellow (high tension) strings, probably to add a little brightness since the mahogany is not a very bright sounding wood. It will probably sound more balanced with a bright sounding string.

Estrella 12-String Aucoustic Guitar - Made in Japan

I found an Estrella 12-String Aucoustic Guitar, Made in Japan, for sale at my local guitar shop for $99. Seems to be in good condition, top has some bulging but not too bad, action is okay. Is this worth about $100 or more?

Here Esrella Guitar Model L-50 recording.

Back in the 70's when I started to write songs, I would record them. I have a shoe box full of cassette tapes I recorded in that decade. Some of the songs were O.K and became part of the Traitors set list. Other songs I cringe when I hear them again

Estrella Acoustic Guitar worth fixing up?

I have an Estrella acoustic/classical guitar with the serial number EG-11 stamped inside on the logo. There is a sticker that says "Steel reinforced neck" on the head just above the nut. The seam has become unglued between the top and the side of the body on about 1/4 of the body to the right of the bridge. It also needs new strings. I bought it at a estate sale many years ago and wondered if anyone had a clue to its worth and is it worth fixing up? What does the split seem do to it's value?

Estrella Acoustic guitar L-50

I, too have an Estrella L-50 Accoustic guitar, and I know that it's close to 50 yrs. old & in EXCELLENT shape. What would it's value be and/or how much would it presently sell for?

Re: Estrella Guitar made in Spain

I thought I had a Stella guitar, but now I see it is a Estrella guitar. It is model L-50 serial no. 2744. It's not fancy, but it is in good condition and sounds great. the wood on the top is a light tan and the sides, back and neck looks the same, a light brown with visible grain. I bought it at a garage sale around 1978 for about $25.00, which included a case.

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