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Vibra Guitars revisited

I bought a Vibra model 64 acoustic. I picked it up on ebay cheap. Doesn't have a serial# or say where it was made. My guess is early 70's
the materials look ok. like a maple/mahogany laminate back and sides.
Looks like a solid top. A crack in the top is also visible from the inside. I looked wth a light and a mirror. It has Gibson double X bracing. Unusual for early Japanese knock offs. It looks like it was put together in a hurry with decent materials. There's still a thin paint line around the edge of the top.I assume a line to follow while cutting the top? there are splotches of glue visible, even glue smeared on the back nowhere near a brace. The neck is dead straight and the action and intonation are great. Sound is surprisingly good.
I looked all over to find out who made it. Read every post in here.
The logo inside Product of "B&J" is the same as this one

for anyone interested. So we know Vibra guitars are a product of B&J which is owned by Kaman of Ovation fame. Trouble is B&J had guitars made by everyone. Kay and Harmony were still around and those guys made alot of B&J's instruments for them. El Degas were also a product of B&J.
Could even be made by Kent. Anyway I like the one I have. They don't seem to sell for much. But of all the MIJ acoustics I have played and owned over the years I have no problem giving this one an 8 in comparison. And as good as some of the stuff they make nowdays that cost north of 500

Vibra electric guitar

I've got a 1976 Vibra it was a gift from my cousin he told me the year but he lost the serial number and want to find more info, can anyone help me? or at least tell me were i cant see some pics. thx

Vibra electric guitar

I've got a 1976 Vibra it was a gift from my cousin he told me the year but he lost the serial number and want to find more info, can anyone help me?

Vibra Electric

I have a Vibra 316_W (the _ is because there is a number missing)... I dont know much about it but if it is worth money let me know... thanx

Re: Vibra Electric

: Vibra guitar is worth $600.00 ..I;m just saying that cause I have one...Know nothing about it!

Re: Vibra Electric

: : "Vibra guitar is worth $600.00 ..I;m just saying that cause I have one...Know nothing about it!" Dude you got screwed vibras are a cheap assembly line guitar they were made on the same line as pan silvertone kay list goes on they are the same as a sears starter guitar you know the ones with the amp/guitar combo and the real value is anyware from 100-200 bucks trust me i know because i had my vibra reworked by i guy who fixes guitars for a living he even owns a couple.

Re: Vibra Electric

Yea, its a 3169B.
At least thats the one i got...


i have one of these guitars, and i wanted to sell it. it is a sunburst with a few minor bumps and scrapes on the BACK of the guitar body. how much do they go for, and what would be a good price for me to post it at?



Vibra Guitar No

I bought a Vibra guitar in 1990 and this guitar has a serial number (2599R). Somebody can tell me if this guitar is a collection piece?


Re: Vibra Guitar No

im not sure if it is , because i got the 2199WR and i cant find a **** in thing about it :/

Canadian agent for guitars

Canadian import export company is looking to be agent for guitar manufacturers.Was professional musician.Want manufacturers of professional to semi-professional guitars, capable of 45,000 guitars
by March 30,2005.Manufacturers only please reply to

Vibra guitar info

Hello, I just wanted to mention that the Vibra Acoustic guitar looks to be of a copy of a Gurian Guitar. But definitly not made by Gurian, Looks to be a Japan copy, There not worth much.

Re: Vibra guitar info

Wondering if a Vibra 18/6 guitar is worth anything. bought back in th 70's.

Vibra Acoustic Guitar

Vibra Acoustic Guitar

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Tamara electric guiutars

I am trying to find some cost information on a Tamara strat copy electric. Can you help??

Re: Tamara electric guiutars

i am looking for Manufacture,value. i have a Tamara. Dont know anything about it.One hell of a Bitchin peice.period.Can you help me?

Re: Tamara electric guiutars

Bill, I've been looking for you. Please contact me. Would love to talk to you.

Re: Tamara electric guiutars

I too have a Tamara but an acoustic. It is a very nice, very well made guitar with a beautiful ringing tone. Like you, I can find no info on this thing. I have played very few acoustics that sound this good. The lack of info is frustrating!

Re: Tamara electric guiutars

I also have a tamara acoustic. When I bought it I was told by the dealer that Ibenez wanted to get into the acoustic business but did not want to tranish the name if they failed...



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